Igor Kolyvanov history best goalscorer of the USSR

Igor Kolyvanov - professional football player of the last century, played for Moscow "Dynamo", and Italian clubs, "Foggia" and "Bologna". He played from 1985 to 2001, as a striker. Had biting and powerful strike, so in his youth among teammates got playful nickname "Kalashnikov". During the football career he was able to check in at the gates of rivals more than a hundred times, and thus is an honorary member of the club Grigory Fedotov.

Igor Kolyvanov history best goalscorer of the USSR

First Steps

Igor Kolyvanov, like thousands of other Soviet boys loved football and he could disappear for days on the playground. From the age of nine, he played for various youth teams in Moscow. After one of the matches at the guy drew the attention of "Spartacus", after which the striker was in the second team of the capital giants. However, in the "people's team" and was not destined to appear on behalf of the player Igor Kolyvanov. Statistics of his performances for "red-white" is reduced to zero. Footballer quickly realized that in "Spartacus" will be extremely difficult to break into the first team and he was assigned the role of a substitute player, so in 1986 Kolyvanov accepted the offer of the capital "Dynamo".

At the time of transition into the camp of "blue-white" Igor Kolyvanov has volunteered in the youth team of Russia, which included in 1990 he won the European Championship and the title of top scorer. Total tournament striker managed to distinguish productive actions of nine times.

Igor Kolyvanov history best goalscorer of the USSR

The following year, the young striker began collecting awards in the national championship. In the last-union campaign, he was the best striker and best player of the competition at the same time.

Moving to Italy

football success has not gone unnoticed outside the Motherland. Especially since soon the Soviet Union collapsed, the former players of the championship was a good demand, because they can be free to sign. In the case of Kolyvanov all was quick Italian "Foggia". Serie A football team invited to speak on the position of attacking midfielder. Kolyvanova think long did not have to, because the Italian championship - one of the strongest in Europe, and bargain for everything in the "Foggia" already played his former team-mate of "Spartacus" and the namesake Igor Shalimov.

Igor Kolyvanov held for "Devil" four seasons, speaking alternately in series A and B. Later was chosen team captain. All went to that Kolyvan, located in an ideal football age, I was ready to go to the "big" club. But fate decreed otherwise, and in 1994, the striker suffered a serious injury in a match for the national team of Russia. he was able to return to the field only a year later.

Igor Kolyvanov history best goalscorer of the USSR

In 1996, the Italian Serie A out "Bologna". Team-newcomer Russian legionnaire offered a contract for three years, and in his first season he justified nested "rosso-blue" money, becoming the top scorer in the club. In the late nineties in Kolyvanova increasingly encountered health problems. Francesco Guidolin trusted place in attack other players, but to part with an experienced striker is also not in a hurry. The player himself has repeatedly expressed his desire to step out, but these options for continuing a career remained unfulfilled. In 2001, Igor Kolyvanov (footballer never recovered from his injury plagued) finished his playing career.


From 2003 to 2010 Igor Vladimirovich headed the youth team of Russia, which triumfoval for the 2006 European Championships.

Since 2012, Igor Kolyvanov was appointed head coach of the National Football League FC "Ufa". Kolyvanova team already in the first season, rose to sixth place, and after the championship 2013-2014 Ufimtsev and all joined the ranks of Premier League clubs, beaten in the play-offs, "Tom."

Igor Kolyvanov Tournament

Cup is played every year in January, and the last in 2017. The tournament was ninth. The competition is supported by most ex-football player and Moscow "Sports and Education". The tournament children's teams from Russia and Belarus.

Igor Kolyvanov history best goalscorer of the USSR

The incident in the team

Igor Kolyvanov was among those players who on the eve of the World Cup in 1994 have expressed distrust of the current national team coach Sadyrin PF individual players of the national team has been written corresponding to an Advisor of the Russian Federation addressed to the President of Physical Education and Sport. Besides Kolyvanova document was signed by such well-known players like Sergei Yuran, Igor Shalimov, Viktor Onopko and Alexander Mostovoi, Oleg Salenko and others. Subsequently, some of the apostates refused to sign, but in the national team was dominated by fragmentation and lack of spirit. As a consequence, the result of performances of the Russian team at the World Cup was a disaster, and many of the players of that generation have missed his last chance to play at a major international tournament. At the same time there is a hypothesis according to which the "Letter of fourteen" helped to solve many important problems faced by the athletes the late nineties.