Boxer Floyd Patterson: biography and career

Boxing - one of the most popular sports. He was born a long time, but finally formed only in the 20th century. It was then that began to appear first legendary fighters who have forever changed the usual look at the sport and became idols of millions. Often they had to risk their health for the sake of victory, and laid out a hundred percent, leaving the ring last strength. And one of the best fighters of the last century, no doubt, can rightly be regarded as Floyd Patterson. What do we know about this man? How he managed to achieve success? Floyd Patterson growth was 183 cm swing arms - 180 cm optimum weight:. 85-87 kg.. But to become a great boxer helped him not these parameters. However, let us all in order.

Boxer Floyd Patterson: biography and career

The Early Years

What we can tell his autobiography? Floyd Patterson was born on January 4, 1935 in a modest village, located far from major cities. The family of the future fighter was extremely poor. That is why Floyd from an early age was forced just to achieve on their own. Father Floyd was the simple laborer, and his mother took work home. Their wages can hardly be called acceptable. Patterson barely make ends meet. After just a year after the birth of Floyd's family decided to move to a much larger city, hoping to establish their financial situation. As a result, their choice fell on Brooklyn. But the move did not much help the family. Even despite the fact that there they were able to find a better paying job, the rent for accommodation in Brooklyn was much higher. This led to the fact that Patterson regularly moved from place to place, trying to find the best for your wallet option.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Floyd also had two brothers. They all lived in the cramped rooms and sometimes even slept on the floor because the bed was not enough. Subsequently, the champion will often remember those uneasy times, hardened his character. To feed so many mouths already middle-aged father was extremely difficult, but he tried not to give up and took on any work. He managed to get a builder, a longshoreman, docker, and so on. etc. for several years. Sometimes Thomas Patterson was forced to work around the clock. This, of course, affected his health. All this seriously affected the young Floyd, who even felt an acute shortage of finances of the family. Unlike its peers, the boy was forced to walk in rags, and there is not very pleasant to the taste of food, saving on everything. Floyd often says in his autobiography that he felt boarder in those years.

Boxer Floyd Patterson: biography and career

a life of crime future champion

Given the fact that Floyd lived far from the most favorable quarter, it is not surprising that one day he was forced to choose is not the most honest way to earn money. Brooklyn, famous for the huge number of young offenders, which eventually joined Floyd. However, he did so only in order to help their parents. All the money he brought his beloved mother, to somehow improve the financial situation of the family. So the criminal period in the life of a boxer in fact can be considered forced. All this often leads to problems with the police.

But even so, Floyd was quite modest and diffident teenager. Many noted that it is other people. boy and often skipped school. This led to the fact that his parents transferred him to a special school, where he first became aware of the importance of study for his later life. As an ambitious teenager who dreams of making lots of money, the next competitor is taken for the mind.

Boxer Floyd Patterson: biography and career

Home sports career

He was strong enough and tall young man, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that Floyd as their main hobbies life decided to choose sport. Initially, he worked in for swimming, what has made great success. But then his attention is focused on boxing. This sport is immediately struck by a young boy. Then Floyd realized who he wants to be. As a result, his first mentor becomes a school physical education teacher. It was his later champion will thank for its success. After all, if once he saw the guy in the talent, it is unlikely that the world would know about Floyd as a professional boxer.

The meeting with D'Amato

Subsequently, the hero of this article returned to his hometown, where he continued his training. It is in the Hall of Gramercy Park in the end and there was that the most famous meeting Patterson and D'Amato. He also devoted his whole life to boxing. And despite the fact that many associate it with Mike Tyson for the first time fame came to him because of Patterson. As a result, he could see the talent in the young soldier and took up his training. That's when Floyd was able to create his own unique style that made him famous all over the world. Novice fighter became fully devote himself to boxing and I was sure that sooner or later he will be able to become famous.

Boxer Floyd Patterson: biography and career

The first notable success in the career of

Floyd Patterson - boxer, whose biography is of interest to all fans of boxing - at the age of fifteen, took part in a fairly prestigious tournament called the "Golden Glove". In the first match he sensationally won by knockout in the second round. However, the next battle lost. he managed to win the tournament after one year. In the same year he wins in New Jersey. The young boxer starting to pay attention to many well-known people working in the field of boxing.

Despite her young age, Patterson dreamed to move into the ranks of professionals. However, his coach was against such a hasty decision. He thought of his ward are still too young for such a drastic step and offered Floyd first to take part in the Olympics. Boxer agrees and together with a team of athletes sent to a distant town called Helsinki. Then he left for the first time outside of his native country.

And who would have thought that this performance will be a triumph for him. For the gold medal Patterson had to bypass four opponents. And each one of them he could win, sending a knockout. And some of it was putting the ring back in the first round. Some fans even jokingly said: "We love what you do in the ring, but your matches last for too little time." As a result, Floyd became the youngest Olympic champion in his time. A few years ago, he was an unknown difficult teenager, but now it is - one of the most promising fighters in the world.

Boxer Floyd Patterson: biography and career

The transition to professional stan

A year later, the boxer could become a full-fledged professional fighter. Floyd Patterson, a photo of which are presented to the reader in the article, began to take part in major battles. Boxer scored one victory after another, improving their skills. Perhaps this is due to the change of coach. Now, Patterson worked Florin Dan, who at that time was considered one of the best in the business.

As a result, he was able to win over twenty wins in a row. Despite the fact that Floyd was considered a light heavyweight, once the coach wishes to speak for the world heavyweight title. Enough bold statement. Many had serious doubts about the fact that high-speed, but poorly kept hitting Patterson can withstand the battle with reigning champion. But, despite this, in 1956 it was included among the six contenders for the title. In the end, he managed to become the youngest ever heavyweight champion. At that time, the boxer was only twenty-two years. So that the transition to the ranks of heavyweights may be considered very successful.

The fight with Sonny Liston

Fast forward a few years to come. Patterson continues to hold the title and be the darling of the public. Soon, however, there is a new promising fighter named Sonny Liston, who managed to frighten many people, even the most experienced boxers on the way to the title. Between Floyd and Sonny took extremely long and hard fight, in which Liston wins the championship at Patterson. Only the legendary Muhammad Ali managed to find a way to overcome this fighter.

Boxer Floyd Patterson: biography and career

Meeting with Muhammad Ali

A year later, Patterson met in the ring with one of the greatest fighters in history - Muhammad Ali. At that time, Ali was the champion and one of the best boxers in the world. As a result, despite the stubborn fight, Floyd was defeated in the twelfth round. The next time the boxers meet in the ring just seven years later. But then Floyd is also waiting for a failure. Despite the black band in his career, he is no longer the youngest boxer continued to hope that sooner or later he would still be able to regain the championship. But ... Despite a number of victories, Tridtsatisemiletny boxer still decided to hang up gloves on a nail. And I walked to the end of a brilliant career of Floyd Patterson.

Floyd Patterson: personal life

Floyd was an adopted son. He also had a serious passion for boxing. Tracy Harris tried to be like his legendary father and eventually followed in his footsteps. He performed mainly in the nineties and was even able to win the title. His career also can be considered quite successful, despite the fact that his father's achievements could not beat Tracy.

Boxer Floyd Patterson: biography and career


In the last years of his life Patterson was suffering from a serious disease of Alzheimer's and prostate cancer. This greatly affected his physical condition. Some years the former champion was trying to overcome the disease, but she was stronger. Floyd died in 2006 at age 71. It happened at his home, located in New York. Former champion was buried in the local cemetery.

Floyd Patterson: interesting facts from the life of

  • As a child, Floyd suffered from sleepwalking.
  • As a teenager once stole several dresses for her mother. As a result, the boy was detained by police.
  • Despite the fact that Floyd is seriously engaged in professional sports, he is from a young age was a heavy smoker. Favorite brand of boxer cigarettes - Camel.
  • In contrast to many other boxers, Patterson was extremely polite towards their opponents. As a result, he was nicknamed "The Gentleman of professional boxing."
  • Many professional analysts attributed losses and downs in his career Floyd with a fairly modest weight boxer, compared to other heavyweights.