Maroon lipstick: to whom accept the rules applying

Maroon lipstick for the past several years has been in the trend. Millions of women to help her make her way fascinating, attractive and seductive. If properly taken into account all the features of the shade, the correct accents, this color can be used without exception: and brunettes and blondes, redheads and even the fair sex.

Maroon lipstick: to whom accept the rules applying

Suitable for maroon lipstick?

"Bordeaux" - a very specific color. Therefore, it is not for everyone. To get a really good result, you need to use this shade correctly. Suitable maroon lipstick to those who:

  • Soft Skin. Any flaws in it should be absent. Otherwise, even the most minor redness will be marked conspicuously on the face.
  • The perfect teeth. Favorably with burgundy lipstick will look white smile. If your teeth are yellow, then it will be even more emphasized.
  • Mid and full lips. After burgundy hue visually makes them somewhat thinner.

Today lipstick colors "Bordeaux" - is relevant and fashionable. Better to paint her lips if planned holiday or a party. During the day it is better to abandon it or replace the lipstick to shine.

Maroon lipstick: to whom accept the rules applying


You can use a variety of shades of burgundy lipstick. Dark options allow you to create a bold and bright image, bright colors suitable for a modest daily makeup. Today in the trend:

  • maroon lipstick. It should choose very carefully. The more dark skin, the darker shade can be bought. One such lipstick is enough to get an extraordinary image of femme fatale. It is ideal for parties, fashion shows. And most importantly - do not need to spend a lot of time to create it.
  • Maroon lipstick, matte texture - one of the most popular options. It is not a glamorous shine. On the contrary, it makes it looks expensive, luxurious and noble.
  • The red-burgundy hue choosing bright and bold woman. He gives the image of mystery.
  • Light "Bordeaux" - a good option for women who have a light skin tone. Muffled and soft color of this lipstick will emphasize the line of the lips. "Translucent" discreet option is suitable for daily daytime makeup.
Maroon lipstick: to whom accept the rules applying

What do others?

Maroon lipstick today, many associated with women in the style of "vamp", or a fatal beauty. Usually, they are all - brunette. This stereotype is slowly moving away.

Now all women, without exception, can be used in its make-up maroon lipstick. This color will give a unique charm. Muted shades - for any occasion, the bright and dark colors - for publication.

Maroon lipstick should be in the beautician every self-respecting girls and women. After all, she looks sexy looker men and always adds a luxury image.

Maroon lipstick: to whom accept the rules applying

The right makeup with burgundy lipstick

Applying make-up with burgundy lipstick requires adherence to a few simple rules:

  1. Do not strike the eye, the more do the arrow. The best option for the eyes - blond shade. And the eyelashes desirable to apply a small amount of ink. After all, the whole emphasis is on the eyes.
  2. I would like to add a spark of view? Then come to the aid pearlescent shade. They need to put a small amount on the upper eyelid. At the same lipstick necessarily have shine.
  3. If you make with burgundy lipstick will be the evening, the emphasis can be placed not only on the lips, but also the eye. In this case, too vulgar image is not worth doing. To this did not happen, you need to remember about the measure.
  4. When applying maroon lipstick, you must be sure to use a lip pencil. It will help to create a clear and smooth contour, adjust the shape.
  5. Stylists recommend the following combinations with purple: pearl, silver, white or gray.
  6. Do not forget the blush. They should have a similar shade of lipstick. If it will be pink blush, the makeup will look quite challenging.

Before using lipstick need to create a path. Only then applied to the basic tone of several layers. During the day, you need to watch out for your skin. It should not become a brilliant, lose its appearance.

Maroon lipstick: to whom accept the rules applying

Features matte burgundy lipstick

If maroon lipstick matte, then there are a few nuances that should definitely be taken into account in the make-up:

  1. The facial skin must be perfect. Therefore, you need to take care of it, and to use special leveling tonal resources when applying makeup.
  2. Before applying maroon lipstick, want to apply a special scrub and then moisturize the lips. This contributes to a more even color.
  3. It is necessary to try not to overdo it with color. If it was more crowded than I want to, you can use the touch-tone means that simply applied over lipstick.
  4. Apply maroon lipstick to properly. This process takes place in several stages. The first layer must be thick. It must be careful to drive into the skin with your fingers. Excess tissue can be removed by gently blotting the lips. The second layer is applied with a brush. This will help make the most of a clear path.

the MAC

Maroon lipstick is in the range of virtually every well-known brand. They differ only in durability, color saturation, as well as price. Very popular maroon lipstick MAC firm. There are several shades:

  • Chilli.
  • Capricious.
  • Impassionated.
  • Darkside.
  • Hotgossip.

Unusual colors are in brand Chanel collection. Among them, the most daring is called Pirate. Another option - a fascinating and bewitching Palpitante.

Maroon lipstick: to whom accept the rules applying

L'Oreal, Avon, Revlon, YSL

Maroon lipstick is in the collection "Exclusive pure red" by L'Oreal. Four different color "bordeaux" come into it. Of these, there are the busiest J Lo.

Good value for money in lipstick "Ultra" from Avon. In contact with skin the color of it becomes brighter and more saturated. In addition to the decorative function of such a lipstick and more caring for the lips, thanks to shea butter and vitamin E, which includes in its composition.

Matte Lipstick by Revlon in its collection also has a burgundy hue. The texture of the lipstick perfectly distributed on the surface of the lips, and not rolled during the day. It keeps for at least 4 hours. Then it needs to be re-upgraded. Maroon lipstick Rouge Volupte from YSL is worth a little more than 1000 rubles. It has a pearly sheen, lies well to the lips and highlights the shape and contour.

Another representative of burgundy lipstick - Perfect Matte from Revlon with a soft texture. It refers to the moisturizing and media's Skin. It has a pleasant aroma. To get rich hue, it is recommended to apply 2-3 coats.

There are shades of burgundy lipstick and in the collections of other brands: "Yves Rocher", "Tom Ford", "Meybelin", etc. Every woman has the opportunity to choose the option that is ideal for her tone, tsvetotipu and price.. And if it is also a right to use, you can make the perfect makeup for any occasion: at least for an evening out, at least for one day.