Shellac on his feet: photo design

Fingernails should always be in perfect condition, but also can not forget the well-groomed feet look. This is especially important in the summer, when they draw attention to themselves. Shellac nails on the feet was used later than the manicure, but due to its indisputable advantages quickly gained popularity.

The advantages of shellac

This type of coating is a mixture of varnish and gel became sufficiently recently applied for pedicure. One of his qualities, bribery women is wearability. Such coverage is enough for a period of one and a half - two months. This is due to the fact that the nail plate on the legs grows much more slowly than in the hands. In addition, they are supported by a lower mechanical stress. As a result, the design will have time to get bored before the nails lose their appearance.

Shellac on his feet: photo design

Shellac on their feet to protect your nails from the harmful effects of sunlight, dust, sand and water in the reservoirs.

Covering nail gel polish is the perfect solution for traveling on vacation. Unlike the conventional varnish, it does not rub off, and do not fade under the influence of salt water, sand and stones.

The color scheme of the gel varnish is very diverse, so choose the right color is not difficult. They spent very sparingly, so the bubble is enough time. Another advantage is the good compatibility with various accessories shellac coating on the legs. You can decorate the stones, paint with acrylic paints, do volumetric design, glue stickers.

To see what it looks like shellac on the legs, photo examples can be found in the master or on the Internet.

Shellac on his feet: photo design

Further attractive appearance, ease of application, the coating is very easily removed. And complexity for those who like to frequently change the image, most likely, will not arise.

What You Need

Working with gel polishes are not considered to be very difficult. Technology can master anyone. If there is no desire to go to the master in the salon, you can do a pedicure shellac yourself at home. To do this, buy a few things:

  • kit with pedicure tool;
  • degreaser;
  • a base coat;
  • gel varnishes;
  • topsheet;
  • UV lamp for drying coatings.

If you select all materials for shellac, it is recommended that they be the same manufacturer. This ensures their good compatibility and will provide high-quality and resistant coating.

In this rule, there are exceptions, so sometimes the basic coverage from a single vendor is more convenient to use, and the top coat well turned out at the other. And both of them can be quite compatible with the colored gel polishes third. But before you decide to experiment, it is necessary to communicate with the professional masters of nail service or spend some time researching forums.

Shellac on his feet: photo design

How to prepare your nails

Prior to the work necessary to prepare the coated nails. It is necessary to clean the nail plate from the old varnish, to give them the shape and length with the nail file. Then you need to make a foot bath, after which it is necessary to push the cuticle stick and cut her tweezers. Legs should be treated with pumice. If the nails exfoliate, they need to clean up a little buff. Otherwise, work with shellac will fail, and the nail polish can not. This will lead to thinning of nail plate and reduce the coating life.

applying the technology of gel varnish

After the feet skin and nails are treated, you can begin to surface. To begin with nails to be treated with a degreaser. After that the basecoat is applied, which must be dried in UV lamp for two minutes. Then apply the color gel polish. It should cover the nails two layers, each of which is dried in a lamp for two minutes.

To shellac on the legs remained as long as possible and not lose visual appeal, regardless of the design, to complete the nails should be covered with a fixer. Its layer may be thicker than the colored gel varnish. Layer must be spread over the entire surface of the nail, do not forget about the end face. Once it has been dried in the UV lamp will only stay in the sticky layer from the nail using a lint-free cloth soaked in a liquid for degreasing.

After completing all the steps you can admire the shellac nails on the feet. Photos of a simple monochromatic coating confirms that it looks great, and without any additional ornaments.

Shellac on his feet: photo design


If you do not want to cover the nails with varnish monochrome, you can make a beautiful design. Favorite option is the most ladies jacket. He is always in fashion, looks great, fits to every outfit. It can afford a lady of any age and social status. Good shows what it looks like shellac on the legs, photo. Design can be a classic or very unusual.

Shellac on his feet: photo design

Before you apply the coating itself, the nails need to degrease and apply to them the base, which is heard in the UV lamp. Then nails are covered by primary color gel varnish. Usually chosen dull shades of pink. If you want to coat different from the classics, you can choose any one you like color. To shellac kept on his feet for a long time, it should be applied in two layers, each of them prosushivaya in the lamp. When applying a gel is important to apply the varnish on the entire nail, including the side. This reliably protect the nail plate.

"Smile" is usually drawn with white color using a stencil to strip turned flat and neat. Sufficient to apply only one coating layer. the free edge region can be isolated completely different color. It all depends on the mood and desires.

colors Game

Pedicure must be not only accurate, but also fashionable. In the current year we crossed many trends from the past, including the pastel color palette with minimal design. The coldest time of year-to-date colors are black, blue, emerald green, red. In summer, the trend will be lemon, lavender, orange, blue.

If you do not like the monotonous shellac on the legs, the design can vary by several cover colors. Each nail on the leg can be made of the same color.

Blazing precious stones

Stones are the most simple, yet effective way to transform any pedicure. They can be placed in a smile in jacket. But it is also suitable for putting some decorative pattern. Those who want to nail gleaming, may inlay one or all of the toenails. Of course, this is to give the decoration of tights and stockings.

Shellac on his feet: photo design

But it is important that the stones were scattered haphazardly nail, they must be a certain pattern. Crystals can lay out well or an empty track according to one of the edges of the nail. At the same time used in the decoration can not only clear crystals and stones in the fashion completely different colors.

The metal, mirror and "broken glass"

Such variants of decorating the nails are also very relevant. The pedicure is most often decorated with a thumb nail, as the rest have a very modest size.

Do not neglect the foil, mica and stickers with different pictures shiny metallic shade. In addition to standard and conventional silver and gold metal is quite relevant is blue. It looks great foil, which is laid out free edge. The color of the coating and foil may overlap.

Shellac is an excellent solution for a pedicure. On the whole procedure will need to spend about 2, 5 hours, but the result is worth it.