Pink manicure with white: design ideas

White-pink manicure is a model of femininity and beauty. If you had the procedure bored bright and flashy colors and patterns on your nails, it is this color scheme should be to your taste. It is this shade will help you dramatically change the image and highlight the best features in your image.

Reasons to Choose a white-pink manicure

Pink manicure with white are not only a symbol of femininity, but also cleanliness. Your hands can become even more sophisticated. In addition, this particular shade is able to go to most outfits. This design can be both everyday and business, city, romantic, classical.

Pink manicure can have many variations and different versions. This allows you to make it very diverse and not dull. Moreover, shades of pink are constantly changing, which makes it possible to continually create new and original designs. And in combination with a white duo never be called tasteless.

Pink manicure with white, photos which you can see in this article, suitable for any shape and length of the nails. If we consider that now in vogue short nails, then this design is the best fit to your image.

The color scheme

Manicure Pink has only positive characteristics. He is a symbol of femininity, tenderness and romance. It also symbolizes the excellent mood. Recently, there is a perception that this color is a shade of blonde. Nevertheless, for most of it continues to symbolize confidence, good emotions. White symbolizes purity and peace of mind. Also, it reflects the light and purity of thought.

Pink and white jacket

Pink manicure with white looks great as a jacket. This gives the nails a natural coloring. It is very important for those who due to professional obligations forced to adhere to a strict dress code of dress. However, in rich shades of pink manicure this takes on an entirely different interpretation.

Pink manicure with white: design ideas

The inverse arrangement of the same type can be called moon manicure. He is also able to express your intelligence, optimism and serenity. Pink manicure with white (pictured) with flowers can afford to move away from classic and austerity and switch to a softer design.

Style Ombre

The transitions from one color to another in a manicure is no longer new. It is interesting, but it is now used even unrelated colors and completely different. To achieve a smooth transition is recommended to do an intermediate color that will make the design more organically. To do this, you can resort to a simple mix of white and pink shades.

Manicure with rhinestones or geometry

Pink manicure can be decorated with sequins or other decorative elements that will make the design even more positive. This will make you a luxurious manicure for any occasion without spending a lot of effort.

Pink manicure with white: design ideas

Manicure pink with white lace can be a stylish addition to the image of the bride's wedding. However, the patterns it is recommended to use a large form. But polka dots on the nails already become a classic. Exceptions does not make it in this unusual color. It's simple, but at the same time brilliant. This pattern is the test of time and proven itself as well as possible for all occasions.

The bars in manicure

Pink manicure can be added also white stripes. It is also a win-win situation. At the same time, if you have short nails, it is better to make the vertical track, but for long can be applied to a horizontal design. Run this decor can be using slips tape.

Manicure with hearts

Very fascinating and romantic look manicure pink with hearts. In this decorating nails such pattern is better for young ladies who have at heart the eternal spring. If we make a decoration aged woman, then it will look very lightly and at least strange.

Pink manicure with white: design ideas

But the manicure with lace, by contrast, is versatile in terms of age. It can afford as a young lady, and ladies older.

Nyudovy manicure

Nude recently came into vogue, and has already won the palm on the catwalks. Pink manicure in this style can be done, if we take the pink paint pastel shades. Supplement it can be milky white. Natural shades are always in fashion, especially for romantic persons. Now this kind of manicure is gaining widespread popularity among brides in the wedding period.

Short nails and pink and white design of

Despite the fact that the white and pink manicure is considered universal, for use on short nails still better to stick to certain rules.

Pink manicure with white: design ideas

The colors must be chosen so that they are in harmony with each other and create a smooth transition effect. On short nails any kind of prints or decoration should be placed in an upright position. Otherwise, your plate will visually appear even shorter. You should also avoid the bulk of nail design.

Pink manicure with white: design ideas

When the moon manicure on short nails need to be as careful as it can make your nails very rude. And when the French manicure smile should not be done very broad. If you adhere to these recommendations, the positive emotions from the beautiful nail design are guaranteed.