How to sew a costume elf?

Masquerade is always popular with the children, because they love to dress up in costumes of fairy creatures and beloved characters. But whereas they were all bunnies or musketeers, now children have new and interesting characters. Thus, the very popular elf costume and make this your own hands is a snap.

Who are the elves

This fabulous creatures inhabiting, according to mythology, the whole of Europe. They have a very complex character, and in many countries they are treated differently. Yet they are called spirits of the forest, so often painted image of an elf in a green dress. A characteristic feature of this character - long ears. Another attribute Elf - wings, and often he has a bow and arrow or other weapon.

There is another image of an elf associated with the world of fantasy. Vividly these creatures are represented in the works of Tolkien. These elves - not funny green men. They are blonde and beautiful, have the likeness of a man. However, they share details such as the long ears, wings and some kind of militancy.

There are elves and Christmas - little helpers of Santa Claus. They help him distribute gifts, and their costumes must necessarily be a mixture of red and green colors.

How to sew a costume elf?

All these characters are perfect for creating a children's carnival costumes with their hands out of scrap vehicles.

elf costume of fantasy

Female characters have long white hair, flowing translucent clothes and long coats. Recall, for example, Arwen from "Lord of the Rings." The basis of this suit for girls will be a long flowing gown of satin or organza. You can buy ready-made, but its main feature - a long flared sleeves down, resembling wings. Therefore it is better make a dress yourself. You can use any pattern, only lengthening sleeves line and expanding it so as to obtain a beautiful folds.

How to sew a costume elf?

Add your surroundings will help cloak. Sew it can be from a light satin or satin fabric. Buy the segment sufficient length and width, draw the pattern on it (just round the bottom corners and narrow the upper part, to cloak it was convenient to tie around the neck). Next treat the edge of the fabric and sew the top strings.

Hairstyle of the flowing hair and braids, braided at the back, support the image of a beautiful elf.

Male image also easily embodied in an elf costume. Photos characters of the film "The Lord of the Rings" will help create an image of, for example, the elf Legolas. He was dressed in dark clothes and a raincoat, has bow and arrows. The basis for the suit can become a black pants. you can sew or use a black tunic elongated T-shirt from black satin fabric. Also, the image of a warrior to help create parts that simulate leather armor, such as sleeves. They can be made out of two pieces of dense artificial leather or glue of thick brown cardboard. Do not forget to draw the patterns on them with a marker.

How to sew a costume elf?

To add an elf suit with their own hands can a wide leather belt with a large buckle and a raincoat. Cloak of dark satin is sewn in the same way as for the girls. It remains only to buy or make a toy bow.

Forest Elf Costume

Small spirits of the forest, according to legend, dressed in green clothes with leaves in funny shoes with rounded toes and caps.

Sew tunic of green fabric can be alone, but the easiest way to buy a large green T-shirt. On the hem of T-shirt draw a zigzag and cut it to simulate a ragged edge. Tunic belted with string or a belt can be made of green tissue. Under a girl t-shirt can be worn tight green tights and a boy - green shorts or leggings.

How to sew a costume elf?

In order to make a pointed hat, buy a thick green felt or felt. 6 cut therefrom identical triangles and sew them together along the long sides. By the end caps can sew a bell.

The outfit Christmas elf

These particular Elves - Santa's helpers. In those days, when he was not yet the reindeer, Santa helped deliver gifts gnomes and elves. This suit is similar to the previous one, but there are a lot of red and white colors, because of them get a real Christmas elf costume.

How to sew a costume elf?

green tunic for this costume can be made of t-shirts, as in the previous version, but you can make it. Since this outfit for the New Year, you can make it warmer. For biased red turtleneck or longsliv in white and red stripes and a green vest. It can sew the green jersey. Fold the segment of fabric and attach the child's shirt. Circle and contour cut. Sew side and shoulder seams t-shirts, and skirts cut zigzag. Put the jacket on a turtleneck.

Downstairs you can use red or striped tights, leggings or pants, and preparing an elf costume for girls, you can choose bright and fluffy red skirt.

Elf Prince

This figure comes from the fairy tale "Thumbelina", and it is perfect for carnivals and festivals in kindergarten. Elf costume for a boy is a doublet and breeches of green satin, wings and crown indispensable. Make all this possible with their own hands.

The basis of the suit can be a white shirt and white tights. Green satin need to make the most simple shorts, but a bit more than those that bears your child. Belt and trouser leg will need to gather at the gum simulating breeches. In the same green fabric can make a simple vest with zip. If the buttons to select large and shiny, it turns like a real coat. The wings can be purchased ready-made or make them yourself, as well as the crown.

Elf Weapons

In addition to clothing, the similarity of the image gives the details. In the case of an elf-boy is a bow and arrow or a knife on his belt. The classic images of elves weapons have even innocuous forest spirits.

Bow and arrow, you can buy ready-made in a toy store, and you can make them yourself. The easiest way to make it out of wood, not too thick, but flexible stick. At its ends to do notches for which will cling to the bowstring.

How to sew a costume elf?

Abut stick in half and tie the string to one end of the string. Pulling it out, bend the arc of a stick and tie the rope to the other end of the segment. For the arrows can be used thin straight branches or plastic sticks on the type of those which are put on the balloons. Only not to hurt anyone, on the tips of the strips of glue pieces of foam.

It remains to make the quiver. Of dark green thick fabric, e.g., felt or plaschevki, sew the tube. Vykroyte of the same fabric circle diameter equal to the pipe outlet, plus 2 centimeters at the seams. Sew the bottom to the tube and remove the quiver. Sew the ribbon to it, by which it can be worn behind.

If you do not want to spend so much time on the onions, cut out of cardboard large knife handle color brown paint and a silver blade and plug his costume belt.

How to make the wings of

One of the attributes that should be an elf costume - wings. Sometimes you can do without them, as is the case with fantasy characters, but sometimes they are essential, such as the Prince of the Elves. Of course, you can buy ready-made wings, but sometimes it's better to make their own hands. For the wings need Wire and children's nylon tights desired color. Wire frame make the two wings of the desired shape and size. Over each wing nylon pull and tie knot. Tie wings together. They can be sewn to the back of the suit or make removable straps.

How do elven ears

Another indispensable attribute of an elf - ears, pull up. Make pads on the ears is not difficult, as long as they do not interfere with the child and is well kept on the head.

How to sew a costume elf?

The easiest way to make them out of cardboard and glue on the rim. For boys, you can look black bezel and hide it in her hair. A little more complicated, but more realistic three-dimensional look ears of papier-mache. To begin, make a foil base, giving it the shape of a pointed ear. Next obkleyte foil pieces of tissue or toilet paper for papier-mache. The finished basis zatoniruyte paints under the skin color and glue the tabs to the rim.