Fur factory "Kalyaev": product reviews. Coats "Kalyaev"

When choosing a fur coat for yourself or as a gift to a friend, the best place would be the choice of the factory "Kalyaev", reviews of which there are only positive. The variety of models and amazing prices attract new buyers, so this shop is really worth a look.

Fur factory

"Kalyaev" Fur factory

A professional manufacturer of fur products is known in all Russian cities. A huge range of interesting models of outerwear for the refined natures wins customers for its quality characteristics and style. Line of products marketed, is not only coats, but also because of vests, boleros, hats and other accessories.

"Kalyaev" fur factory never ceased to amaze its customers excellent service, as well as the perfect balance of price and quality of the goods.


The following features can be attributed to the basic features and benefits of manufacturing:

  • use of the innovative technologies;
  • flexible price policy;
  • sufficiently strict quality control;
  • regular updates and the release of new collections;
  • creative approach;
  • a thorough analysis of current fashion trends;
  • respect and individual approach to each client.
Fur factory

Fur Types

"Kalyaev", reviews of which are provided at the end of the article, is engaged in marketing of products of various kinds of fur. Gathering and carefully analyzing all the information about the popular fur of a season, regularly releasing new fur coats and other fur items, which fully comply with the latest fashion trends.

Fur factory

The production "Kalyaev" coats releases from a variety of types of real fur, but should consider the main ones:

  1. Nutria (11-45 rubles). At this point in time the factory has sold more than 1,000 models of this material. Even coats Mouton "Kalyaev" are less popular, while in the rest of this noble fur is highly valued. Popularity nutria can be very easy to explain. It's a creature living in the water, therefore, has a soft undercoat and top coat high. Given the fact that, thanks to a strong and long hair to the water quite quickly rolls off the animal, in the winter season this coat will come in handy. Moreover, coats nutria "Kalyaev" reviews are good, and because of its strength and lightness. This coat can be worn more than 8 seasons, at the same time pleasing not only themselves but also others in their appearance.
  2. astragalus (9-15 thousand). Not fewer production is "Kalyaev" coats of this type. The very name of the material is still acceptable and does not know all to clients, although in appearance it looks quite elegant and beautiful. Astragalus is made of sheepskin, which is clipped as short as possible. The length of the hair varies between 2 to 6 millimeters, but coats Mouton "Kalyaev" have hair length of 10 millimeters. Sheepskin is chosen for a reason, her hair must be twisted and have developed podpushek, making products from Astragalus are more warm in the winter than mutton. Coats of this type can be worn with pleasure about 10 seasons, since it does not pile slides down over time.
  3. Marten (150-200 rubles). Such coats "Kalyaev" prices are relatively high, since this fur is worthy only of luxury and women wear it - fun is not cheap. After all, before a surprising value, it should be noted that the marten is able to multiply only in the wild, and therefore, its fur is a rarity. But its thermal properties are always kept at a high level, so the marten can surpass even mink coats "Kalyaev", which also have their own characteristics and considerable price. Marten retains its shine and density for a long time, so you can wear it more than 10 seasons.

Fur length

Top coats "Kalyaev" (Moscow) is engaged in marketing coats of varying length, which allows to experiment with images. There are three categories of conventional length, from which the factory has never departs. Among them:

  1. Length - more than 100 centimeters.
  2. Average - 70-100 centimeters.
  3. short - less than 70 centimeters.

Long options always start on the length of a little below the knee, and end models to the level of the ankle. These coats will be indispensable in the long walks, as well as during the festive evenings. Typically, such a model is chosen ladies solid age, although they are suitable for everyone. Thanks to this coat in your wardrobe, you can not think about the selection of other items of clothing, as it leaves a noticeable shoes.

Fur factory

The most popular in any season are mink coats "Kalyaev" medium length. These models cover the buttocks, and some can even reach up to the knees. These coats are ideal for the rigors of cold weather, because they are always warm and comfortable, so the medium-length fur coats can walk as much as necessary. These options are designed for the young and respectable girls, flirtatious personality and reserved lady. Short coats also presented as outerwear style "avtoledi". As a rule, their length reaches only to the middle of the waist, but in some cases may be a bit to cover the buttocks. These models are particularly appreciated in the circles of young and active girls. The variety of styles pleases practicality, so choose an ideal model will not be difficult for that "Kalyaev" also has positive reviews, but more of them will be written below.

The popular model

The factory offers customers the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles and ideas. One of the most common model of "Barbara" series. It is very popular, as is the average length of a straight line and / fitted silhouette. It is made from Mouton, marten and mink. The main difference from other products is a horizontal display of skins, which can not be seen in other top coats. Thanks to this technology are more fur fluffy and flavorful, and therefore, it can wear women of any build.


"Kalyaev" produces coats in different colors, so you can choose any bottle in the beautiful and the most suitable color. The best were recognized as brown and black fur coat, which number over 2000 models. It is these colors are universal and are given the chance of any woman look elegant and memorable.

Fur factory

In addition to the options in a brown and black colors have a lot of good reviews of Beige. Bright and practical tone perfectly assumes the most expensive fur, and quite profitable transforms more budget options. In third place is the yellow color close to the shade of champagne. It can be compared only with the softness of the white or the most tender blue hues, which help create a new image.

Fashion images of

Coat of marten is an ideal woman of high status. Stand-up collar is combined with good straight cut, which makes the model coats concise and does not require extra small items.

Extravagant ladies should consider the options of the lynx, featuring a unique design. Volumetric fur and loose cut will make the fragile female nature and more refined.

Fur factory

The shining black coat of mink is suitable for women of any build, and with a spectacular cast as supplements can seem a little younger and more tender.

Customer Reviews

Of course, this company has positive feedback from the buyers as price range and a large range of models can not but rejoice.

Fur factory

Owners coats "Kalyaev" speak of permanent shares held in Moscow store, because at the time the sale is always nice to get a beautiful and magnificent thing, cheaper than the usual price. Also it surprised a great range of sizes, which is a plus for women with a curvy shape.