Valeri Karpin - a legendary Russian football player

A classic winger - one of the dying professions in modern football, which involves the universality and interchangeability of players. One of the last great representatives of this tribe - Valery Karpin. Where it is and what the legendary footballer of the nineties, and will be discussed below.

From Narva to Moscow

One of the hottest and temperamental national sports players, ironically, was born in a provincial Estonian town of Narva in 1968. There Valery Karpin and made his first steps in football, playing for the local Youth Academy, which he attended from the age of eight. Unlike stars such as Messi, Ronaldo, he scouts the European top clubs was not seen in adolescence, and up to twenty years played for the modest team of the Estonian SSR, the speakers in the second league of the championship of the Union.

Valeri Karpin - a legendary Russian football player

However, in 1988 he was drafted into the Soviet Armed Forces, as well as a service space has been identified CSKA. Young player is not allowed to play a lot, and after a year he moved to Voronezh "Torch".

Pay off debts homeland, football player Valery Karpin became a player, "Spartacus", where Oleg Romantsev moved with his usual left flank to the right of midfield. Excellent speed, filigree technique, the ability to surf the entire match your curb field made Valeria one of the best in the domestic championship. For the "red-white" team player he spent several years, and became the champion of the country as much as three times.

Moving to Spain

As now, the Spanish Championship in the early nineties was one of the five strongest in the world. Therefore, Valery Karpin, immediately responded to the offer San Sebastian "Real Sociedad" in 1994.

Charismatic football player from the early days became a fan favorite. The reason for this was not only a great game Karpin. The fact that the "Real Sociedad" is the Basque Country in the Spanish championship. A football player from Russia, speaking at one of the TV show on a local channel, a very heartfelt lyrical song performed in the Basque language, what has won the hearts of both men and women.

It seemed that Valery Karpin for life will remain a favorite of sunny San Sebastian. However, he moved in 1996 to play in the "Valencia", however, stayed there for long. The following season, Valery became an advocate for "Celta" from Vigo. In this club I played another important Russian legionary - Alexander Mostovoi, who was the real leader of the team, and even awarded an honorary nickname "king". Two former Spartak held together for five seasons.

Valeri Karpin - a legendary Russian football player

At the age of 34 years, a native of Estonia and a favorite of the Basque returned to the "Real Sociedad." For the majority of players as advanced age becomes a sunset career, but a native of Narva gained the second breath. Season 2002/2003 was one of the best in the history of a modest club from the Basque country. with little financial capacity for a long time the team was in the lead in the Liga and eventually finished the season in second place. Not the least role in this achievement has played Valery Karpin. Only in 2005, he finished his active career as one of the best players of the modern Russia.

After the match

Still actively playing at a high level, Valery Karpin began to prepare for life after football. He opened his own construction company in Vigo and even sponsored the local volleyball team, which acquired the name of "Vigo Karpin."

Do not forget the legendary player in the Moscow "Spartak". In 2009, the Karpin received an offer to work as General Manager of the glorious club. After a series of failures in important matches Valery Karpin took the responsibility and at the same time became the head coach of "Spartacus." The first season under his leadership team after a series of bad years took third place in the national championship, as well as fun to play in the Champions League.

Valeri Karpin - a legendary Russian football player

An ambitious mentor, however, he was not satisfied and promised fans a great success. But then the "Spartacus" played extremely uneven. Brilliant matches alternated with failures, the club lacked stability. In 2012, Valery Karpin was dismissed, but six months later recycled. Finally left the "Spartacus" is a legendary football player in 2014.

After the Moscow club Valery Karpin coached "Mallorca", which performed in the second Spanish division, and then Armavir "Torpedo". Little success failed to achieve either in Spain or Russia.

Having failed as a coach, Valery Karpin turned his attention to the TV. Since 2016 he works at the federal sports channel "Match!", First as an analyst, and in 2017 - the editor in chief of sports broadcasts.

Valery Karpin: personal life

The former football player and coach is the father of two daughters from his first marriage - Maria and Valeria. Divorced from their mother and his first wife, Svetlana, he married Spanish actress Alba Fernandez.

Valeri Karpin - a legendary Russian football player

However, their life together was short-lived, and is now a favorite of women free again.

Valery Karpin was one of the representatives of the latest generation of the great Russian players. After him, only short segments of the domestic players clearly manifested themselves in Europe.