Patrice Evra: athletic career growth

Modern football requires not only the full-backs playing in defense, but also a high speed, the ability to connect to the attacks and to support partners in the attack. All these qualities has Frenchman Patrice Evra - a player who has more than a decade playing for the best teams in Europe. During this time he has collected all the titles and awards, which only exist in the club tournaments.

The beginning of the way "black gazelle"

In 1981 in Senegal in the family I was born diplomat Patrice Evra. He was rich in the brothers and sisters whom he had a total of 25 people. Soon the boy's family moved to France. Patrice Evra, whose growth is just 174 cm, which is not much for a player of the defensive plan, has excellent technique and speed. Coaches youth teams, where he played, have used these qualities and put him in the attack.

Patrice Evra: athletic career growth

The talented striker coaches noticed the youth of the "PSG", where he spent two years. Soon he was invited to play in Italy, where the national championship was in the late nineties, the strongest in the world. The first Italian club Patrice was a modest "Marsala". He spent a part of the club's 24 games and scored three goals in that time. For the tireless and excellent speed fans even called him "black gazelle".

The next stage in club football career was the Italian Serie B "Monza", where he failed to gain a foothold in the lineup, and he only went to play for the replacement, having just three games in nearly two years.

The French period

In 2000, the return of football took place in France. "Nice" was playing in the League 2 of the French championship, and Patrice Evra had to help the team return to the strongest division. It was in this club there was a change of specialization football player. While the full-back was injured and his understudy, and the coach has put forward speed to close the problem area.

Patrice Evra coped with the problem, but so great that after the restoration of the injured football player, he went on to play at left-back. As a result, he was recognized as the best player in this position and is included in the symbolic team of the League 2.

Patrice Evra: athletic career growth

The Labors of football has not gone unnoticed by the leading clubs in France. In 2002 he was invited to the "Monaco", which at that time crept a great squad of players, and the team was able to solve the global problems.

Patrice Evra - football player, has excellent speed and performance. He faithfully performed protector function, and forward skills allowed him to feel confident and in attack, providing partners entailing a pass from the flank. The years spent in the "Monaco", became one of the best in the career of a football player. Together with the club he played great in the Champions League, where Deschamps reached the final command. In the 2002-2003 season, Patrice Evra has also been named the best young player in France. However, after a successful season in the Champions League, many strong players left the "Monaco" in the best clubs in Europe. In 2006, the turn and Patrice Evra.

Premier League star

During the winter transfer window in 2006 the English "Manchester United" has signed a contract with the talented French footballer. The main team defender Gabriel Heinze was injured, and Alex Ferguson, the former coach, "Sir Alex", searching for a player who wants to strengthen the line of defense. Patrice Evra in the rest of the season had a few good matches, earned the approval of the partners, and together with the team took its first title in England - League Cup.

In his first full season of "Manchester United" football player had to compete for a place in the starting line-up with his compatriot Mikael Silvestre. However, by 2007 calendar year Patrice Evra became a full-fledged team player base. This year, the "Red Devils" once again won the Premier League and the player went into the symbolic team of the year of the English Championship.

Patrice Evra: athletic career growth

The Frenchman played for "Manchester" until 2014. At this time, the club has been one of the strongest in Europe. The team won the Champions League, twice reached the finals of the tournament, won the national championship. By the end of England career, Patrice Evra and he earned the captain's armband. However, after the departure of long-term mentor team - Alex Ferguson in the club game slump. Criticism began to be exposed to many players, including Patrice Evra. "Juventus" was another Frenchman a chance to express themselves, and he moved to the Italian club in 2014.

From Turin to Marseilles

The Turin club at that time had no rivals in the country, regularly winning in the Italian championship.

Patrice Evra: athletic career growth

However, the club for a long time could not show anything outstanding in the Champions League. To achieve this, the team invited many experienced players, among whom was Patrice Evra. He played a significant role in the subsequent success of the team, simultaneously conducting the 100th game in the European Champions League.

It was in season 2014-2015, after a long break, "Juventus" has reached the final of the continent's main club tournament. Evra for this finale was the fifth of his career.

The years take their toll, and in the 2016-2017 season, Patrice Evra lost his speed, sharpness and does not enter into the composition of the team. In 2017 he signed for Marseille "Olympic" and returned to his homeland.

Patrice Evra still stands at a high level, despite his age. His performance was a kind of standard for the center back of the last ten years.