Tatiana Koshelev: biography, sports career growth

Tatiana Koshelev is a Russian volleyball player, who during his long career, has won many awards. Currently, she continues her career at the Istanbul club "Eczacıbaşı".

The first steps in the sport

Koshelev Tatyana was born December 23, 1988 in Minsk, at the time of the Byelorussian SSR. Tatiana was 3 years old when she and her parents moved to Tula. In this city, she began her athletic way. At school, Tatiana was an activist. Koshelev first performed for the school basketball team. She was comfortable playing as Tatiana growth Kosheleva is 191 centimeter.

As a basketball player in high school, she was very popular. This athlete has participated in many competitions and won team and individual trophies. Then Tatiana Koshelev became loyal cheerleaders volleyball team "Tulamash". And after she was asked to try their hand at the sport, and she agreed.

Tatiana Koshelev: biography, sports career growth

Professional performances

For the first time Tatiana Koshelev was considered unpromising athlete. Neither coach did not think she had a successful sporting future ahead. But as a result of the case she had a chance. Coach Tatiana offered to try their hand on view in the volleyball team of Russia. Koshelev was an active man, and immediately agreed to go to the viewing. There she said Irina Bespalov. It was she who helped Tatiana to become a professional player.

Tatiana Koshelev: biography, sports career growth

Performances in Russian volleyball clubs

In 2004, Tatiana Koshelev has expanded the composition of the Moscow "Dynamo". In this command, she performed until 2007. In the Moscow "Dynamo" Tatiana does not always fall into the first team. Then the athlete continued his career in the Moscow team "District-Odintsovo". In this club it played 3 seasons. It is in this suburban club Kosheleva first time she won major trophies.

In 2008 and 2010 she won together with the Russian Team Championship. In 2007, as part of the Moscow Region team she won the Russian Cup in 2008 and won a silver medal in the Champions League CEV Tatiana Koshelev. Volleyball player in 2011, moved to Kazan "Dynamo". In the debut year of the new club, she became the champion of Russia.

In the same season she and her team won the Cup of Russia. So it has successfully completed the season Tatiana Koshelev. Volleyball player, however, has moved to the Krasnodar "Dynamo".

In 2011 Koshelev underwent a serious operation on his knee. Many of the athletes after such a serious injury end his career. But Tatyana, due to their nature, quickly recovered and again started performing at an elite level.

Tatiana Koshelev: biography, sports career growth

International career athletes

Tatiana Kosheleva for 10 years in favor of a volleyball team of Russia. She made her debut in the junior national team. With this team, she became the silver prize-winner of World and European Championships. In 2007, the volleyball players included in the main women's team. At the World Championships in 2010, which was held in Japan, it named the best forward of the tournament. Particularly successful World Cup for Tatiana and team as a whole were held in 2015. Throughout the tournament, this volleyball player showed a high level of play. In the final enemy of our women's team was the team from Holland. In the decisive game Tatiana scored 19 points. Thus it made a great contribution to the victory of our team in this prestigious tournament.

Our women's team, which acts as Tatiana, twice became the champion of Europe. At the moment, Koshelev continues his international career. Her experience, skill and character strengthen our women's volleyball team. As a result, our team achieves great results.

Tatiana Koshelev: biography, sports career growth


Tatiana is not only a great athlete, but also a beautiful and charming girl who has a lot of fans. Its second half is the assistant head coach of the club "Dynamo" Fedor Kuzin. After a lot of years together in love legalize their relationship.

Tatiana Kosheleva biography, which has developed very well, for the moment continues to show a high level of play. Despite all the difficulties and setbacks, it has become a high-level volleyball player and now continues his career.