Apparatus for pedicure: model selection, instructions. Pedicure at home

More and more people are choosing a hardware method of manicure and pedicure. To do this, visit the beauty salon or buy the appropriate tool and use it at home.

What is the device for a pedicure? What are the advantages of its use as compared to the usual set of manicure tools?


Basic quality pedicure, made with the help of the device - it's speed and efficiency.

The results that can be achieved by using a special device for a pedicure - is:

  • removal of cornified layer of skin;
  • removal of calluses and fissures;
  • the removal of burrs and rough cuticles;
  • alignment surface of the nail plate;
  • the removal of old varnish (especially gel varnish);
  • correction of the form of the protruding portion of the nail.

Not every device can fulfill all of these items. Those models that are only electrical "grater" and does not have the function of the application of various mills will not be able to cope with some problems. Therefore, when choosing the unit should pay attention to its packaging, the possibilities carried out their operations.

Apparatus for pedicure: model selection, instructions. Pedicure at home

Stages of pedicure device without

Recall how the customary procedure without the use of technology.

Pedicure at home consists of the following:

  1. Remove old varnish with a special liquid.
  2. feet Steaming skin softening.
  3. feet Drying of the skin with a towel.
  4. Use a grater for feet or pumice to remove the stratum corneum.
  5. The removal or correction of the cuticle.
  6. The cutting burrs.
  7. polishing nails.
  8. Correction of nails scissors.
  9. Correction of nails nail file.

All these steps take up a lot of time. In the hot season when pedicure wearing open shoes have to do quite often, and visiting the salon for this purpose is not everyone can afford.

Apparatus for pedicure will allow much faster up to the task, and the result is not worse, and even better than with conventional tools.

Apparatus for pedicure: model selection, instructions. Pedicure at home

Pedicure using apparatus

In the presence of the device for a pedicure procedure on his holding is reduced to the following points:

  1. feet skin must be dry in order to more easily remove it horny layer.
  2. To fasten the motor hand piece and include a suitable cutter unit to the desired number of revolutions.
  3. Due to the rotation, various nozzles, the cutter easily remove rough skin, eliminating callosities and solidified portions of the cuticle is removed by gel nail polish, level the surface of the nail plate and nail protruding edge rasp.
  4. During this procedure, shelled particles are removed from the skin with a dry cloth or tissue.

The device for a pedicure can be a built-in vacuum cleaner that will involve shelled particles in a special container.

With this method of carrying out the procedure takes much less time. Layered remove the rough skin layers and removing the gel polish - this operation that only by this unit.

Apparatus for pedicure: model selection, instructions. Pedicure at home

Apparatus for pedicure and manicure for business

It is no secret that many are confused by the cost of this technology commercially available. However, there is an undeniable advantage, which often negates doubt the acquisition of such equipment - an opportunity to capitalize on the provision of services for the pedicure. Good devices for pedicure will cost quite expensive. Usually, this professional models, their value is estimated in tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles. But at first quite suitable and inexpensive models cost from 5,000 rubles.

The main difference between the price of different devices is not so much as made their work much in their life and some technical additions. However, very very cheap models are unlikely to satisfy anyone's needs.

Novice masters pedicure is better to pass the appropriate courses to understand what they have to deal. It's pretty simple and does not require large expenditures, but helps to avoid many mistakes in the selection of technology and additional equipment, as well as during the procedure.

Many of those who have purchased the device for a pedicure or manicure, provide paid services on carrying out these procedures.

The simplest devices for pedicure

Need a low-cost device for a pedicure? You should know that not all models are the same. The simplest of these are conventional electric nail files, or "float". They are a body with securing him abrasive nozzles. Due to rotation of the shaft, which is fitted on the nozzle, produces sawing rough skin areas on the soles of the feet.

Several such models are provided with containers in which are accumulated dead cells detached. Typically the housing is a switch shaft rotational speed, and the device is convenient that operates on batteries.

Such an apparatus provides high speed sawing (exfoliation) of the stratum corneum. After this procedure, the legs look more well-groomed. But with the nails and cuticles, this model can not work and therefore do not suit each such device for a pedicure.

Apparatus for pedicure: model selection, instructions. Pedicure at home

Devices for pedicure - optimal option

The most demanded device for a pedicure, which is suitable also for manicure.

Usually, they are presented with the following items:

  • micromotor (Pen);
  • the control unit;
  • micromotor holder;
  • pedal.

The device operates from a network through a power cord that is attached to the control unit. On the block are speed controllers and the direction of rotation of cutters, where the whole procedure. Cutters are attached to the micromotor having the shape of a pen thickened. micromotor holder in handy if you need to free your hands for a short while, but leave the appliance switched on. Pedal need for a foot control, if necessary. It is a device for home pedicure is optimal.

Often, these devices are sold without a set of cutters and abrasive reels - Tool for direct contact with the skin and nails. This is done because the mills themselves are very diverse, and their choice is strictly individual. They vary in size, shape, grain. The only similarity - is the size of a pin inserted in the micromotor. Therefore, the cutter can be purchased separately, they come to any such devices.

The most popular models

device selection criteria for a pedicure at home at all different. But keep in mind a few basic characteristics that should not be overlooked when purchasing this technique:

  1. Compact dimensions which allow to place the device on a table.
  2. The light weight, it was convenient to use.
  3. The small diameter of the micromotor (pen), allowing convenient to hold it in your hand and control the movement.
  4. A handy cable for connecting the handle to the unit, which will not be confused and stop during operation.
  5. Power unit from 30 to 50 watts is optimal for all manicure and pedicure procedures to obtain a good result.
  6. The presence of baits speed monitoring enables to get used to the technique of using a low speed, thereby preventing injuries.

One of the representatives of technology, combines all these parameters - the device for a pedicure, "Strong" (Strong). Also popular among buyers enjoy similar cars from such famous brands as Vitek, MARATHON, Victory, Zepter, Rowenta.

There are Chinese manufacturers of such equipment, whose phones are much cheaper than the other, but they are, respectively.

Apparatus for pedicure: model selection, instructions. Pedicure at home

How much is a good machine?

On the internet you can find shops that sell cars for a pedicure and manicure at a price of 2,500 to 5,000 rubles. Most of these models are broken in the first months of use, they do not work properly, heated quickly, produce a lot of noise and so on. N.

According to the reviews of the owners of these cheap devices, their phones are often to be repaired, some of the details bumped, continuous operation of the machine unpleasant smell.

How much is the normal cost device for a pedicure? The price of high-quality equipment of this trend begins with about 10,000 rubles.

The main difference is the more expensive models in the qualitative performance of all parts and mechanisms: the improved attachment for milling, a magnetic principle axis of rotation of the micromotor, the presence of additional functions, etc... Such a device comes with instruction in Russian, and a guarantee for a period not less than one year.

Professional device for a pedicure

This model is relevant for work in beauty salons. It is characterized by high productivity, allowing to serve dozens of clients per day.

What distinguishes the device for a pedicure professional from the usual?

professional analog costs tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles.

On the functions of these models of machines for pedicure and manicure are provided with integrated vacuum cleaner, the indicator container filling, the programming speed and the direction of rotation of mills, fast switching rotation modes. Also, they are characterized by resistance to overheating and a long service life.

Apparatus for pedicure: model selection, instructions. Pedicure at home


What to buy the device for a pedicure? Customer reviews are as follows: the most convenient and popular models for home treatments are those with which you can do as a manicure and pedicure.

Usually it is a portable model equipped with handpiece (handle), the control unit and foot pedal to control. It is this machine equipment allows to use it comfortably and efficiently for all procedures.

Positive customer reviews deserved following model vehicles for a pedicure:

  1. Podomaster Classic and Podomaster Professional by German manufacturers. These units cost about 100,000 rubles. They are intended for professional use.
  2. "Moon" - the device for professional pedicure. Production - Germany. Price - 100,000 rubles.
  3. Strong 210 - Korean production model, which costs about 12,000-15,000 rubles. It is optimal for a manicure and pedicure at home.
  4. MARATHON - machine from South Korea. Its price starts at 9,000 rubles, depending on the engine power.
  5. TNL - apparatus for manicure and pedicure, manufacture - South Korea. Price - about 10,000
Apparatus for pedicure: model selection, instructions. Pedicure at home

Terms of Use

Undoubtedly, the device helps to comfortably and quickly make a pedicure at home. But this technique to serve a long time, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • carefully read these instructions and safety information supplied with the machine;
  • to wipe the device for a pedicure with a dry cloth;
  • not to close the clamp on the handpiece without cutter inserted into it;
  • do not place the unit near hot surfaces;
  • not exfoliate during press cutter with the skin or the nail, but only lightly touching, to remove the upper layer of dead cells;
  • time to clean the container for collecting particles desquamated;
  • to take breaks at work every 20-30 minutes.

Compliance with these rules will extend the life of the unit.