Pink jacket: description, master class

Timeless and universal pink jacket never goes out of fashion. Playing with colors and properly placing the emphasis, using a variety of decorative elements in its design, it is possible not only to drive one crazy friends, but also to realize the most daring ideas.

Pink jacket: description, master class

How did the fashion trend

Each master knows what needs to be done to ensure that the French manicure was persistent and smooth. Most of them believes that he does a girl really elegant, and yet he appeared in Hollywood.

Where big-name stars have to change outfits for shows several times a day, for each of which it was necessary to choose a hairstyle and manicure, which was not an easy task. And Jeff Pink, the main expert on nails while, on reflection, decided to create a universal design in the form of well-groomed natural marigold with a white smile at the end.


Now the trend of soft pink, milk, cream, cream, beige shades in manicure. Pink jacket combines them in himself and so is now at the peak of popularity. This is the easiest way to give your nails a stylish and well-groomed appearance, and any fashionista quite successfully cope with it yourself at home.

A manicure look equally well on marigold any shape and length, especially if the pick up more delicate scale shades of pink to him.

Pink jacket: description, master class

Options Design

Neat and tidy pink coat on nails decorate hands, making them soft and subtle. In addition, this design is equally good both for very young girls, and for women aged.

The classic version of this manicure in itself looks stylish: it looks a winner on all hands, makes the nail plate visually smooth, even and healthy. What can I say about the additional details that can make such a manicure a unique beauty and originality.

Pros French manicure

The usual classic version of the French manicure is no surprise. Fashionable pink jacket involves a combination of several colors, often contrasting and bright. Thus, the tip can be made rich pink or even black, and as a basis to take gentle light color.

  1. In modern variants jacket can give full freedom to your imagination - applying the stones, crystals, beads and other decorations.
  2. Manicure in such shades immediately make its possessor a truly secular glamorous lady.
  3. The focus can be done only on a few nails, it will not overload the overall picture of the decor and manicured absolutely universal.
  4. suitable for all age and all varieties of nails, perfectly compatible with both the everyday wardrobe, and with bright outfits for the occasion.

Pink jacket: description, master class

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Optimal combination of a speed of execution, the quality of the result and the duration of its socks pink gel coat lacquers. Such coating selects most women, for the following reasons:

  • dries quickly in the UV lamp, do not need to sit and wait;
  • your natural nail is not zapilivaetsya;
  • is completely absent unpleasant odor;
  • procedure itself, if you have a good master and lasts a maximum of an hour.

Preparation of nails and hands

Many do not understand why some masters of manicure lasts for a month, and others in a week starts to crack and chip. All the matter in the proper preparation of marigold before the procedure applying gel nail.

  1. First you need to completely get rid of old coatings well wash your hands and dry them.
  2. skilled craftsmen necessarily disinfect the hands of the client with the help of special tools to work with the cuticle, and if necessary, make and manicure, as it will facilitate his task and pink coat on your nails will stay perfect.
  3. The next step is the nail using the nail file to shape, clear it and bufikom necessarily degreased. It is important not to touch after degreasing the nail plate with your fingers.
  4. Apply the primer for better adhesion with nail varnish and make sure the basic coverage, which is maintained in the lamp for 2-3 minutes.

Pink jacket: description, master class

Let's create smiles

Pre-pick range of colors, which will be executed manicure "pink jacket". To base it is recommended to stay in the pastel and gentle tones, and the edge of the nail can be made bright.

  1. Apply foundation, translucent or milky beige, make it mandatory in two thin layers on different hands alternately, and drying them in the lamp.
  2. Select gel varnish makes a beautiful smile line. Here opinions diverge masters, someone is convenient to do it with a thin brush, others are ordinary brush from the bottle, and it is recommended for beginners craftswomen apply special stencils. This is the most important part in this manicure: it was she who defines his overall style. Try to make a black and pink jacket. Contrast and bright manicure - the most popular trend this year.
  3. If the smile and received the same level on each claw can handle their top and degrease. At the end do not forget the oil for cuticles. It will make a pink jacket neat and beautiful.