Eugene Lovchev: Spartak in the soul and heart

Walk of Fame in Moscow "Spartak", probably, as in any other football club in Russia, full of names of worthy players who have played a significant role not only at club level, but also in the USSR team. One of them - Eugene Lovchev Serafimovich.

Game of millions

As a child, little Jack was engaged in all kinds of sports, which have only been available to the Soviet boy. He skated, played basketball, but most of all loved football. As a young man he wanted to see himself in a T-shirt Moscow "Spartak", but his professional sports career began in the "Petrel". Eugene Lovchev tried to play in the attack, but because of the shortage in the team defensive players started playing it for protection.

Eugene Lovchev: Spartak in the soul and heart

Dreams Come True

One way or another, but the dreams of the young player to come true. In Moscow "Spartak" him personally invited Nikita Simonyan, and the player has hit straight into the first team, that with the newcomers "people's team" is extremely rare. In his later life will be other football teams, but the world will always be only one team, which your body and soul will be put to Eugene Lovchev - "Spartacus."

In his first season in the "red-white" player he became the champion of the USSR and immediately was called into the ranks of players who defended the colors of the country's main team. He made his debut for the national team defender in the age of twenty years, and all spent in the national team 52 games, one of which managed to distinguish himself pocketed the ball.

Eugene Lovchev: Spartak in the soul and heart

End of a footballer career and job coach

In 1976 it happened neryadovoe event in the country - Moscow "Spartak" has taken off in the first Federal League. Eugene Lovchev expressed willingness to defend the colors of the club, no matter where he played, but the new coach of the "red-white" Constantine Beskow had not seen for a player places in the starting lineup.

Two years later, do not want to put up with the role of the reserve, Lovchev found himself in another Moscow team, it was the club "Dynamo". However, the tune in the new team, the defender was not fated. In the match against Donetsk "Shakhtar" football player he is seriously injured, which has made it impossible to continue performing at a professional level.


Interesting fact - Eugene Lovchev became the first player who received in an official match referee. The defender had been warned in a duel with the national team of Mexico.

Eugene Lovchev: Spartak in the soul and heart

In the USSR national team footballer participated in 1970 Mundiale year and won bronze medals in the 1972 Olympics.

Among the major football as a defender of sports experts noted the excellent vision of the field and the ability to quickly arrange the attack of his team. Frequent were his connections in the attack, during his playing career Evgeni Lovchev gave a lot of assists. In addition to playing career, Eugene Lovchev marked coaching job in football. He has worked with bands such as Chelyabinsk "Locomotive", "Wings of the Soviets", Russia National Futsal Team, and others. The greatest time period (1996-2008 years), a coach came in the mini-football club in Moscow "Spartak". With the "red-white" Eugene Serafimovich won the gold medal in mini-football championship of Russia (2001), Cup and Super Cup of Russia on mini-football (2002 and 2003 respectively).

Today Lovchev Eugene is no longer involved in coaching, but it is still a part of the sporting life of the country. Ex-football player works as an expert in the radio program "Master of Sports", and is a frequent guest and commentator on several sports TV channels of Russia. On the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Eugene Serafimovich columnist "Lovcheva team."