Caprice Shoes company: customer reviews, model and manufacturer

Increased comfort shoes differs German company Caprice. Reviews Russian residents say that it can be worn the whole day without feeling tired. Superfashionable technology "Caprice" companies make their products easy and convenient. German shoemakers all over the world made famous brand Caprice. Reviews of him only positive. The company produces models of shoes in different directions and has its manufacturing secrets.

Caprice Shoes company: customer reviews, model and manufacturer


Caprice The company began operations in 1990. She is now the leader in the production of fashion footwear polnotnoy. This is not just a company making modern shoes, but also the center for the development of new models and technological development. Shoe capital of Germany is the city of Pirmasens, that is where there is the main complex Caprice enterprise. Feedback on the quality of the brand talk about its reliability.

The company employs only the most qualified professionals, shoemakers. Among them are experts in the skin, designers and fashion designers, staff sales managers and manufacturing engineers. Now very clearly the process is adjusted production and sales. Skilled workers of the administrative apparatus skillfully relate the quality and prices of manufactured shoes. Caprice company's representative offices in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Great Britain, Russia and many others. et al.

Caprice Shoes company: customer reviews, model and manufacturer

Ideal embodiment

In the shoe store dazzled by diversity, but how to choose the model that will be loved and want to wear it every day.

Do you think perfect shoes does not happen? Wrong. This proves the firm Caprice. Shoes, which reviews the remarkable, distinguished by its quality. For the manufacture of the newest models use only high-grade leather. Special precision and consummate this different shoes. Each pair is unique, as it has its details. Shoes "Caprice" is very comfortable, it feels every floating in the air.

Features insoles

For the buyers company "Caprice" has developed an innovative technology - insoles onAir. They reduce the pressure on the foot, providing comfortable feeling for her. This technology ensures improved climate control. Thanks to her, the excess moisture out of the shoe to evaporate and improved exchange of air. With these insoles feet will always feel dry and fresh.

How to make an easy walk via Caprice models? Reviews of many customers say that you can pass the whole day in the shoes. To this end, it implemented a special air chamber in the sole, reducing the pressure on the foot. During the walk stop further massaged and symptoms of fatigue are removed.

Convenient heel

Another innovation enterprise "Caprice" is considered to be a special heel cushioning Antishokk. With it, the impact force is removed from the heel. With these heels gait becomes soft, the load is removed at the spine. Woman on these heels can feel comfortable all day, and it will not affect the health of the feet.

Some models have super-flexible soles Superflexible. These include textile insert for smooth flexion of the foot.

Caprice Shoes company: customer reviews, model and manufacturer

A wide range of

The entire collection of shoes "Caprice" is divided by the seasons. Also available models for both women and men, girls and boys. In spring and summer you can buy original shoes, stylish shoes, glamorous sandals, elegant shoes. In trade there are convenient daily pattern at a low fly, sports and trim cuts.

The basic material for shoe upper leather and serves as textile inserts. It produced many models at a low steady heel and platform sole. Particular attention is paid to the production of winter shoes. It can withstand even the most severe frosts. Boots company "Caprice" with natural fur will provide comfort and warmth of women's legs. Furthermore skin specialists used and high quality suede synthetic materials.

Caprice Shoes company: customer reviews, model and manufacturer

Models boots

The most colorful compliments deserve Caprice boots. Reviews talk about quality, impeccable style, a variety of models. Autumn and winter shoes represented not only boots, but boots, Quilted. On sale there are classic, sport and public models. women's boots company "Caprice" is very elegant and refined. Particularly noteworthy are the boots for special occasions.

Among the huge collection there are models for the bold and modern ladies. Preference manufacturers "Caprice" is given to all the same boots on a stable heel height of which does not go beyond 9 cm. Sometimes there are model with a massive "right" heel. Platform boots never go out of fashion, they are also present in the collection of the brand.

Particular convenience and comfort can be felt in the boots of the "Caprice" low-heeled shoes or small heels. The new collection has the feminine model Wedge. Very well fit into the company's range of jackboots. Such models, skinny ankles look very sexy. Popular material for sewing boots became imitation reptile skin in natural color combinations.

Very original look boots with diametrically opposite in texture and color materials. Most often combines leather and textiles. Special popularity gaining model with metal effect: a silver or bronze. In general, the company Boots Caprice (Germany) are characterized by strength, full length size, convenience.

"Caprice" firm Quilted

In the cold winter season to help feet stay warm comfortable boots exaggerated. They deserve special praise Quilted Caprice. Reviews on this warm and comfortable shoes is very commendable. Most often they are made of textile. Recently gaining popularity Quilted leatherette under the lacquer. They need to have a air insole onAir. They regulate the air exchange within the boot and reduce the pressure on the foot.

Heels Dutikow "whim" are stem stabilizers and pneumatic chamber conducive to removal from the spinal load. Dutikow membrane breathable, airtight but because of this heat is stored in them. These boots are very light, suitable for long winter walks.

Caprice Shoes company: customer reviews, model and manufacturer

A wide selection of shoes

Many noticed that the logo of the company "Caprice" emblazoned an image of a butterfly. This is not just. Very light, comfortable, reliable and beautiful are the Caprice shoes. Reviews say a large range, fashionable styles, the original details of the shoes. It is the most popular type of footwear.

This brand is a model for any lift and fullness. Among the vast selection options are present on a high heel or average closed boat with a French toe, a strap, with an open heel.

Millions of women conquer their convenience and elegant appearance shoes with wedge heels. Many prefer the options on a low heel or on the straight track. Shoes company "Caprice" can be seen on the shelves of many stores.

Quality skates

A very popular type of winter sports and recreation is skating on ice. Sometimes you need to buy a good skates for the whole family. It is best to choose a leather Caprice skates. Reviews of many people are talking about the quality, reliability and usability of the equipment. Among the large variety of models, you can choose the curly skates for hockey, for children. Deserve special praise figure skates Alpha Caprice. Reviews of them are very positive. They are suitable even for novice skaters. Skates of this company is not only high quality, but also beautiful. Their status depends on the safety and comfort while riding.

It is very important in the selection of skates correctly determine the size. A little loose skates can provoke tucking legs and narrow will cause the sensation of pain, discomfort, and sometimes the formation of blisters.

All these problems will be able to eliminate the skates Alpha Caprice. Reviews of them testify to the reliability of the firm. Beautiful models are suitable for both open and closed rinks. Skates "Caprice" correspond to the physiological, anatomical and age of man.

Caprice Shoes company: customer reviews, model and manufacturer

Roller Skates

Very often, buyers look after skating for their children or for themselves. What kind of company is best to choose? Pay attention to the German brand Alpha Caprice Riggu. After selecting the product of this firm - means to make a reasonable decision. Even small children can easily master the skating on roller skates.

For younger clients the firm has implemented a very convenient trick: the wheels can be transformed in two rows, which increases the resistance of roller skates.

For girls designers have come up with a beautiful design in pink color, with a shiny fun characters from the cartoons. You can not afraid to buy children's roller skates, as they have the opportunity to serve for several years. These models are moved apart to a size 4, and do not need to think through every year to buy a new pair.

Caprice Shoes company: customer reviews, model and manufacturer

about the company reviews the Caprice

Feedback from customers can be judged that the brand "Caprice" is quite common. The average price for good boots the firm is 90-150 euros. Many words of praise written on behalf of the client boots, captivating their quality leather soles and convenient system. Feet in these boots do not sweat when walking, they are well sprung, which is good for posture. There are winter boots with natural and artificial fur. The second bit chilly for the Russian climate conditions. Amaze your convenience shoes Caprice German quality. Many women say that these models are beautiful and do not rub his feet. Among the large variety of models present a lot of the classic versions, suitable for business ladies. In the shoes of this brand, you can walk freely around the city, after long hours of procession legs totally numb.

Often write reviews about shoes "Caprice," a woman who wore it during pregnancy. Of course, they choose models without heel, something like a ballet. Designers of the company have developed a very neat, cute ballet flats with a bow, on a small heel. For pregnant women better not to find!

Some girls would like to display the model Caprice shoes collections. Basically, the product range is designed for an audience of 35 years and above.

Sometimes there are problems with poorly resistant dyes shoe uppers, sometimes the paint peels off. But this is only a small minus, plus as much more. The main advantage of Caprice shoes is comfort.