Dmitry Ananko - defense pillar "Spartacus"

Dmitry Ananko - known Russian football player, multiple winner of the championship of Russia in the Moscow "Spartak", one of the best defenders in the national football 90s.

Biography footballer

Dmitry Ananko was born in 1973 in Novocherkassk. This is a district center in the Rostov region with a population of about 170 thousand people. Football became interested at an early age. Very fond of this sport Ananko Dmitry. His family was a simple, working, so opt for a professional sports approved immediately. While studying in school, Dmitry played for the team of the Rostov Regional School of Olympic Reserve.

Dmitry Ananko - defense pillar

His first adult professional team was the Moscow "Spartak", where he will take promising defender.

In the camp of the "red-white", he took part in the last championship of the Soviet Union. Despite her young age, the coaching staff has entrusted to him in the lineup. Dima spent 7 matches and helped the team win the silver medal. Then I became a champion CSKA Moscow, ahead of "Spartacus" at 2 points.

In the championship of Russia

The main player in the Muscovites Dmitry began after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the "Spartacus" began to speak in Russian championship. In the first season the team head coach Oleg Romantsev not leave opponents a chance. At the preliminary stage, the "red-white" lost only one match out of 18. In the playoffs altogether bypassed the nearest persecutor, Vladikavkaz, "Spartacus", by 7 points. This is despite the fact that for the victory that season earned only 2 points.

Dmitry Ananko - defense pillar

Ananko Dmitry Vasilyevich played a significant role in the fact that Muscovites have missed less than all of that season. In 32 games was not taken only 21 ball. Over time, Dmitri was one of the pillars of the defense of "Spartacus." In 1998, he was among the 33 best players in the back position. Muscovites then also become champions, 3 points surpassing metropolitan CSKA. In total in the Majors Ananko country championships held 158 matches. However, he played only in the defense, almost never engaging in offensive actions of the team. His only goal in career scoring Ananko for "Spartacus" in 1996. In his field, "red-white" defeated the Nizhny Novgorod "Locomotive" with a score of 4: 0. It Dmitry Ananko opened the scoring in the 8th minute.

Career after the "Spartacus"

Separated with "Spartacus" Dmitry Ananko only in 2002, winning 9 times by the time the championship of Russia. He decided to pursue a career in Western Europe. For the season of 2002/2003 he signed a contract with the French "Ajaccio", who played in the Premier League. Ananko spent 18 games for "Ajaccio" and in many ways, thanks to the reliable game in defense helped the club to maintain residence in the elite division. From the relegation zone, "Ajaccio" separated one point.

In 2003 he returned to Russia Dmitry Ananko. Footballer has signed a contract with the Moscow "Torpedo-Metallurg". It is noteworthy that this team he helped to escape from relegation. Just one point "torpedovtsy" scored more than Elista "Ural".

Dmitry Ananko - defense pillar

has finished his professional career Ananko at "Lukoil" (more known by his name - "Spartacus") from Nizhny Novgorod. Command performed in zone "Ural Volga" second division. Ananko participated in 11 games. Nizhny Novgorod on the results of the season took second place, losing to Ekaterinburg "Ural" 4 points, and won a ticket to the first division.

Despite the stable and reliable defense, to make a career in the national team Ananko and could not, but was involved in the national team several times. The only match for the national team of Russia, he had in 2001, when he came as a substitute in a friendly game against the Greeks. It ended in a draw - 3: 3.

In the coaching position

Higher School Diploma coaches Ananko received at a time when he was a player. Career in this field started as an assistant Dmitry Alenichev in the Tula "Arsenal". The team at the time acted in an amateur league in the area of ​​"Black Soil". Save favorite fans club from oblivion came many famous "Spartacus" - Alexander Filimonov, Yegor Titov, Dmitry Parfenov, Yuri Kovtun, Vladimir Beschastnykh. However, to create a battle-worthy team of veterans did not happen. "Arsenal" ranked only 8th place, giving clubs from Rossosh, Novomoskovsk, Mikhailovka and Zheleznogorsk.

Dmitry Ananko - defense pillar

However, the next season the club was licensed and said in PFL championship. By 2015 Ananko with Alenichev brought Tula in the Premier League. Following this success, the coaching staff at full strength was invited to head the Moscow "Spartak". "Red and White" took fifth place, the contract was canceled with them at the end of the season.

About his personal life football does not apply. We only know that he has a daughter.