Hair color "caramel blond": description, recommendations and reviews

Hair color "caramel blond" looks very attractive. He is in demand among girls who want to be bright and special. But to get such a result, it is necessary to know in what way to create such a color. Also, we must remember who it fits.

Suitable for caramel color?

This shade prefer girls who belong to the spring and autumn tsvetotip. Caramel is considered to be a middle ground. It lacks prudence and cold, which are light brown in color. Caramel blonde looks extravagant. It selects many famous personalities: Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Greene, Beyonce.

Hair color

The color is ideal for owners of peach, and dark bronze skin, as well as green, brown eyes. Such harmony is perfect. But if your eyes are brown, then there should be a bright contrast to the proteins. If the skin is dark, it is necessary to choose a dark caramel blond. suitable light shades for fair skin. It is also necessary to consider how to integrate eyebrow color with a shade of hair. Caramel blonde is the best choice for light curls.

Reviews girls

To get a high-quality result, the staining procedure must take place by a specialist. If you try to paint for the first time, you may have doubts about your choice. But keep in mind that the master may not understand the desire of the client. It is advisable to just show up on the photo in the color magazine that wants to "try."

You should be familiar with the views of girls who dyed blond caramel. Reviews are often the best guide, tells us whether or not repainted. Owners of such color believe that it is better to choose a proven specialist, you perform the procedure at home.

Hair color

Some might think that the darkish shade for blonde. But the girls find it fashionable and attractive. Hue has a similarity with the beige, but slightly darker. Caramel blond is ideal for those who have been repainted in pearl blonde.

Negative comments related to the fact that if the paint washed off, the color becomes yellow or reddish-Light Brown. To avoid this, the curls should paint more often. Many girls choose coloring, so hair becomes volume. Whether the color is attractive with a penalty? With this hair coloring also looks original. Caramel-brown tone is used in the creation of multi-colored coloring and staining Ombre. Shade combined with chocolate and honey.

It is necessary to take into account whether the reviews?

You can find reviews of different color "caramel blond." Paint this color gives different results. Can I trust the reviews, if you want to disguise? They can be taken into account, but it should be remembered that the result depends on the structure of hair, their natural color.

Hair color

Universal agent that always brings the same result, no. In this case, you first need to visit the beauty salon and consult with the master. He will tell you what paint to choose and what kind of results to expect. It should also be borne in mind that owners of dark hair on a regular basis will have to tint them. And to carry out this work should be a specialist, as do their own uniform color will not work.

If we turn to the master, he can predict the result of staining. His methods will neutralize the color, if something is not pleasant. It is for these reasons that you should choose a professional salon.

Paint "Cieza"

Among the buyers demanded paint "Cieza" "caramel blond." Reviews about this product mostly positive. Hue makes hair bright and unique. During coloring agent does not flow.

The paint does not sting the skin, has a pleasant smell and ammonia scarcely felt. After the procedure, it is easily washed off. After that hair look soft and healthy. Hair have an attractive smooth tone that holds firmly. Also encouraged a wonderful shine.

Paint "Estelle"

You can use another tool that can disguise in a blond caramel. Hair dye is considered to be a professional, but it can be used at home. The product has advantages compared to many others - a high level of durability, efficiency and security for curls.

Hair color

According to the manufacturer, the paint can change color without the likelihood of injury. "Estelle" offers a large number of shades, among which each girl will be able to pick up something for yourself. A caramel hue looks particularly attractive.

Dye "Garnier"

Means "Garnier" allows you to repaint the hair in a wonderful color without negative consequences. paint especially considering the inclusion of the natural oils that make it possible to carry out the procedure carefully. Composition and provides hair care. Coloring agents penetrate deep into the hair, which is why the paint is not washed off a long period.

Hair color

Paint "Loreal"

"L'Oreal" The company products are also in demand among buyers. Painting allows you to gentle curls shading of any kind. It is ideal to disguise gray hair, as well as for dyeing to the desired tone. Using this product, you can not worry about the condition of hair after the procedure.

What are the shades from caramel color?

Many women prefer to paint their own. Why to visit the salon, if you can perform all the house? Especially since there are high-quality paint with different shades. But we must remember that the result may be unpredictable. It all depends on the original color.

Caramel shade is obtained on the basis of beige, gold. This is a true classic of caramel, warm tones look very attractive. There may be other embodiments. Dark caramel tone can be obtained on the light brown or wheat color. It is ideal for autumn tsvetotipa representatives.

Hair color

Honey-caramel looks like a rich red. Yet color is restrained. The shade has a pretentious. Source tone should be light Light Brown. A caramel-honey tone is similar to wheat. This color is found in nature. It is ideal for women who like to look natural.

Many shades. They represent the palette with the spectrum from mild honey to bright brown. But caramel blonde is considered one of the most beautiful, and therefore popular with girls. Owners of spring and autumn tsvetotip can safely choose this tone. It will look original.

Hair after dyeing procedures need gentle care. It is necessary to carry out treatments that will maintain the structure of curls and keep the color saturation. Only then for the health of the hair can not worry.