The "Mad drying": feedback from participants

Strong, slim and toned body - the dream of many. Of course, this helps proper nutrition and regular exercise. Today more and more popular is the online training "Rabid drying". Comments about this program you can find a wide variety, but they are left to people trying to fight obesity and improve physical fitness.

As participation in the project is paid, then, of course, people are trying to find the maximum of additional information. How difficult would be the passage of the program "Mad drying"? Reviews, results of participants, the cost - it's all important points, which should definitely be read before payment.

What is the project?


With only goes into play when trying to improve the figure - and diet, and fitness classes and beauty treatments. Now it is becoming more popular online training "Rabid drying". Feedback from participants suggests that project really helps to cope with excess weight and improve the condition of the musculoskeletal system.

The bottom line in this case is quite simple - willing to pay participation in the project, and then every day for a month receive an exercise program that you want to perform. Of course, the scheme is not only physical activity, but also food. Every week is checked every success, after which many players are screened out - sometimes due to incorrect assignments, but most of all because of the blank report. The project does require a daily effort, but the time spent and the money is returned in the form of a slender figure.

What experts say about "Mad drying"? Reviews of doctors ambiguous. Of course, exercise and nutrition programs compiled as efficiently as possible, and it can be considered safe. On the other hand, be sure to consult with your doctor before starting training. Exercises in the project are complex and have contraindications. The program is not suitable for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. Do not start training, if you have an infectious or inflammatory disease - it is necessary first to complete a full course of treatment.

The project organizers


The authors and organizers of the project is to Smolny family - Julia, and Basil (in fact, it and can be seen on the official website of the program). At the time, his wife became interested in questions about nutrition, fitness and physical development of the body. This passion first developed into a lifestyle, and after a huge business project.

The organizers have set themselves the same goal - to instill healthy habits participants and help to realize his dream, making the ideal figure.

Preparation for participation

After payment of participation in the project (see pricing below) a person gains access to your personal account on the site, which will become the next month 'jobs. " Here, participants fill out daily reports and receive useful advice.

The first step, by the way, is to download photos "before". This is necessary primarily for the participant to keep track of the results. Additionally, all photos at the finish participate in the raffle prizes rather quite good.

Before the start of training you need to upload photos to the four projections. We need a front view, rear, left and right. Image Requirements tough - some players even make them in a photo studio, although this is optional. Photos should be done in his underwear. A person needs to close a sheet of paper on which is written the start date.

How does the work week participants?


Every day registered users in your personal account to receive job assignments. For example, exercise can be as follows:

  • 25 sit-ups;
  • 15 push-ups;
  • exercise "bicycle" 20 times on each leg;
  • sitap 20 times;
  • hyperextension 20 times;
  • stand in a posture strap 1 minute.

Of course, the circuit changes every week. Circuit training has always consists of 6 exercises, each of which needs to be repeated 4 times (in a circle). Between the circles make a break of one minute. Training is recommended to conduct the sutra, but the fit and any other time of day. In most cases, four wheel takes about 40 minutes, although some participants cope and 20. In addition, every day the participants give special tasks, such as 300 push-ups, 700 sit-ups. This is the amount you need to perform per day. Exercises change all the time so that train all the muscles of the body.

In the evening, be sure to fill out a report describing its success - it is a prerequisite for the future of the course.

Saturday: job departures


Of course, the daily reports - this is not all. Control of the training here is pretty hard. Every Saturday, the participants give the so-called job is to take off. If the man on the right, he continues to workout, if not - the program takes off.

Assignment, of course, changed weekly. For example, you need to make the maximum number of repetitions of the exercise for a minute or hold in position strap as long as possible. This weekly test participants is removed, and then send the video to be approved. The reason charges could be completely wrong technique of exercise or too poor result.

It looks and control of the training in the "Mad drying". Feedback from participants suggests that the task is quite difficult, but doable. Yes, and fly out of the project, with the passage of which has already been paid, no one wants. That is why it is important to perform all daily tasks for a week, because they strengthen the muscles and increase endurance, which makes it possible to pass the test and hold out until the end of the project.

Proper nutrition during the course


Exercise is, without a doubt, important for the formation of figures. But do not forget about the food. Correctly chosen diet helps to burn fat and build muscle. Moreover, we should not forget that during exercise increases energy expenditure - it is necessary to compensate, but only the right products. In a private office party has dietary advice. The diet should include 50-60% protein foods, 20-40% fat and 30-50% carbohydrate. At the time of the training necessary to completely give up sugar, foods that contain glucose and fructose. So basically slimming diet consists of meat and fish (preferably steamed or in the oven), vegetables, fruits and cereals. For food, you can add salt and spices, but in no case can not use ready-made sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, and so on. D.

Who's involved?

Who is allowed to participate in the program "Mad drying"? Reviews say that the course involved completely different people. Here you can see the participants with a fair amount of extra kilos, who seek to lose weight. There are slim people who want to build muscle and make the body more relief.

No age restrictions, but, of course, before you should consult with a physician. One has only to say that, despite the fact that pay for part of the program may be engaged young people, the prizes are not eligible players under the age of 18 years (according to law).

How much is the admission to the project?


Reviews for "Mad drying" Smolny mostly are positive. But participation in the project is paid, which, in fact, creates some additional motivation, because people really do not want to drop out of the game, losing not only a chance for a great figure, but also their own hard earned money.

If you decide to participate in the online game for weight loss, you can choose from several possible packages. You can pay the place a participant, which cost 3,500 rubles. For the money you get access to your personal cabinet, regular support, the ability to communicate with other participants, daily tasks and regular projects. However, if at any stage you do not cope with the task, or stop sending reports, you'll automatically be expelled without refund. Many people prefer to pay for a package called "Tricky", which costs 4,500 rubles. This membership gives one immunity, which can be used in any job to take off (once). Since it is often part take the wife, and then offered a package "Family", which costs 6,000 rubles. In addition, married couples are entitled to some additional drawings.

Successful innovation was the package of "Banda", the value of which is 12 000 rubles. Purchase a membership as possible, gathered a group of four people. By the way, many of the participants do just that, because the joint purchase allows you to save. The most expensive package is the "Major", which costs 16 000 rubles. Such membership gives you access to classes, but is completely exempt from the weekly checks and daily reports - in fact, participants can engage in when and how they want, which, alas, does not guarantee the result.

Further motivation for the participants: competitions and prizes

Of course, there are some other motivating factors that are used in the "Mad drying". Reviews, as well as official information, indicate that the prizes, is awarded the best participants really are daily efforts.

Generous prizes are handed out in the women's league, and monetary rewards are just 100 participants. Won the first place award for Woman of millions of rubles and a car. The prize for the second place - one million rubles and the ability to make a perfect smile in one of the most renowned dental clinics of the country. The girl won the third place gets one million rubles and a certificate for cosmetic correction chest.

The fourth in the ranking of the participant is awarded a very good sum of 500 000 rubles, and for the sixth place - 200 thousand rubles. Women who took 7 th to 10 th, awarded 100 000 rubles, while member located at 11-100 location in the table, was obtained in 30 thousand each. Prizes in the men's league is not as diverse - the first ten men in the rankings are 100 000 rubles. There are individual prizes for the family league. Couples who have won first, second and third place get 500, 300 and 200 thousand, respectively. Spouses who find themselves in the 4-10 place in the standings, will be awarded 50 000 rubles.

Who is responsible for the distribution of the prize money? Participants themselves. After the training people upload photos "after" in order to demonstrate results. And then held an open vote. Those participants who have achieved the most impressive results, according to the community, and win prizes. That's how the season ends project "Mad drying". Reviews say that the gifts are the actual participants, no lies or fraud there is. And, of course, do not forget about the main prize - a shapely, toned body and perfect health.

The "Mad drying": feedback from participants


Perhaps the most important factor when making a decision about participation in the project is the opinion of people who have already had to be trained. How to actually look like a game that runs on the site "Rabid drying. RF "? Reviews, results - this is just the most interesting moments.

Immediately it should say that the program really produces results. Yes, of exercises really heavy, and the first two weeks for many of the participants do not run smoothly, because the need to adapt to the enhanced physical exercise and a new diet. But not to achieve the result is simply impossible - otherwise the player will be expelled, that is a powerful lever movement.

Cabinet Member intuitive to use - easy to fill in reports, to monitor progress. The undoubted advantage is a strong support group, represented by administrators who every night talking with the players and check out the job. Difficult to get around the rules, so that people have to exactly comply with all instructions. What results can be achieved through the training program "Mad drying"? Reviews (photo also) say that body fat literally melt before our eyes. Moreover, build muscle mass, the body becomes more prominent and attractive, and added endurance. Many of the participants at the end of month program immediately pay the participation in the second season.

Until recently only the Russians can participate in the game at "Mad drying. Russian Federation. " Reviews and the positive results of the project have made so popular and in demand that began to conduct trainings in other countries. In particular, there is a Ukrainian version of the project, which also pleases a huge number of prizes.

The negative aspects of the project "Mad drying": the negative feedback from participants

About the project has already written many laudatory recommendations. But everything is really so smooth in the program "Mad drying"? Negative reviews also exist, but most often they are associated with organizational issues, rather than with the training program.

For example, some users have reported problems with uploading your photos, as to them to impose stringent requirements on the project. Often to make and upload a picture quality is far from the first time. Some players even say that it took a whole day to make the photo. Others have users download images is fast and smooth. In any case it is necessary to understand that the pictures in this project is very important, because they are taking part in the final vote and the prize draw.

Some users complain that the cash rewards handed out unfairly. Facts supporting the vote-rigging, no - this is only a subjective impression of the participants. In any case, former players recommend the project "Mad drying". Reviews suggest that regular execution of all exercises (which are required) helps to achieve excellent results. And extra motivation just makes us work harder. Still, the most important reward participants of the project is precisely improved physical shape - too much to count on the cash prizes are not worth it.