Vitaliy Dyakov: biography and career of a football defender

Vitaliy Dyakov - a football player, known as the Russian fans with his play, and a series of scandals. Who is in favor of the player "Tom" on loan and continues to demonstrate its professionalism.

"Do not play" for the "Locomotive"

Vitali Dyakov was born January 31, 1989 in Krasnodar. Since childhood, the future defender started playing football at a local school, and moved to the 17 years in Moscow, being in the youth of the "Locomotive". However, it was not possible to gain a foothold in the club Vitaly, and the first two years defender spent for the capital team in the rent for the "Sochi-04" FC "Gubkin".

Vitaliy Dyakov: biography and career of a football defender

When he returned to the capital in 2009, the year became Dyakov fall into the application framework at matches "Locomotive", but to enter the field and failed not once, playing only in the second part of the club. As a result, at the end of 2011, with zero games in the "railroad" to its credit, the Russians decided to change the club.

Career in "Chicago"

After receiving an offer from the perspective of the developing "growth", Vitaliy Dyakov did not hesitate, and with several of his team-mates moved to the southern part of the Russian team. The long-awaited debut of defender in the Premier League took place on April 27 - a match against "Terek" he played in its entirety. The first season was a success for the player - defender for the team out on the field to play regularly. In his personal life and all was well: a friend Vitaliy Dyakov - Darin - at the end of the first season of "growth" has responded to a proposal of marriage consent, and on December 15 of the same year, the happy couple to celebrate a wedding.

Vitaliy Dyakov: biography and career of a football defender

With each season Defender game became brighter and more confident, so he had a regular match practice, and "growth" received several lucrative offers every transfer window. But neither the team nor the Vitali did not want to leave. In 2015, the year their paths still dispersed - at the conclusion of the contract the player a new agreement has not been signed. Goodbye Dyakov left a good memory - in the play-offs for the right to play in the Premier League defender scored a hat-trick at the Gates "Tosno", thereby guaranteeing the team a place in the elite of Russian football.

Return of the capital of

Vitaliy Dyakov: biography and career of a football defender

The new club for the Russians was the Moscow "Dynamo". As part of the "white-blue" Vitaly Dyakov spent most of the summer harvest, after which, though not without difficulty, but signed. For the capital team player also regularly appeared on the field, but because of unsuccessful performance as a whole, "Dinamo" left the Premier League, and Vitali, wishing to continue playing at the highest level, I decided to go for rent.

The desire to play in the Premier League

The coaching staff, along with the leaders of the "Dynamo" approved rush player, is a candidate for membership in the Russian national team. They found a defender in the lease option, "Tom." As part of the Siberian club Vitaly Dyakov made his debut in the first round, being in the starting lineup for the game against the "Krasnodar" August 1st.

Vitaliy Dyakov: biography and career of a football defender

and held the first goal for the Russians Tomsk team at the gate of the Tula "Arsenal" Six weeks later, which brought the "Tommy" an important victory with a minimum score of 0: 1. Dyakov lease agreement is valid for the whole season, so the coaching staff Tomich seriously counts on the experience of defender. Vitaliy Dyakov's wife also believes in the wife, and strongly supports it.