Oleg Shatov, football player: biography, personal life, sports career

To date, Oleg Shatov - football's top level, as evidenced by his invitation to a member of one of the favorites in the title race in recent years in the Russian Premier League - St. Petersburg "Zenith". As a rule, football stands on the position of a winger on the left, it can also take place behind the striker.

The first coach of the future St.-Petersburg team player was Sergey Ovechkin and strengths midfielder has always been considered a good speed and high precision gears. He is not deprived and dribbling skills, which is an asset for the player conducting the lion's share of the match in the midfield.

Oleg Shatov, football player: biography, personal life, sports career

Oleg Shatov - born in Nizhny Tagil. Together with his wife Victoria footballer has two sons. In an interview, the player said he has not thought about the professional future of their children, but did not rule out that they want to follow in the footsteps of his father.

Football youth

To play with the ball, Oleg Shatov began in early childhood. By the way, he began in the mini-football in a club called "Sinara", which is based in Yekaterinburg. Young footballer literally reveled in the game, taking part in competitions and watching the fights of their peers. The big football Shatov also debuted early enough - at the age of seventeen. His first professional club was "Ural". Total of Yekaterinburg Oleg played 127 matches in which sixteen times managed to upset opponents of orange and black. His greatest achievement in the "Ural" can be called the semi-finals of the National Cup in the 2007-2008 season. From personal awards select the best player in November 2010.

Oleg Shatov, football player: biography, personal life, sports career

Gold "Anji"

In 2012, Makhachkala, "Anji" experienced unprecedented prosperity. The club came a lot of money, and in the collective face of Dagestan investors saw strong opposition of the Moscow team and the Petersburg "Zenith". That only is the invitation to the ranks of Makhachkala eagles stars such as Roberto Carlos, Samuel Eto'o and later the eminent Dutch specialist Guus Hiddink, and others. However, despite the commitment to stellar foreigners signed in "Anji" and Russian players, of course, of the Top discharge.

The team appeared alternately Yuri Zhirkov, Vitaly Denisov Oleg Shatov. Biography midfielder gained another club, and Makhachkala team has acquired a potentially strong player, able to play all 90 minutes at different positions in the attack.

Oleg Shatov, football player: biography, personal life, sports career

New call

Makhachkala trip Oleg Shatov limited to one season. Midfielder made his debut in European competition, as well as with the best hand proved to be in the national championship. It is not surprising that in a year the young but talented footballer noticed in St. Petersburg. Footballer immediately agreed to the transfer, and the fans of blue-white-blue very quickly remembered who the Oleg Shatov.

"Zenith" has at its disposal another quality player attack that allowed the then a coach Luciano Spalletti establish combinational football. By the way, the new coach of "Zenith" Mircea Lucescu has fame coach who relies heavily on foreign performers, in particular, Brazil. However Shatov in the first six months under the leadership of Romania became the undisputed team regular.

Oleg Shatov, football player: biography, personal life, sports career

Today midfielder - a key figure of the St. Petersburg team, and after the departure to China jet Hulk - and even a new motor command. In all competitions, Oleg Shatov conducted for the St. Petersburg team of about 90 official matches and scored seventeen goals. As part of "Zenith" Oleg several times been named the best player and, moreover, became the champion of Russia on football, and won the national cup in 2016. Winger Petrograd is considered one of the most talented and promising midfielders around the Russian championship, and his transfer fee, according to the authoritative British resource exceeds 20 million euros.

National Team

Football Player quality could not go unnoticed, and at the state level. Until 2013, the midfielder defended the colors of the youth team of Russia for which managed to hold 15 matches. Debut goal in the gate he was marked their peers from Ukraine.

Oleg Shatov, football player: biography, personal life, sports career

From 2013 Shatov called to the national team and has already managed to play for it about three dozen bouts. In his first match, Oleg appeared on the field only in the second half, but after twenty minutes with the appearance on the lawn Shatov marked effective blow to the gate of the Icelandic team. It should be noted that the scoring pass at that time gave teammate Oleg - Roman Shirokov.

By the way, after a disastrous for Russia Euro 2016 Shatov, unlike some of his colleagues, leading a secular lifestyle, he decided on a frank interview with reporters. Midfielder quite soberly assess the prospects of the Russian players, which after such a tournament would hardly have noticed the big European clubs of the top championships.

Goals Oleg Shatov

It is not that often afflicts Shatov opponents a goal. On the contrary, the players acting on its position in the European Championships, in the column "score balls" cases are more outstanding results. It is noteworthy that many of the midfielder heads have their own flavor. For example, speaking in "Anji", Shatov marked goals in the European Cup campaign in the gate of the Hungarian "Honvéd" and the Dutch "Vitesse". When he was a player, "Zenith", the midfielder scored important goals at the Gates "Spartacus" Liège "Standard" and Dortmund "Borussia".


Oleg Shatov remembers where he came from and how it was difficult to achieve success in those conditions, which were in his childhood. That's why football is the patron of youth football in his native Nizhny Tagil. For a lot of funds have been equipped with football pitches, the conditions for everyone to take part in the game of millions. And all this is not in the best area of ​​the city. The plans of Oleg create similar conditions for playing football in other cities of Russia. Despite its "star", Oleg Shatov - an open and friendly person who is not alien to the concept of generosity and kindness.