Table completeness shoes. How to determine the completeness of the feet?

People visit each season shoe shops. And many know the situation, when there is no suitable footwear. It seems to be a pair of shoes very much. You have tried it, but it was big, and maybe vice versa is small, but size smaller or bigger there. And sometimes it all happens with the precision and vice versa: there is the right size, but, unfortunately, the shoes are no draws.

Each shoe size meets certain standards. Namely, the length of the stop and completeness. The second measure in place with greater width in the toe of the foot. People are not always manage to find the right shoes, precisely because of the individual characteristics of this part of the foot.

Many advise to buy a model of genuine leather. These shoes can easily "tune out" under any form of legs. Are, of course, boots, shoes or boots made of leather expensive. But the price is justified. Very often, leather shoes and has more heels which will calculate the load on the spine and soften it.

Table completeness shoes. How to determine the completeness of the feet?

Correct Shoes

To select shoes that will not cause any harm to the health of the feet, and will be pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to take into account particular indiviualnye foot structure.

If you decide to order shoes from some manufacturer, visit the store and try on a few models. The only way you will be able to choose the right size. If we did not find anything suitable, and you'll have to buy the German manufacturer, the measure can be any shoes, made in Germany. The fact is that in this country differences in size do not happen.

If you still decided to book, but can not find in stores shoes desired products, have first of all to deal with the size. How to do it? First of all, we should define the scope of its foot. This will help the shoe size of completeness, the table. To determine your shoe size you need:

1. All measurements are made in the evening. At this time, the foot always becomes larger than in the morning or afternoon.

2. Take a sheet of paper and put a foot on it, and then cut around the foot line. If shoes you wear socks, you need to trace the contour of the stop wearing them.

3. Use measuring devices to determine the length, fullness of the foot. The length of the measure difficult. Weight is determined by the widest area in the forefoot.

4. Compare the data with table and find the appropriate size. To do this, and the table is necessary completeness of shoes.

European size

Shoes size sheet in each country has its own. In the case of clothing, the situation is the same. US and European sizes can be a bit not reflect Russian, so we must rely on measurements related to the size, rather than the relationship between different sizes.

Shoes are known to be divided into male and female. In that and other shoe sizes vary. In determining the size of the table and you need to use appropriate.

Table size women shoes

Table completeness shoes. How to determine the completeness of the feet?

In the shoe size for women is less than that of men. Therefore, there is a separate table for the size of it. It greatly helps in such cases when it is necessary to order the web, and more precisely in the shoe online store!

Sizes of men's shoes

Table completeness shoes. How to determine the completeness of the feet?

As mentioned, men's shoes is different from women's. a separate dimension table has been created for it. It is also a great help in the selection of shoes and sneakers on the Internet.

The completeness of the shoe

When choosing shoes, you need to take into account its size and compliance (completeness). You need to use the fullness of the table. Since the women's and men's shoes are different, the shoes and the completeness of the table will be different. Women can easily be ordered shoes online stores. Help them in this table is the fullness of women's shoes. To use it, you need only to measure the widest point of the foot and compare the rate with a yardstick in the table.

As can be seen from the table, to make it simple enough.

Table completeness shoes. How to determine the completeness of the feet?

For the selection of shoes for the stronger sex table exists completeness of men's shoes. The operating principle of the table is no different from that described above. First, measure the completeness own foot, and then comparing the obtained data with the yardstick indicated in the corresponding column. Table completeness shoe perfectly helps. Especially when there is no suitable model in the shops nearby.

Shoes for children should also be selected for these two important parameters. To find suitable shoes be sure to take note of the relevant circuit. When ordering online, make no mistake, this will help you to always table completeness shoes.


Completeness, in fact, is a characteristic parameter of shoe sizes from manufacturers around the world. Do not be afraid to buy shoes on the Internet. Table completeness of shoes will always help to choose the right size! To order on the Web is a snap if you use the information provided in this article.