How to dress to look longer legs? Tips and tricks

The girls of short stature often wonder: "How to make your legs longer than using a properly sized wardrobe?". Clothes can make a figure slimmer and sleeker.

How to dress to look longer legs? Tips and tricks

Any woman knows her figure flaws and can learn to hide. We must not forget that, in addition to clothing, you need to keep your posture. It will feel more confident and more slender.

color scheme

Selected quiet shades without geometric patterns and small drawings. Vertical stripes make longer legs and hide all the flaws figures.

An excellent choice would be a smooth transition of shades from top to bottom. For example, a gray blouse, combined with dark trousers and black shoes.

Avoid sharp contrasts. Variant black top and white bottom is not suitable categorically.

How to dress to look longer legs? Tips and tricks

Solid fabric will be the best choice. So the whole image will look not only harmonious, but also visually legs become longer. Prints can be used only in the upper part of the garment. Bottom must always be monotonous.


To choose the right clothes can make legs slimmer and sleeker. The best choice would be formal trousers with arrows. Waist they should not be underestimated. Shades Trouser try to pick up light. If the dress code does not, then the perfect choice is the classic black.

Narrow trousers also occupy a worthy position in the modern fashion and are able to lengthen the female legs. The main thing - to choose a model with no stripes, pockets and belts.

We exclude from the wardrobe of flared trousers and breeches! They are able to make the longest legs visually much shorter.


This item of clothing is in the wardrobe of every woman. To make the long legs, short body make more elongated using tight-fitting dress without a belt. Models in floor length is better to wear plain, without decorative elements.

How to dress to look longer legs? Tips and tricks

I would like an interesting print? Then the dress should be a mini or above the knee. The combination of colors is better to choose so that the bodice was lighter skirt. Thus, the upper part of the dress will attract all the attention.

Try to choose a form-fitting model. Take the focus using the strap. This will help to focus on the upper body and create the illusion of elongated legs.


Any well-chosen clothes can make the legs longer than girls. The best choice - it is a classic pencil skirt. The length of such a style should be slightly below the knee.

Excellent will look skirt with the smell. It creates a sense of harmony and lengthen the figure. During the summer, long skirt suit of light flowing fabrics.

Shades of dark pick. Brave girls can try a variant with a bright skirt, for example, red or purple color.

Avoid patterns on the cloth. The only exception is for the skirt - vertical stripes. If you want your legs are longer, the material should be monotonous.

For the cold season you can see the skirt, made of high quality denim fabric.


low rise women often wear high heels, and it's the right decision. But there are some nuances in the selection of shoes:

  • Choose shoes with hidden platform.
  • DISCLAIMS painted models.
  • Do not buy shoes bright colors.

When choosing shoes to clothing, consider the overall style. By the summer along well suited sandals with thin straps. For office style chosen court shoes with heels or black light shades.

How to dress to look longer legs? Tips and tricks

At the same time it is better to completely abandon the shoes on a flat sole. Girls with long legs can wear any kind of shoes, no heels they will not hurt.

Tights - yes or no?

It does not always have the opportunity to walk with bare feet. In addition to wear ugly shoes without tights. The business included they must be, even if it's hot.

When choosing tights need to follow the following rules:

  • The color tone to pick up in the clothes and shoes to make a visually longer legs.
  • Tights should not be too tight.
  • Models with vertical pattern make your legs slimmer and longer.
  • White - complete.

When choosing tights, take into account all the elements of the dress, so that the image looked harmoniously. Density is determined individually. With short shorts you can wear tights thicker, with a dress - a little thinner or fishnet.

Socks also remain popular. But at the same time the length of skirts or dresses choose a couple of centimeters longer than the level where they end. Rezinochka of stockings must not peek.

How to dress to look longer legs? Tips and tricks

Tips stylists

The easiest way to lengthen the legs - the right to pick up clothes. Resorting to it, you can create the illusion of slimness. Stylists identify several important rules:

  1. Shades of clothing should be calm, pastel colors.
  2. Minimum patterns. Horizontal stripes and small patterns - enemies for girls with short legs.
  3. I would like to look bright - top pick red, blue.
  4. Wear short skirts, shorts and dresses. Open legs, and they will visually longer.
  5. Avoid ruches and frills and unnecessary decorative elements.

The long and short legs will look amazing, if you pick the right clothes. Every woman should learn how to dress stylishly, considering the advantages and disadvantages of the figure.

Five of the best kits for


To create an image that will make the long legs, no need to buy special or expensive clothes. Of course, you can use the services of a seamstress, but not everyone can afford it. Examples of ready-made kits tell you how to correctly choose outfits.

For everyday wear good fit trousers with a high waist. Top select several shades lighter bottom with vertical stripes. Blouse necessarily tucked into trousers. On foot put on shoes with heels.

If you want to look bright, it is possible to combine a bright shirt with black trousers narrowed. Thus, the views will be attracted to the upper body. Of shoes the best choice for such a kit will be black shoes with heels.

Summer wear dress of beige color. It allowed the use of floral prints. On foot - milky sandals with high heels. Select purse on a long strap to match to the shoe. Going on a date, wear a short dress with floral print. Shoes are well suited beige high heels. Handbags selected to match the dress. Complementary set of a necklace and a small ring.

How to dress to look longer legs? Tips and tricks

For evening image create incredibly beautiful set of long flowing dresses. It is better if it is monotonous, such as red, without any extra accessories. Wear shoes with high heels. Hair can dissolve, then the whole body forms a single line.

Tips for men

Strong half of humanity rarely thinks about what it looks like their figure. But men's wear is also able to hide flaws. Advice on the selection of clothes:

  • Get jeans from quality material. Style optimally chosen with an average landing.
  • For men, the rule applies: white top - black bottom. This combination looks stylish and lengthens the torso.
  • Focusing on the upper part of the garment. Bright T-shirts, shirts and shirt - a great choice. For a business suit - tie.
  • Pants arrow will make the legs longer and slimmer.
  • Instead of belts for men with disproportionate body make better use of braces.

Every man fits his style of clothes, the main thing - it correctly pick.