Dwight Howard - the pride of the American Basketball

Dwight Howard since childhood has been associated with the sport, his parents most of my life involved in sports. Before moving to Atlanta from Sueysboro, Howard's father worked as a police patrol. After moving, he became athletic director at the Academy, and his mother was captain of the women's team at the local college basketball. Little Dwight did not know what to devote himself to the sport, so many times changed hobbies. When his father brought the boy on the basketball court, he was literally sick of basketball and fully dedicated my life to him.

Becoming an athlete

Following his dream of becoming a famous athlete, a local basketball academy and came Dwight Howard. Height, weight meet the minimum requirements, and the boy was enrolled. He began as a defender, but then turned into a striker. Howard played well, and the coaches noticed his speed and love for this sport. Soon Dwight has been recognized on several versions of the best basketball player among students, and everyone was talking about his brilliant future in basketball.

Dwight Howard - the pride of the American Basketball

Adult game and personal victory

In the adult basketball Howard started from a position of power forward. He chose not to go to college, and once to try his hand in the NBA. "Orlando Magic" in 2003 were bad and ranked last. It took a lot of leaders, and the club management decided to restructure and to invite young beginners. Among them were Dwight Howard, who lived up to his expectations. In his first season he took third place in the ranking of the best young recruits.

Since Dwight believes in God and is a very religious man, he decided to create a special charity fund, named in his honor. This fund has been providing scholarships for college students to local Christian school. Also, the money goes to educational programs to strengthen the family relationships among adolescents. So often the athlete flashes in magazines on photos. Dwight Howard was not just named the winner of awards for his active charity.

Dwight Howard - the pride of the American Basketball

The following season, the athlete made even better and become a real leader of the team. His terrific game for "Orlando Magic" led to the fact that Dwight was invited to match all the NBA stars. This is a great achievement for the young athlete. Despite the individual accomplishments, the team only once got to the playoffs in the first round was eliminated from the draw. In the same 2007 he married dancer athlete support group. They had a son Breylon.

The first team advances

The team lost the game for the game. This state of affairs did not suit either the fans or the club. Head coach Brian Hill was fired and was replaced by Van Gundy Wall. Also had restructuring composition, and were invited R. Lewis and H. Turkoglu. It's good impact on the results, and in 2008, Dwight Howard and his teammates led his team to victory in the conference. In the playoffs, "Orlando" has passed the first round, but the second round gave way to "Pistone".

In 2009, Howard continued to show a high level of play - he again got into the first team all-NBA. In the club championship, too, things went as well as possible. His team finished the championship in the first place, and in playoff series, finally reached the final. It remained only to win, "Los Angeles Lakers", but then "Orlando Magic" waiting for a failure - they lost the final with a total score of 4-1, while Dwight Howard had a weak stretch of his career.

Dwight Howard - the pride of the American Basketball

In 2009, history repeated itself - the team of Orlando again won the regular season and reached the final, but lost it 4-2, "Boston Celtics". But Howard had a spectacular season, the athlete was recognized for the third year in a row the league's best quarterback and finished fourth in the ranking of the NBA's most valuable player.

The decline in the game

In 2012, the athlete is injured, and treatment took six months. During that time Dwight exchanged from "Magic" in the "Lakers." After recovering from injury, a basketball player may not show the usual high level of play, as before, therefore, became a free agent. "It is unfortunate that we have to part with the team, because I was one of the best on the court, not only on the game, but also according to the constitution," - he said in an interview with Dwight Howard. Height he really impressive - 2, 11 m, and weight - 120 kg.

Dwight Howard - the pride of the American Basketball

After leaving the "Los Angeles Lakers" and up until 2016, basketball player played for "Houston Rockets" and, unfortunately, not too successfully. He became noticeable regression in the game and as a result, deterioration of performance statistics. In 2016, Dwight left the team in the status of a free agent and signed a contract with "Atlanta Hawks" team, advocated by so far.