Fitness club "Wellness Park" to Vorontsov Ponds: address, phone number, reviews

If you watch your health and figure, it is extremely important to find a good gym and preferably close to home. Today we want to tell you about the "Wellness Park" Voro ponds. This is one of the youngest sports centers of the capital, that did not prevent him quickly gain the highest score and become one of the most visited. And there are a number of reasons.

The club is ready to offer different options to adjust and to clean your body. Weight Training for the real defenders of the fatherland, bracing, exercises in cardio and aerobics area. But this list is also not complete, as there are still a large number of weight loss programs. This step, gymnastics, aerobics, among which each of you can choose what it most closely.

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Contact Information

It is located, as already the name suggests, near the Vorontsov park. Own parking near the building there, but the problems in order to leave your car, do not happen. There is always free space on public parking lots. You are met by a security guard who always greets and says goodbye. The exact address, so you do not get lost on the road, street. Vorontsov ponds, d. 3. Find poses no difficulty, if you live in the capital recently, you can use the navigation services.

By the way, if you first decided to visit the "Wellness Park" at Voro, telephone can be found on the official institution website. The administrator will find out all the organizational issues and answer any questions. Working hours are very convenient, you can come to the club from 07:00 to 24:00. Only at the weekend while visiting reduced by two hours.

Fitness club

key to success

This, of course, professional trainers. It is a high quality staff, which differs "Wellness Park" Voro ponds allow you to quickly achieve the desired results. Certificates coaches presented in the gallery on the first floor, where you can get acquainted with them.

If you already had the experience of visiting the various sports clubs, then you know that the special atmosphere of each of them creates personnel. Therefore coaches who meet you here, this is not just true professionals, but also responsive and pleasant to talk to people. Therefore, the "Wellness Park" Voro ponds gives its customers the feeling that they were like-minded club, where they understand and love each day waiting.

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And now let's talk about the services directly. First, why do people visit the "Wellness Park" Voro ponds - it is a professional or amateur sports. Opportunities for this are more than enough. The earliest we consider aerobic direction:


  • This is the Step, that is, training with a special platform, lasting 55 minutes.
  • Punch & Kick - this is a very intense class struggle with the elements. Classes are focused on the development of speed, strength and endurance.
  • Tai-bo - a lesson with elements of martial arts. Sent to the intensive activity of fat burning.

Power classes offer a choice of about five different programs. Some are aimed at strengthening the muscles or other groups, while others on the contrary, are explosive training that will prepare you for any loads. After that, you are not afraid of a marathon race and a triathlon.

A mixed format training

Wide range of programs and individual approach to each client - is what distinguishes the "Wellness Park" (fitness club) on a number of others. If you can not find the perfect workout for yourself, instructors will gladly help you to make a mix that will combine several formats:

  • Step & Power - is a unique opportunity to strengthen the heart muscle, form a beautiful biceps, and even a little burn excess fat. The exercise is based on a small degree on the pole.
  • Step & Sculpt - a lesson on the degree, which combines aerobic and power components.
  • Abd + Flex - power class. His main focus - the abdominal muscles.
  • Legs + Flex - strength training, aimed at the legs and buttocks muscles. Extras included a large block of stretching exercises.
Fitness club

Dance Direction

"Wellness Park" (Moscow), regularly expands the range of offerings for their customers. If you have ever engaged in dancing, you know well that during intense movements work perfectly all the groups of your body muscles. In addition, the dance - it is an opportunity to express their feelings, discharge and get positive emotions. On the basis of the sports club you can choose:

  • Latin dance class, which is aimed at the development of plastics.
  • Oriental dance, which will give strength and give health.
  • Dance fitness cocktail, which will give the opportunity to quickly bring the figure in order.
  • Zumba - it is known today, a program based on intensive dance moves in the Latin style.

But that's not all. There are lessons and martial arts programs for their development. Attention attract loyal customers yoga, sometimes in the hall one comes after the main workout. In addition, there are special programs that are aimed at the knowledge of his own body, to establish contact with him, that is, in fact, this body-oriented therapy in the gym.


People come here not only to sweat in the gym. You can bring your whole family, and while you're at the gym to work out their own records, the rest can spend time pleasantly and with advantage. Qualified personnel carries SPA-care for face and body. This wrapping and correction, waxing and more. Permanently staffed by professional masseurs who perform, including massage and sauna with brooms.

Most of all visitors to the club's account for married couples with children. Many of them claim to love "Wellness Park". Reviews emphasize that for them is very important is the work of children's sports clubs and rooms organized leisure. That is, the child may be left under the care of specialists and safely go to the gym. And after all the programs will be carried out, it will be all together a café.

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The cost of

How much money you need to allocate from the budget to attend "Wellness Park"? The prices here are far from being the highest, if not otherwise. The cost of a subscription fee depends on the duration of action. If you want to take a closer look, and on this basis to make a decision, then the easiest way to buy a card for a month. The cost of her 8900 rubles, and in the format of "all inclusive" - ​​12900. If you exercise for a done deal, then we can take a three-month card, which costs 8,100 rubles. Over a six-month subscription will have to pay 7200 rubles (all prices are per month), and if you pay once a year, it turns on 6200 rubles per month.

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Reviews loyal customers

This sports club regulars love for cleanliness and comfort. Here, once you know that I got back home, where you are waiting exclusively benevolent people. The abundance of programs - it is a big plus, which pay attention. This could come as a family, and thus also receive a discount on a visit. Separately, customers noted the professionalism and friendliness of the coaches. All this together creates the optimal conditions to spend time with benefits for the body and health.