Sergei Kharitonov: biography and career

Sergei Kharitonov - professional Russian boxer. He has performed with boxing matches and mixed martial arts. He participated in many other tournaments with victories over Orel, Roy, Rizzo and other boxers. In recent years, cooperating with K-1 and acts fights in kickboxing. In 2016 he took the fight Sergei Kharitonov vs. Ayala . The Russian boxer lost in the first round.


Sergei Kharitonov was born on 18.08.1980, in the Arkhangelsk Region, in the town of Plesetsk. His family was athletic. His mother worked as a coach in volleyball, and his father was a former boxer, footballer and skated. Genes parents played an important role in the life of Sergei.

Sergei Kharitonov: biography and career

Passion for boxing

He became interested in the sport. Already in elementary school Kharitonov Sergey enrolled in the boxing section. Then began wrestling and kickboxing. At most sessions, Sergei went to the city of peace. Repeatedly he won the youth competition and became the champion of Russia.


In 1997, after school, Kharitonov entered Ryazanskoe Graduate School landing. I do not quit the sport and while studying, speaking to different tournaments, including Sambo. Sergey graduated from college in 2002,

Start of sporting career

During the training, for five consecutive years, Kharitonov was captain of the military assault forces on fighting. After graduating from college he got an offer to join the team of professionals RTT for mixed martial arts. These events greatly helped Kharitonov in the sports growth.

Sergei Kharitonov: biography and career

He really wanted to get into the Olympic team in 2000, but in the semi-final was injured. However, Sergei Kharitonov was able to win a MMA fight, "Yalta Brilliant". This tournament was the first, which was recorded on video.


In summer 2005, Kharitonov stepped into the ring against Brazilian Pedro Rizzo, 4 times champion in Thai boxing. On his account was only one defeat, and it was a serious opponent. Nevertheless, Sergei was able to win. Then followed by several more of the same for a successful tournament Kharitonov.

In 2006, he stepped into the ring against Overeem. Due to its shock Sergey opened a cut, and he tried to take care of oneself, the enemy attacked without stopping, and the fight was stopped in the 6th minute. It turned out that at the very beginning of the fight Kharitonov injured his right shoulder and was sent to hospital for examination.

Sergei Kharitonov: biography and career

Sergei Kharitonov restores half a year and then went against Emelianenko. In 2007, Kharitonov had to fight with Yvel. But he did not get the license and it was changed to American Mike Russow. At that time it was a little-known fighter. Real has stood out hard for both athletes, the winner came Kharitonov. Until 2012 it was the only American defeat.

the FEG

Since 2007, Kharitonov began to cooperate with the company FEG. He took revenge Overeem, meeting him in the ring again, and then Sergei began to participate in DREAM tournaments. In 2008, she took the winning Sergei Kharitonov bout with Jimmy Ambritsa, which came to replace the planned Mighty Mo. In the spring of 2009 was Driam-8 tournament in Japan. Sergei fought against Jeff Monson, American. He won Kharitonov in the first round, a rear naked choke. After the tournament Sergei said he did not have time to get ready, so he learned the name of the opponent is only 7 days prior to the ring. Kharitonov prevented to enter the tone and cold.

Sergei Kharitonov: biography and career

After the resulting injury, Sergei did not act in MMA almost half a year. In 2010, nevertheless I accepted the invitation to the New Year tournament in which his opponent was Tatsui Mizuno. Kharitonov Sergey began very actively fight, Japanese pushed to the corner, and showed superb right straight punch. Tatsui tried to break the distance, but Kharitonov struck him several blows in the first round.

The contract with the Strikeforce

In 2010, Sergei signed a contract with the promotion Strikeforce. In the end, the President outlined the company's 8 most powerful fighters for fighting with each other. The number of elected and got Kharitonov. In 2011, eight began the tournament in the heavyweight division for the Grand Prix. Sergei Kharitonov was against Andrei Orlovsky.

First on his side had the majority of observers and bookmakers. The bout was broadcast on TV channel "Russia-2". During the first round opponent Kharitonov replied only by single punches and worked in the clinch. Finally, he stepped up and struck a series of punches, knocking Orlovsky right side. He knocked his left hook. Kharitonov became known as a "dark horse" Grand Prix. After the repurchase of the company's new owners Sergey Strikeforce other conditions of work have been proposed that it was not satisfied. After the account Kharitonov was a lot of victories. He received numerous injuries.

Sergei Kharitonov: biography and career

Last Battle

In mixed fighting it has long been a popular Sergei Kharitonov. His last fight took place in 2016 against Ayala. Kharitonov has always been noted for its solidity, he had a unique ability to withstand even the most severe impact, while remaining conscious.

His opponent in the big tournaments and did not speak great victories could not boast. However, on 16 minutes sent to a knockout of Sergei Kharitonov. He started to fight in an open manner, but immediately came under very strong right side. This time the Russian fighter was unable to rise, and was sent to the hospital. He played a major role long break, during which Kharitonov was recovering from his injuries.

But his coaches are confident that he will soon recover from the trauma and again come to the ring. Kharitonov himself has already made conclusions for themselves from the last fight and is going to continue his career.