Protein BSN Syntha 6: instruction and composition

American product BSN Syntha 6 is a cult item among sports nutrition enthusiasts. It combines several varieties of proteins, which are differentially absorbed in the body that contributes to the anabolic and anti-catabolic functions. Purpose of the complex is the possibility of both muscles with amino acids can be provided for longer, ensuring their rapid growth and recovery.

Protein BSN Syntha 6: instruction and composition


BSN Syntha 6 is considered to be a new generation of protein complex, which has long been on the first position in the ranking of the best multi-nutritional supplements designed for athletes. A huge thank him went through the content as much as six varieties of protein, as well as powerful a prolonged effect on the human body. Because of the complex of amino acids of formula peak occurs in about half an hour after administration, and maintained for 6-7 hours.

In addition, a protein complex of this type has a pleasant taste, which like all consumers. This fact can boast not every complex of muscles, thereby Protein BSN Syntha 6 is also rapidly gaining popularity.

The product dissolves quickly enough in the use of it is always pleasant, and discomfort in the digestive system is not even in cases when a person has problems with the stomach, intestines and so on.

Protein BSN Syntha 6: instruction and composition

BSN Syntha 6 has a unique formula, and is indispensable for the most rapid and more effective set both general and lean muscle mass. In addition, this protein complex is necessarily present in the diet of many famous athletes, since it is possible to achieve rapid muscle recovery after heavy workouts much faster.


In addition to basic information about the BSN Syntha 6, should consider more deeply the composition of the product and to understand what is its key feature and the main feature. First of all I must say that in the additive contains the following six types of protein:

  1. Egg albumin.
  2. calcium caseinate.
  3. micellar casein.
  4. milk protein isolate.
  5. Whey Protein Concentrate.
  6. Whey protein.

As mentioned earlier in this article, each of these proteins has a personal assimilation rate. Much faster than other isolates and concentrates are processed, but the slowest is calcium caseinate. It is with such a composition athlete can achieve your most cherished goals in a short period of time.

Protein BSN Syntha 6: instruction and composition

In addition to the six proteins in the complex also contains the following components:

  • BCAA - leading a triple amino acids (isoleucine, valine, leucine), which is designed to form the muscle fibers;
  • papain and bromelain - special enzymes that contribute to accelerated digestion of protein entering the human body and ensure complete absorption and settling volume of protein in muscle fibers;
  • dietary fiber - is a reliable assistant in the digestion of food, by means of which the human digestive tract to cope more quickly with the task assigned to him;
  • medium chain triglycerides and fatty acids - components operating power source function and contributing to improvement of appetite;
  • glutamine peptides - a separate form of amino acids, which is directly involved in strengthening the immune system, as well as the growth of muscles.

Now, the final composition, and it looks like should be marked as follows:

  • 6 protein types;
  • sunflower powder;
  • lecithin;
  • vegetable dyes;
  • glutamine peptides;
  • flavoring;
  • skimmed milk powder;
  • silica;
  • medium-chain triglycerides.

The contents per serving (44 grams) BSN Syntha 6 (2000 calories):

  • 22 g of protein;
  • 54 kcal from fat;
  • 220 mg of sodium;
  • 170 mg of potassium;
  • 90 mg of phosphorus;
  • 15 g carbohydrate;
  • 6 g cholesterol.


After reviewing the features of the composition should pay attention to a number of advantages that has not every product of this type. The main advantages:

  • different types of proteins, different varying degrees of assimilation;
  • improve the quality of anabolic processes;
  • long-term effect of the complex;
  • rapid recovery of muscles.

Suitable for

Since this protein complex is universal, it is permitted to use such categories of athletes:

  1. Members. Novice sportsmen, making only the first steps in bodybuilding used specifically as an additive to increase thrust. The action of the complex to accelerate muscle growth, as well as the accumulation of the required weight. A distinguishing feature of application of additive in this category of athletes is the fact that the complex is recommended for both men and women (although some other protein complexes are prohibited from taking women initially). This product is ideal for sports, as well as the most common additives that can be used for people who lead an active life and adhere to the rules of healthy eating.
  2. Experienced athletes that use complex for the purpose of weight gain. As professionals is not required to push growth, they apply additive solely to cover the needs of the organism and its saturation with a sufficient amount of protein.


Based on the popularity of that in a short time managed to score Protein BSN Syntha 6, which reviews only found good, the manufacturer released a line of good taste. Due to this fact the consumer is no problem to change the palatability even until they ceased to please him.

Protein BSN Syntha 6: instruction and composition

So, the standard supplement is marketed with such flavors:

  • chocolate;
  • pastry cream;
  • Strawberry;
  • vanilla;
  • vanilla-cake;
  • mokkachino;
  • banana;
  • peanut butter.

combination with other additives

In just a few years of use of the product we found out that it without problems can be combined with any other sports nutrition. The best result can be achieved if you combine Cinta 6 with creatine, predtrenikami, BCAAs and similar elements.

Subtleties receiving

By combining the complex with any other additives, do not forget about the correct use, otherwise you will get only the deterioration of health and the gradual loss of the desire to play sports instead of elegant muscular body.

In order to get the most good result, you need to take a protein complex in accordance with certain recommendations, which are divided into separate rules for men and women.

Thus, the stronger sex should follow these tips:

  1. The dosage should not exceed two scoops.
  2. The volume of the beverage should be from 200 to 400 milliliters. As the beverage is allowed to use not only ordinary water, but also juice or milk. Change volume can be to change the palatability.
  3. Daily amount in any event not more than 4 pieces (number of used portions considered depending on the purpose).
  4. to take supplements is possible even during the day, if there is a need to cover the deficit of protein, that is, when it is not possible to make a normal snack.
Protein BSN Syntha 6: instruction and composition

For Her recommendations are slightly different:

  1. The dosage of not more than one measuring spoon.
  2. to the volume and type of beverage, such as advice, as well as for men.
  3. The daily rate, depending on the purpose, should not exceed two servings.
  4. It is also recommended to use the complex in the absence of opportunities to take some food, in order to cover the deficit of protein.

BSN Syntha 6 Isolate

Slightly modified product, which is a protein mixture latest ultra-premium, which consists of 100% of the protein isolate is rapidly gaining popularity, in spite of the fact that the standard version is more preferred.

Due to the unique mixture of the protein formula guaranteed to provide gradual exit of amino acids, as well as muscle powered by a combination of different protein absorption. By drinking a mixture of the human body goes fast utilizable whey protein, casein and amino acids being phased, whereby a unique cocktail and is considered the best way to restore strength and energy after the heaviest loads.

BSN Syntha 6 Edge An

Another modification of the standard set of 6 different Cinta improved structure that allows more to stimulate muscle growth without excess fat. The first difference from the first version - the increase in the amount of protein to 2 grams (instead of 22 grams is now 24). But the size of the whole portion, conversely, decreased for 8 grams, which is indicative of the fact that there is a greater percentage of saturation protein mixture.

Protein BSN Syntha 6: instruction and composition

In addition to the composition has also changed and tastes. Now along with the traditional (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, cookies, cream) is a new flavor - salted caramel.

Where and for how much you can buy

Buy additive can be both on the Internet and in specialist retailers. As a rule, people make orders through the Internet, as usual stores are present not in every city, and the cost of them is slightly different.

Complex price varies depending on the volume of the mixture. That is the approximate value is as follows:

  1. Protein Complex (1320 grams) - about 2500 rubles.
  2. BSN Syntha 6 (2270 grams) - about 3800 rubles.
  3. Protein Blend (4540 grams) - from 6600 rubles.
Protein BSN Syntha 6: instruction and composition


BSN Syntha 6 reviews has exceptionally good, as no flaws, this complex does not have the negative effect does not. Both novice and experienced athletes who took part in many competitions, claim that the product perfectly fulfills its function. It not only nourishes the muscle protein, but also gives a person energy.

Even people who are far from the sport, it is still sometimes used in the complex. They say that after taking a noticeable improvement and tyagya for new challenges.