Roman Shirokov: biography, career

Roman Shirokov - Russia's footballer, born near Moscow Dedovsk. In this city, he met his future wife, Catherine, here and still lives the mother of Roman. At the initiative of the former player of many Russian clubs in Dedovsk annually Cup in memory of his father tournament - Mamontov.

The first pancake is always lumpy

Roman Shirokov - football player whose career began in the Moscow CSKA. Three seasons midfielder played for second "army", and then went on loan to the "Torpedo-ZIL", where he spent only one match in the starting lineup. Until 2005, the midfielder was replaced by some more football teams (mostly from the lower leagues), but none of them could not be fixed.

Roman Shirokov: biography, career

Sports experts as one agreed in opinion that Roman Shirokov - a gifted footballer, but the problems it has always been associated with the violation of the sport mode, especially with alcohol abuse. Roman Shirokov, whose personal life is rapidly becoming known to the public, stubbornly refused to look for the causes in himself, so had to change the team for the team.

The first major club Shirokov became Kazan, "Ruby", but, speaking in the "purple," midfielder quarreled with the head coach Kurban Berdyev, then went back to finish the game season in the Moscow region "Istria".

On the right track

2007 season was marked by the quality of football in the Premier League debutant - "Khimki". Shirokov then "hit the pencil" scouts of several clubs from the top of the standings, but the player himself chose the way from St. Petersburg "Zenith". With the "blue-white-blue" Shirokov immediately signed a long term contract. The player clearly came to the court the Petersburg team, but the complex nature did not allow him to open fully.

Roman Shirokov: biography, career

The novel was the undisputed player of the foundations, but from time to time because of sharp statements fell into conflicts not only with opponents, but also with their teammates.


In 2011, the midfielder had some bright matches in the main tournament of the Old World - the Champions League. In particular, in the confrontation with the "Port" Roman Shirokov recognized as the best player of the match, and in a duel with the Lisbon "Benfica" midfielder marked duplicate, thus interrupting a protracted unbeaten run last in European competition.

Since 2013, Roman Shirokov was the captain of "Zenith" and a favorite in the "Petrovsky". Even at the ripe old age of football standards in the team's future looked bright, but that all changed with the advent of the coaching bridge Portuguese expert Andre Villas-Boas. The new coach has not found a place for the midfielder in the lineup, and Roman went on loan to the "Krasnodar".


Season 2013-2014 Roman Shirokov began quite unexpectedly in Moscow "Spartak". Suddenly, because a few years ago a player allowed himself unflattering remarks about the "meat", they say, the past no match for the "Zenith".

Roman Shirokov: biography, career

But long remember past grievances fans of "red-white" did not, in fact already in the debut match of the midfielder scored principled opponent - "Locomotives". As it turned out later, it will remain a goal for Shirokov only in a red shirt. Shortly oldest player quarreled with the head coach of "Spartacus" Murat Yakin and go back to rent in already familiar to him, "Krasnodar". It is worth noting that in the first and in the second case, Roman managed to prove themselves in the "bulls".

A career in the national team

It is noteworthy that Roman Shirokov was the Russian team is not from the "Zenith" and "CSKA", and thanks to the good performance of the modest Moscow "Khimki". At that time, the midfielder was 26 years old, and it has long been held as a footballer. Debut turned out blurry, and after a conflict (this time with a football commentator Viktor Gusev) Shirokov 2 years dropped out of the cage main national team. Roman's return to the team was held thanks to Dick Advocaat, and at Euro 2012 midfielder has gone as a major player in midfield. Euroforum on Shirokov scored a goal in the goal against the Czech Republic, however, continue to go through the group stage of the Russians still could not.

Roman Shirokov: biography, career

In the selection for the World Cup 2016 Roman Shirokov played in all ten matches, Fabio Capello, however hurtful injury received on the eve of the FIFA World Cup, did not allow the midfielder to help teammates. After the championship, many football experts have noted that just the experience of Roman in the central core zone noticeably lacked the Russian team in the group matches.

Public recognition

Roman Shirokov - Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, as well as advisor to the Ministry of Physical Culture of Russia. In addition, the former footballer running expert on TV and among the arbitrators of the Chamber by decision of the RFU disputes. Roman Shirokov, photos of which only a few months were listed on the official website of CSKA Moscow, nevertheless managed to win a championship team, thus becoming a three-time gold medalist of the Russian championship. Two more times he won the Russian Super Cup and once and the UEFA Super Cup. In 2012 and 2013, the midfielder admitted the best player in Russia according to various publications.

Roman Shirokov: biography, career

That is it, Roman Shirokov - footballer picture which for years of his career has had time to visit the club site of almost half of the Russian Premier League. His career is difficult to assess unambiguously, because if not for the nature of the problem, with high probability we can assume that the midfielder went to play in one of Europe's top championships. On the other hand, in the Russian Premier League will be found not so many players behind him who would be at least half of the merits of Roman Shirokov.

To date, the athlete is happily married. Together with his wife they have two children: son Igor (August 26, 2008 p.) And daughter Victoria (August 21, 2012 p.).