"Cheshire Cat" - a tattoo, charged positive

"Cheshire Cat" - a tattoo that does not occur very often. Perhaps it is because the value of this tattoo is unknown. Well, it's time to thoroughly understand the symbolism of this fantastic character and that he is its owner.


Where did the Cheshire Cat? Tattoo, the protagonist of which is the character, suggests the ambiguous thoughts. First and foremost, it is the memory of the beloved book "Alice in Wonderland", written by the great storyteller Lewis Carroll. It Cheshire Cat - it's still the joker who loves to philosophize and reflect on the transience of life. A smile of this character, which remained after his disappearance, has long been a personification of secrets and mystery.

Thus, the tattoo "Cheshire cat" becomes his first value - the personification of self-sufficiency and mystery.

Value tattoo

"Cheshire Cat" - a tattoo, which gives a very positive mood. After all, just the very image of this fantastic character carries a quick wit and kindness, the ability to find a way out of any situation, as well as the ability to behave in society and disappear in time.

On this basis, we can conclude that the "Cheshire cat" - a tattoo that not everyone dares to fill. The thing is that for many the symbol of Tahiti and other qualities. So, some people still naively believe that any image of a cat (in all guises) represents belonging to thieves. They believe that any image of this animal symbolizes cunning and resourcefulness. However, this has nothing to do specifically to the Cheshire Cat.

To suit tattoo "Cheshire cat"?

Meaning pattern determines its quality. This tattoo is sure to suit positive individuals who go through life with a smile on his face and struggling to avoid problems. The symbolism of the Cheshire Cat is also for those individuals who effortlessly cope with all the problems and do not take them to heart. And this tattoo will decorate the body of people who love and know how to speculate on a variety of topics.

Cheshire cat - a symbol of philosophers and visionaries who are able to conduct a conversation entertaining and disappear in time. This fantastic character and is often chosen by those who have only one appearance uplifting and sets a positive way all further conversation.

Where on the body can fill a tattoo with the image of the Cheshire Cat?

It is difficult to say at what place this figure will look the most advantageous. Some people prefer to beat a tattoo on the arm or forearm, found a characteristic smile and on the side of the body, and some stuffed with pleasure silhouette philosopher cat neck. In any case, the main thing - to choose the right pattern and color. Of course, considerable importance is the level of professionalism of the master, who will have to bring into the picture whole charisma of the Cheshire Cat. In practice, there are a variety of performance of this fantastic character. There are subtle contours hint of the infamous smile, and there are real masterpieces, clearly traced on their backs. In this work, every detail is important, because the problem is the master - to convey the positive energy of the Cheshire Cat and its relation to life's troubles.

Tattoo "Cheshire cat" will certainly fall in love with men and women who never part with a positive attitude and know how to make the right decision in time. By the way, a fresh tattoo can easily change a person's world. So why not fill the smile of the Cheshire Cat and his funny face? Maybe just the same this step will allow you to continue to go through life with a smile on your face?