Manicure mint: variations photo

Manicure bright juicy colors is now at the height of fashion. Particularly relevant in the coming summer season, mint nail polish shade. He looks very bright and fresh, combined with light summer things, but in the cold season in harmony with dark clothing.

Manicure mint: variations photo


Like other light shades, mint nail has several features. The most important - it is quite capricious in the application and may provide bandwidth and bald spots when layering. This is especially true in pastel shades without sparkles and Shimmer. Therefore choose those compounds which have a wide comfortable brush or gel formula. The last sort of self-leveling on the nails and give a uniform coating.

Manicure mint: variations photo

Also, do not apply more than two layers of mint-colored varnish. This does not relieve you of the bands on the nail, but will give a manicure severity and shorten the time of his socks.

How to choose paint

Virtually any decorative paints palette includes shades of mint fashion. Among low-cost but high-quality compositions can be identified "Pastel Mint" from Rimmel in a series of 60 seconds. He dries quickly and strengthens nails thanks to the argan and olive oil. A broad brush allows you to apply moody color without streaks and bald spots. Similar in quality and polish of a series of Maybelline Colorama, shade "Fresh Mint".

Manicure mint: variations photo

Another inexpensive option that allows you to make a mint colored manicure - tone "French Riviera" in the line from L'oreal. This varnish will last up to 10 days without chipping and loss of gloss. More resistant coating will nailLOOK of likeGel series. Mint Mint to be a shade does not require drying of the lamp, but it has all the properties of a gel varnish.

Among the more expensive products worth more than 500 rubles, it should be noted varnishes O.P.I. This is a very high-quality coverage for home use with natural silk and amino acids. Seek shade This Cost Me a Mint. Gentle mint with a light shade Shimmer there is another global giant in the field of decorative coatings - Sally Hansen. This shade 240, it will create the perfect manicure mint. Gel Miracle Gel formula allows manicure stay up to 14 days and does not require a drying tube.

Deborah Lippmann brand paints are safe - they do not contain toluene and formaldehyde. Hue Flowers In Her Hair is very delicate, fresh and feminine.

The combination of colors

Of course, you can make a mint manicure, using only one color nail polish, but do not lose the popularity of a variety of designs, which enable it to diversify. Often these designs are based on a combination of different colors and shades. Sometimes different colors are applied to different nails (usually primary color paint all nails and contrast cover only unmarked) or combined shades companion. In this case, the art style jacket or moon manicure, gradient and stamping, as well as the possible use of different stencils to help add flavor to mint manicure.

Manicure mint: variations photo

in Nail Art Photo fashion bloggers suggest that mint paint is best combines the following colors:

  • light pink;
  • white;
  • chocolate brown;
  • a deep blue;
  • jet black;
  • silver.


Classic jacket may be formed not only with pink and white lacquers. Make zest to the usual manicure and make it bright. Variants jacket in mint color multi - nail base color, and the free edge of the nail plate white, or vice versa, but looks best mint pink manicure in French style. It is also possible variation or combination of jacket with moon manicure. So called varnishing embodiment in which the entire color coated nail plate except wells in the cuticle. However, you can experiment with color, making the hole pink, blue or black.

Manicure mint: variations photo

The easiest mint jacket - it's natural nail pink or beige-pink color and the free edge, painted in mint. To create such a manicure require a special stencil - adhesive tape, repeating the outlines of the nail edge. However, many costing materials at hand at home, such as paper tape, or even a thin paint brush tip nail.

So, first paint the nail pink or if your nails are by nature endowed with beautiful flat tint, just cover them with clear lacquer. Then stick the stencil and paint mint tip of the nail, remove the stencil and dry nail. Apply a top coat on top.

With Sequins

Silver or gold glitter manicure perfectly complement the mint. Large sequins all nails create his version of the evening, and the flocks Shimmer added to nail a ring finger, is quite suitable for the daily routine of the image.

Manicure mint: variations photo

For shiny nail polish, you can use mint or transparent with Shimmer Glitter, which is applied over the color layer. And it is possible to use materials and professional - dry glitter or glitter that is poured from the jar onto unseasoned lacquer. Sequin adhere to the nail and then excess dry brush can shake. To sequins kept longer, they need to cover the top layer of the top.


What picture can be on your nails, prompt your imagination. Modern materials for nail design can create patterns of any complexity. Here are simple ways to make the original manicure mint color (photo attached options):

  • The geometric pattern formed by means of stencils. Main lacquer (e.g., pink or gold) is applied on the entire nail, dried, and then it is glued on the stencil and applied over the further layer contrasting lacquer - in our case of peppermint. Stencil unstick immediately, without waiting for the drying of the second layer. Thus obtained contrasting stripes and patterns.
Manicure mint: variations photo
  • Figure created with colored paints and a fine brush. Just nakraste mint nails with varnish and paint over any pattern. For example, make a mint manicure with flowers.
Manicure mint: variations photo
  • Figure of dots of different sizes. The principle is the same as in the previous version, but applied only to a point. They can put a special tool - DOTS - or toothpick.
Manicure mint: variations photo
  • Stickers and decals. This is the easiest and most affordable way to diversify your manicure mint. Just stick the sticker on the nail and painted with a coating of the top.
Manicure mint: variations photo

Gradient Ombre or

Manicure, which uses a smooth transition of color, does not lose its relevance. Typically used 2 or 3 colors of nail polish, in addition, you need a special sponge and a normal sponge. You will also need a special tool to protect the cuticles and skin around the nail, called Skin Defender. However, it can be replaced with a fat cream or Vaseline.

Colors for Ombre can take any, such as mint, light blue and celadon, or use contrasting colors - mint or mint and white and pink.

Manicure mint: variations photo

To start with a manicure and cover the nails under the protective base coat. The skin around the nail and cuticle, apply Skin Defender. When the gradient is applied to the nail, simply means removed the film, leaving the finger and the skin around the nail clean and tidy. If this means no, gently lubricate the skin with a thick layer of cream. It varnish is dry, and it can be gently wipe with a cotton pad. If you have a special sponge for Ombre, then put on his nail strip in the order you want and press the nail, leaving an imprint. The colors on the sponge soak up slightly and mixed at the border, thus creating the desired smooth transition of colors. Then remove the cuticle with a protective film or cream, dry nails and cover top. If you do not have a special sponge, take a normal sponge. Apply to the nail lacquer primary lighter shade, and a sponge - slightly darker color and print it on the middle, and the free edge of the plate. The tip of the nail cover darker tint brush.

With Rhinestones

Rhinestones in manicure can be present during the day (if not many): it is not necessarily an evening look. Generally, this decor can decorate any of the above options manicure. Often decorated with sequins only ring finger nails, but you can use them and more. It can be glued to the nail as one or two pebbles and strew them the entire nail plate.

Manicure mint: variations photo

In order to secure adhesion is best to use special glue. He does not harm the natural nail and firmly holding the decoration.

Of course, it's not all options of how to do a manicure mint. Apart from the above, it is possible to use a matte top to create a contrast with the glossy finish or top, simulating the effect of craquelure on nails. Also, the design can be diversified with colored foil strips kamifubuki (colored serpentine), special beads resembling eggs, pieces of gold leaf, and even three-dimensional decorations.