Basketball player Tim Duncan: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Tim Duncan - a famous American basketball player, who was born in the US Virgin Islands. 5 times won the NBA championship in the team, "San Antonio Spurs". Olympic bronze medalist. Has a unique record. He is the only player in the history of the National Basketball League, which for 13 consecutive seasons included in the team all-NBA team and NBA star protection.

Basketball player Tim Duncan: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Early in his career

Tim Duncan was born in April 1976. Since childhood, fond of sports, but first engaged in swimming. His career in the pool prevented Hugo hurricane that hit the East Coast of the United States in 1989. Element has destroyed the only pool of Olympic standards in the hometown of Duncan. After that he started to play basketball.

Very soon he achieves success at the junior level. He becomes the leader of the team of St. Dunstan's Episcopal School. University career starts at Wake Forest in the team "Dimen Dikens".

Basketball player Tim Duncan: biography, personal life, sports achievements

NBA debut

In 1997, basketball player Tim Duncan has been selected in the NBA Draft by the first number, and for many years was the "San Antonio Spurs" club leader. It is his merit called the determining factor in five of the winning team in the NBA championships. According to many experts, it has become the most prominent power forward in the history of the association.

In 1997, the "Spurs" had one of the best front line and is already in the qualification stage of a serious threat to opponents. In the Western Conference at the preliminary stage, the team won 56 victories in 82 matches, losing only championship, "Utah Jazz". In the first round of the playoffs, "San Antonio" knocked out "Phoenix" - 3: 1, but in the semifinals of the conference has been destroyed, "Utah" 1: 4.

Basketball player Tim Duncan: biography, personal life, sports achievements

"Twin Towers"

In defense of the "San Antonio" played terrible backs: Tim Duncan, whose height was 211 centimeters and David Robinson, it was another 5 centimeters above. Together they blocked the ring so that the opponents had to throw maximum distance with minimum percentage of hits. For this they received the nickname "Twin Towers."

In season 1998/99 the players this pair showed itself in all its glory. In the preliminary stage, "San Antonio" on equal fought with "Utah" and shared the first place. Both groups scored on 37 victories.

The playoff was first defeated "Minnesota" 3: 1, then "Los Angeles Lakers" 4: 0 and "Portland" 4: 0. In the NBA Finals, "Spurs" met with "New York Knicks". Duncan's team lost only one game out of five. Tim Duncan was named the most valuable player of the final series.

Basketball player Tim Duncan: biography, personal life, sports achievements


and a meniscus injury off the pedestal

The next season, Duncan only confirmed his reputation as a team leader. In the regular season, he scored per game average of 23 points, made 12 rebounds and two blocked shots. However, on the eve of the playoffs he injured meniscus and could not take part in the first round knockout. Largely because of this, "Spurs" is still the 1/8 finals lost "Phoenix" 1: 3.

Back on the podium succeeded in 2003. The main rival of "Spurs" on the Western Conference becomes "Dallas Mavericks". Teams have not been able to find out who is stronger and, having gained 60 victories in the preliminary stage, shared the first place. In the playoffs, "San Antonio" defeated all opponents with the same score 4: 2. The last in the finals were defeated "New Jersey". 6th game of the series, Tim Duncan finished with 37 points and 16 rebounds. The team won their second title in history.

During his career in the "San Antonio" Duncan 5-times NBA champion. Tim Duncan was last won the title in 2014 when he was 36 years old.

The team confidently took the preliminary stage, scoring 62 victories, won first place. However, the first round of the playoffs there was a challenge. "Dallas" had a stubborn resistance, the winner was determined only in the 7th and final match.

In the conference semifinals, "Spurs" confidently beat "Portland" 4: 1, then "Oklahoma City" 4: 2. In the finals, in the fight for the title was more "Miami" 4: 1. Duncan also established an unmatched record is still the league in the number of total game time spent on the site, and the number of double-double in the playoffs. When the player became the best from the two indicators. For example, the number of rebounds and assists.

Basketball player Tim Duncan: biography, personal life, sports achievements


In 2016, Tim Duncan is retiring at the rank of one of the best players in the National Basketball Association's history. Offsite Duncan is known as a big fan of role-playing games, participated in festivals in the Renaissance style, he played a lot of video games. Including various basketball simulators.

In this case the athlete's personal life did not work. Tim Duncan's wife, Amy, in 2015, filed for divorce after began an affair with a personal trainer athlete - Timmy Dee. In marriage, they lived for 14 years, during this time have got two children. After leaving the ex-wife of the champion began to demand half the state of star player. Legal proceedings are still going on.

Basketball player Tim Duncan: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Athens Olympics

In 2004, Duncan has taken part in the Olympic Games in Athens as part of the US national team. The Americans came to the tournament as favorites. However, even at a preliminary stage, it became clear that a cakewalk for them this event would not.

In the opening match of the US team lost to Puerto Rico 73:92. At the same time, Duncan was the best in the lineup, scored 15 points and made 16 rebounds and 4 assists. But result is not affected.

Then, it seemed the Americans to rectify the situation, two wins - over Greece and Australia 77:71 89:79. Following an insurmountable obstacle was the Lithuanian team. Having won the first half 49:44, the US team was not able to maintain the advantage and suffered a second defeat in the tournament 90:94. However, in the final game "dream team" met with the main outsider of the tournament - Angola, won 89:53, but went to the playoffs only to fourth place.

Playoffs Americans began confidently, defeating the Spaniards, before winning all 5 matches. The game was dictated by the US team and ended with a score of 102: 94.

Semi-final against Argentina went wrong from the first minute. South Americans won the first quarter 24:20, but before the last desyatiminutkoy led 70:57. Despite the fact that the US team spent the last part of a successful, failed to play a lead. The result - a defeat - 81:89.

In the match for 3rd Tim Duncan command a second time at the Olympics I met with Lithuania. At this time, I won 104: 96, and Duncan was the best performing 8 rebounds.

Place at the site

In his career, Duncan often played the power forward spot - the player, the main task of which is the selection in the attack and defense. But it manifests itself in the centering position whose duties, in addition to selection, enters the game under the basket.

He is considered one of the most consistent players in the NBA. He regularly able to make a double-double (most points and rebounds in the match). Since their debut in 1998, he has regularly won awards and among the nominees for the title of most valuable player of the association.

Thus Duncan and had a serious disadvantage - low implementation penalty shots. It was less than 70%, so opponents often preferred to foul him.