Blonde cold: features, shades and recommendations of professionals

Bright shades of hair has always attracted the attention of. Every girl at least once dreamed of being a blonde. In 2017, the blond (cool shade it in particular), as always in fashion. And although many of nature is not awarded the golden hair - not terrible, because today there is a wide choice of modern colors and a variety of technologies that can achieve the desired result. However, the decision to become a blonde - this is only half the battle. It is necessary to determine the shade of blonde, because they now have a large number.

The cold shades of blonde

All shades of blonde can be divided into warm and cold palette. Each color palette has its cool features.

Brown Blonde

It is this tinge is the most versatile, as suitable for almost everyone. Owners of such hair colors look most natural. Thanks to gold, wheat and brown tones can experiment to find the ideal image.

Blonde cold: features, shades and recommendations of professionals

Gray (silver) blond

But the silvery blond suit not every girl. This shade is close to Gray color, it is considered the coldest. With him can experiment girl "summer" tsvetotipa with blue or gray eyes. But other ladies can make a mistake with the choice, because the cool blond shades of gray is able to make its possessor more mature in appearance.

Blonde cold: features, shades and recommendations of professionals

Platinum Blonde

This cool shade looks catchy and quite bright. It is suitable girls with naturally light skin tone. In conjunction with this color will look advantageously short hairstyles with a clear geometry. Platinum blonde girls with perfect tsvetotip "winter", which are famous for the beauty of the blue and green eyes, and cold skin tone. But the brunette with brown eyes is better to abandon such drastic changes.

Blonde cold: features, shades and recommendations of professionals

Pearl blond

That pearl is able to fill the glossy shine of your hair, cool blonde in this design looks fresh and fills appearance brilliance.

A stylish painting 2017

Pink blond

In the new season blond cold this particular shade is one of the most popular and fashionable. Rose gold is able to give the image of tenderness and romance. Perfectly it will be a combination of several shades of dyeing. The most successful is a combination of gold, honey and apricot.

Blonde cold: features, shades and recommendations of professionals

Purple blond

This shade can be successfully used to mask the yellowness, which is obtained as a result of previous unsuccessful staining. It should be noted, and the fact that purple hue can be brilliantly used at any age.

Blonde cold: features, shades and recommendations of professionals

Modern staining technique

Thanks to cutting-edge techniques of hair coloring can achieve stunning results. Get natural color curls and give them a incredible surround shade, you can use blondirovanija. Especially, experts argue that the new season is the natural shades are in trend.

Often blondirovanija technique involves the use of at least 3-4 shades. If the blond cool, additionally you can use ash, beige or brown tones.

Beautiful color can be produced using 3D and 4D technology. In this case, combining several shades will create a brilliant shine and give curls a deep color. Many women in this case, prefer to experiment, combining cold and warm shades of blonde (amber, caramel or wheat). To date, popular and in demand are technology highlights, balayazh Ombre and which give the effect of natural hair, sun-bleached.

Clarification in the home

Cool blonde - beautiful and popular hair color. But when painting at home without professional help you need to behave with extreme caution and closely follow the instructions. Dyeing hair yourself, it is best to choose natural shades that are lighter than their color a few shades. The hair does not have purchased an orange color, you should choose a neutral or cool colors. The procedure should be repeated several times for a richer result.

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that after the first clarification of hair will become yellow. This happens with dark hair. In this case, you need to wait a few weeks and repeat the procedure. All this time, you must use a special conditioner for the hair.

If you wish to achieve platinum blonde need to use the violet toner. It will help get rid of the yellowness. Wash it by using vinegar.

Cool Blonde: how to achieve and maintain

Many women suffer from the fact that after coloring the hair fade and lose their natural shine. In fact, there are many reasons that affect the loss of the natural glow of curls, and must be read in more detail.

Blonde cold: features, shades and recommendations of professionals

For example, a long presence in the sun and ultraviolet rays damage the structure of curls. An important role is played by the use of devices for installation. Regular use of a hair dryer, curling irons and ironing for straightening makes hair dull and lifeless. Choosing a color blond, you need to take care of the quality of hair care products. Shampoo for blonde cold, air conditioning, as well as means for thermal protection should be constant companions in the care of hair.

The skin color - one of the criteria for selecting the perfect shade

Owners of light skin suit cold shades of blonde, which is called "luminous". These include ash and platinum blond. Maximum natural tone can be obtained by adding the color light copper hue.

suit similar hair color for a neutral color - a caramel and ashy. Make the image more stylish by adding some gold.

Tanned girl is best to opt for the honey and light-brown shades. In addition, you can experiment by the effect Ombre.


Experts recommend not to mix yourself a different color, because there is a high probability that the result will be disastrous. Skilled craftsmen, building on the original hair color, carefully select the desired hue.

If you have dark skin, but you still want to try the image of the blonde, then it is better to abandon the cool colors and give their preference caramel strands. If you have dark hair, blond cold should be lighter than the source code is only a couple of colors.

Daily care

Hair should be washed the day before the procedure. It is not necessary to use shampoo directly into the painting day. Sebum will protect the hair roots from harmful dyes.

Blonde cold: features, shades and recommendations of professionals

Upon completion of the procedure it is necessary to use a nourishing conditioner for bleached curls, he must moisturize and repair damaged hair.

Before you choose the right paint, you need to take care of high-quality and effective shampoo and balsam. Even professional paint damage the hair, damaging the roots and tips. Therefore it is always after the procedure, the hair require careful care and recovery. For daily use shampoo is suitable for cold blonde containing blue pigment which retains color. For cool colors, there are special revitalizing face masks, which help to restore the dry curls.

Choosing a light color hair, we must remember that all cold shades of blonde require periodic painting roots (about once a month).

Blonde - it's the color that combines brightness and tenderness, restraint and sexuality. Each young woman will decide itself what it wants from its new cold blonde shade. But if you're willing to change your image, then feel free to start for the realization of new ideas.