Black dress with black tights. What tights to pick up the black dress?

Woman in black tights and black dress looks stylish and elegant at the same time. This deep color gives the image of perfection, and testifies to the great taste of a woman who chose this dress to go out. One of the advantages possessed by the combination of "black dress with black tights" - is its versatility, which is appropriate at any time, anywhere. What other color tights can choose a black dress, consider the following.

Black dress with black tights. What tights to pick up the black dress?

Timeless classics

Coco Chanel once instilled a love for women to the elegant cut of the legendary black dress, which just want to straighten your shoulders and feel the most gorgeous woman in the world. The very first black beautiful dress clung to the curves shape and had long sleeves. Naturally, in order to look chic in such a manner, it is necessary to have a good tightened figure. To date, there is no shortage of variety of styles and designs, so the little black dress can currently afford any representative of the female physique.

Black dress with black tights. What tights to pick up the black dress?

Possible styles of dresses

To nifty thing he stressed the dignity of the figure and qualitatively concealed defects must be very responsible approach to the issue of the choice of style. The designers of the fashion industry is constantly developing new models and designs, so a range of problems usually arise. It should be noted that any shape can be converted using a properly sized cut:

  • bustier dresses with straps. This style can be both magnificent and straight pencil skirt, but the main emphasis is placed on the arms and shoulders. They should be exclusively girls with neat regular shape of these body parts. Hands full, it is desirable to hide sleeves.
  • Dress Baby-dollars. Doll dresses in black look nice and attractive. This option is ideal for a meeting or cocktail party. This black dress with black stockings and boots can be worn any girl of average height.
  • midi length. Dress to mid-calf are designed for tall girls, they emphasize the length of the legs and emphasize the harmony of shapes. Undersized girls better to avoid these models.
  • a mini length. These microplates are simply created for tiny girls with graceful forms. Maximum open legs visually enhance growth. In combination with high heels dress mini looks the most advantageous.
Black dress with black tights. What tights to pick up the black dress?

tights under black dress

To complete the image of a laconic always need small parts, which at first glance seem unimportant, but actually help to build a complete picture to enter the event or work office. Thus, we consider the main cases faced by every woman.

  • What tights to pick up the black strict dress? For business meetings and workshops are ideal thick dark tights or stockings brushed category. Particular attention should be paid to the shade of the dress. The color of the skirt should not merge with the legs.
  • Tights for informal events. Black dress simple cut can be supplemented by beautiful patterned tights. Looks elegant black dress with black tights, which are an imitation of the arrow on the lower leg. Such models were fashionable in the era of the 80s, but today, they fit perfectly into the modern pace of the active life of a woman.
  • Meeting with friends or informal outings. Black dress with black stockings looks perfect, but colored tights may be appropriate in circumstances where it is not provided for the dress code.
Black dress with black tights. What tights to pick up the black dress?

What is the role in the selection of the texture of the dress fabric tights

Very often women are wondering what to wear under a black dress? What tights to suit a particular occasion? First of all it is important to determine the density of the dress, under which selected tights. Knitted and crocheted models can be safely put into the ensemble warmest stockings. Flying, lace, velvet and thin black dresses can be combined with exceptionally thin or bodily embodiments black nylon products. You should also take into account the status of the event, which is meant to choose clothes.

What tights to wear under a black evening dress

Tights under black dress to enter the formal or ceremonial event should be as inconspicuous. Most often, evening gowns involves opening: bare shoulders and cut along the entire length of the legs or bare back. These factors are the indices of lightness of the entire image, so it can not burden the minor details that can instantly spoil the overall impression.

Black dress with black tights. What tights to pick up the black dress?

Tips designers

The representatives of the fashion industry offer not suffer from the limitations and quietly put on any combination of: Woolen stockings with a silk dress and vice versa. This logic has a right to exist, if this outfit is appropriate for a particular event. In any case, it is important to try on a few images before going to practice to evaluate the visual effect. The black dress is a list of basic things wardrobe. It should take pride of place on the rack and be worn at every opportunity. Only properly chosen black dress can turn any girl into the queen in a matter of minutes. A well-chosen tights - is an essential part of the image, which will look great and feel confident.