Lip gloss matt: reviews

Among the decorative cosmetics recently released a good lip gloss, matte effect which helps to make discreet emphasis on the lips and look at this rather fashionable. This tool is convenient in the sense that it has a wide color palette, so you can choose the appropriate option to any image. Not so long ago dull luster used exclusively in fashion shows, but now they are all ladies.

Lip gloss matt: reviews

Features a matte gloss

Any modern matte lip gloss incorporates a considerable amount of powder that can improve its durability and create a velvety effect. Means, which today released the popular manufacturers (to be discussed below), contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, it does not inflict any damage to the skin.

Now a lot of positive qualities has any lip gloss. Frosted embodiment has the following advantages:

  1. Immediate application.
  2. The lack of stickiness effect.
  3. The ability to quickly touch up makeup.
  4. appears protective film that does not feel on the lips.
  5. resistance.

As a rule, lip gloss (matte) is used to maintain the elegant and extravagant make-up of the business. Cost matte option is not too different from the price of traditional splendor, so it can only be purchased once and enjoy for a long time. In order to get a more intense shade is necessary to put not one, but at least a couple of layers of gloss on the lips.

Lip gloss matt: reviews

In addition to the advantages, absolutely any lip gloss, matte finish on the same number, has some disadvantages. First and foremost it is worth noting that this type of makeup should be applied to the skin very carefully, because any error will be clearly visible. In addition, if the funds are being used regularly, before they were applied and after washing is necessary to treat the skin scrub or lotion.

Bright colors are not always exactly lie on the lips, so beginners in this case to achieve the desired result will not be so easy. Help create the right make-up can be the means provided below. They enjoy a good popularity nowadays due to its composition and a wide range of shades. Therefore, professionals strongly recommend beginners to use just such options.

Matte Lip Gloss Kylie

Brand products quickly gained a sufficient number of fans in the early spread of matte makeup.

Lip gloss matt: reviews

The main advantages that a matte lip gloss Kylie differs from other producers, are as follows:

  • broad palette of 21 shade;
  • a special pencil included with the product.

Among the shortcomings can be noted only by the fact that quite often come across a fake. Although this can be avoided in the event that purchase goods on the official site or in a specialty store of the brand, not just on the market in a stall with makeup.

Customer Feedback

Some people agreed to acquire the luster only due to the fact that it is often recommended to friends. Fortunately, the effect was not only worthy, and even exceeded all expectations. Gloss quite good lip rests on the surface, giving a saturated hue and ensures a pleasant sensation in the first few minutes after application.

Among the shortcomings is observed only excessive resistance, although it is considered a disadvantage not all.

Velvet Matt XXXL Longlasting lipgloss Essence of

This matte lip gloss at first glance looks like a traditional lipstick without any special distinguishing features, although in reality it is not. Agent is a stable, pleasant and aromatic lipstick, giving a matte effect for 24 hours.

Lip gloss matt: reviews

As a rule, buyers are choosing neutral colors that are suitable for any image and event. Especially this product is valued among office workers, always dressed in a simple, classic style and with a minimum of makeup on her face.

The sale shine comes in a plastic tube, and included along with the main product necessarily attached sponge and brush for easy application.


This matte lip gloss is also good reviews. The largest and most frequently mentioned advantage became a means of flavor that just wanted to taste, not just to hear the smell. In addition, many women say a good resistance, because of what did not glitter lips peeling off the surface during the working day, if you can not embellish them. The color palette also can not leave anyone indifferent. The manufacturer is various shades - from classic dark to very bright. This is a good advantage in terms of the fact that among all the variety you can choose an option that is suitable for both daily office work and for parties and other events.

Products NYX

Matte Lip Gloss NYX ideal girls who follow fashion and do not miss a single trend. This tool is a matt cream color that anyone can easily choose at its discretion. A feature of the light is the fact that each article number is linked one of the world capitals that like all lovers of travel.

Lip gloss matt: reviews

The color of the packaging itself matte lip gloss NYX sometimes may not be the same, but the proponents of this production have become accustomed to such a nuance, so do not pay attention to him.

What do the consumers of

Expensive and high-quality products from this manufacturer produces a sensation on the world market every year, presenting new products. And dull luster was no exception, received a lot of positive reviews in his address.

First of all consumers say that matte cream has quite a dense texture that is pleasant to all without exception. In addition, you can also hear good remarks about the color palette that really reaches a large size.

Matte Lip Gloss Pin-Up by LuxVisage

Became a bestseller this option and entrenched in the first positions in the world rankings for a long time. To date, this production could hear every other person, so can not be doubted in his popularity.

Total is present in a palette of 19 colors from coral reef to sweet cherries. Some shades are very similar to each other and to distinguish them can only real professional, but it does not mean that the use of this matt sheen can only make a person well acquainted with.

Lip gloss matt: reviews


With the advent of each new hue experienced stylists immediately rush to buy this unique luster and try it. As a rule, after the application of people talk about good tone, firmness and pleasant sensations. In addition, the gloss is applied fairly quickly and without much effort, since this has a special brush in the set, which also does not give the chance to go beyond lip.

Among the shortcomings consumers note the following points:

  • matte effect does not appear immediately, but only after 3-5 minutes after application;
  • at long wearing lipstick lips can dry out.

Fortunately, these details are not for everyone are crucial, so in general it can be argued, that means "Pin-Up" like most buyers, and not for nothing is very popular for a long time.