Andrey Karyaka: playing for the clubs and the national team of Russia

Andrei Karyaka - a former Russian footballer who currently holds the position of assistant coach "Amkar". Karyaka 38 years, but his career he completed just two years ago. Andrey Karyaka played the position of winger, preferring performances on the left flank, but if necessary can also play on the right, as well as the shift in the center of the position of playmaker.

Early career

Andrey Karyaka was born April 1, 1978 in the city of Dnipropetrovsk in the Ukrainian SSR, where he was seven years old began to attend a local sports school, and was browsing in a favorite childhood club "Dnepr" in 1990, in a youth academy which he was enrolled. There he spent five years, but at the age of seventeen he moved to Zaporozhye "Metallurg", with whom he signed a professional contract. Andrey Karyaka, even though he was a Russian citizen, began his career in Ukraine.

Ukrainian period of

Andrei Karyaka - a player who has achieved the greatest success in Russia, but before we move there, for some time he played in the Ukrainian championship. He began, as you already understood, in "Metallurg" which debuted as early as 17 years of age. He spent eleven games already in his first season, and the second became a regular player base, playing 26 matches and scoring six goals.

The third season at the club he was unable to finish: after playing for six months, coming on the field 13 times and mark two more goals scored, Karyaka moved to CSKA Kiev. Where he did not immediately able to win a place in the starting lineup. The first time a footballer had to play for the reserve team of the club - this is where he spent most of the time. For the first team, he spent two years has played only 35 matches, scoring six goals. When his contract came to an end, Karyaka signed a new agreement with the "Wings of the Soviets", moving to Rossiiyu.

The flowering in "Wings of the Soviets"

Andrey Karyaka: playing for the clubs and the national team of Russia

It is the "Wings of the Soviets" have become the place where the most Karyaka could open up and reach the peak of his career. Already in his first full season for the club in 2001, he appeared on the field 31 times and scored nine goals. Over the next two seasons he has been one of the most important players in the club, and in 2004 surpassed himself, chop in 35 matches 19 goals. Only half of 2005 he spent in the "Wings of the Soviets" - Andrei Karyaka, photos of which began to appear in the leading sports publications, become the object of interest of many clubs, including from abroad. After five years, 155 matches and 56 goals footballer took the next step in his career by signing a contract with the Portuguese "Benfica".

Sunset career

Andrey Karyaka: playing for the clubs and the national team of Russia

Unfortunately, this decision proved to be wrong: Karyaka spent in "Benfica" and a half years, but during this time entered the field only 17 times and scored just three goals. At the time of leaving the club he was only 28 years, but the time of the peak shape was lost, and further career Andrew has declined. He signed a contract with "Saturn", for which the played four full seasons. The T-shirt of the club he appeared on the field 116 times, checking out 19 goals, and then in 2011 joined the Moscow "Dynamo". But there he spent only six months, playing 12 matches and scoring two goals, and then moved to the "Volga" from Nizhny Novgorod. There he spent two and a half years, adding to his score of 66 matches and 10 goals scored. In the summer of 2014 36-year-old he announced that completes a professional career. That's left the sport Andrei Karyaka - Player Biography was very eventful, but it does not revolve solely around appearances for the club. Andrew also played for the national team of Russia.

for the national team appearances

Andrey Karyaka: playing for the clubs and the national team of Russia

Given that Karyaka was born and played in Ukraine up to 23 years old, he started speaking in Ukrainian youth team, for which spent nine matches and scored two goals. However, he did not play for the adult national team, he moved to Russia, and has already had his first match for the national team in August 2001. The first major tournament Andrei became the European Championship in 2004, where he appeared in all three matches of the national team. Unfortunately, this event has become for Karyaka and last - only for the national team, he spent 28 games, scoring six goals, the last time on the field with the national team, he appeared in August 2005.

Coaching career

Andrey Karyaka: playing for the clubs and the national team of Russia

However, after the completion of a career player Karyaka has not retired from the sport - six months later, ie in January 2015, he became an assistant coach "Amkar" Haji Hajiyev. Andrew remains in this position until today.