Sebastian Vettel, Formula One racer: biography, personal life, sports achievements

The award-winning racer from Germany's Sebastian Vettel has earned a reputation as one of the most secretive men in motorsport. He carefully hides from prying eyes, and his personal life as far as possible avoids interviews.

Sebastian Vettel biography

Sebastian was born on July 3, 1987 in Germany, in the town of Heppenheim. He has two older sisters and a brother. the boy's father's main passion was racing, and a passion for this type of racing is inherited Sebastian and one of his sisters. Another sister of the future racer showed serious interest in equestrian sport.

Sebastian Vettel has not yet reached the age of four, when his father put his sports cards. In the next 5 years the driver has traveled around the kart track, and when he was 8 years old, Sebastian began racing mini-class.

Due to lack of funds in the family of Sebastian Vettel's talent could not find a proper application, if fate had not sent him to meet with the great German racing driver Michael Schumacher. One day, attending the races as a guest, he drew attention to the talented boy and learned about his financial difficulties. Schumacher decided to help Sebastian and give him sponsorship.

Sebastian Vettel is already 8 years old he began to engage in professional motorsport. Two years later, he became the object of great interest of spectators and team managers. It is mainly influenced by the fact that the young rider won a victory in almost all the races in which participated, and not support Schumacher.

In childhood Sebastian he dreamed of becoming a singer, but due to lack of vocal never realized his dream.

Sebastian Vettel, Formula One racer: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Career Development

Sebastian began to take part in the race since 1995. His career in karting developed rapidly.

By 2002 Sebastian Vettel has won a large number of prizes and awards in the form of motor sport, he became the champion of his country and of Europe among juniors. In 2003, he began to speak to machines with open wheel and won the German title "Formula BMW".

Sebastian Vettel, Formula One racer: biography, personal life, sports achievements

In 2005, the German racer took part in the Euroseries "Formula 3" and at the end of the season has won the fifth place. He received the title of "Rookie of the Year." In the season-2006Cebastyan he won second place.

"Formula-1": the way from the opening to the triumph of

Brilliant Career German driver Vettel in the "Formula 1" began in 2006 when he made his debut as a reserve driver for the Grand Prix of Turkey. Subsequently, as a substitute injured main pilot, he is in the race for the Grand Prix in the United States in 2007, crossed the finish line eighth.

After that, the driver Sebastian Vettel became an advocate for the Italian team Toro Rosso, and a race in China it has already crossed the finish line in fourth place.

In 2009, Vettel became an advocate for the team Red Bull and at the end of the season ranked second.

The rise in the career of

Next four years, the German rider has always bent under prestigious avtoversiya "Formula 1". Sebastian Vettel had the championship trophy four times, according to the tradition of raising her trophy above his head.

In 2010, he became the youngest winner in the history of "Formula 1". Sebastian Vettel was named the best athlete of the year in his country.

In 2011 he repeated his success, having visited 11 times on the podium.

In 2012, the racer was one step away from failure. He did not pass the dam at the final stage, almost damaged his car, but was in last place, he was able to heroically fight back and become a winner for the third time. In 2013 Sebastian Vettel won for the fourth time winner of the title of "Formula 1".

In 2014, significant changes undergone the competition regulations, and the dominance of Sebastian Vettel and his team ended. Not having a single victory of the season, German driver finished only sixth place.

In 2015, Sebastian has replaced the team by signing a contract with Ferrari for three years. In the season of 2015 he was in third place in the standings.

Sebastian Vettel, Formula One racer: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Interesting facts from the life of the rider

Sebastian is among the youngest racers, "Formula 1", which have been fined during the competition. When leaving he has not pressed a button that serves as the car speed limiter, and earned a penalty of $ 1,000.

In 2006, taking part in the race on Belgian soil, Sebastian Vettel had an accident, but contrary to the predictions of experts took part in the next stage.

Brave German racer is afraid of mice.

In childhood Sebastian traded at auction on the internet Karting things his father.

Vettel is a superstitious man. Once in an interview with Sebastian he said that if he is crossing the road a black cat, it will look the other way.

In 2007, the driver bought a house in Zurich and began to live in Switzerland.

Sebastian Vettel personal life

The award-winning racing driver loves to have fun with friends at leisure. Surrounded by loved ones Sebastian cleverly parodies celebrities. Great sense of humor allows him to be the soul of any company. Also, he is not indifferent to the music of the seventies, which prefers to listen to conventional vinyl records.

Sebastian Vettel, Formula One racer: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Sebastian Vettel during the break between the races often goes for a few days hiking in the scenic. Driver leads a healthy lifestyle, but because of bad habits is only a weakness for a variety of sweets. He prefers active recreation, enjoys swimming and playing badminton, snowboarding. Sebastian does not like to advertise my personal life, but for a long time, his heart belongs to Hanna Prater, with which he is familiar with the school years.

Sebastian Vettel, Formula One racer: biography, personal life, sports achievements

They started dating immediately after graduating from high school, but rarely appear together in public places and put their feelings show.

Lovers still not officially registered their relationship, but have already managed to give birth to two children. Sebastian and his girlfriend Hannah are the parents of two daughters: Emily, was born in 2014, and Matilda, who was born in 2015.

Hanna Prater, who had been educated in the field of design, to delivery has sought to build a career in the fashion industry. Elegant blonde showed his impeccable taste during infrequent publication.

Sebastian Vettel is fully endowed with the professional qualities of a racing driver: the ability to take risks, rapid response, confidence in their own abilities, mental and physical endurance, and many others. German rider had a distinguished career in motorsports and is not going to stop there.