Forward "Chicago Blackhawks" Artemy Panarin: the path to the NHL

In most clubs in National Hockey League players in the list of Russian athletes present. So, in the "Chicago Blackhawks' third season serves Russia's forward Artemy Panarin, the path which once started as a part of the youth of the Chelyabinsk" Tractor ".

Chelyabinsk hardening

Artemy Panarin, whose biography included a performance by several top clubs, was born October 30, 1991, the year in Korkino, Chelyabinsk Region. Your hockey the way an athlete began in the Sports School of the local "Tractor". Subsequently, Artemije was replaced twice a sports school, a year after studying in the "Signal", and then once in the "Vityaz". As part of the Podolsk Panarin team and made his debut in youth hockey, and professionally.


Since 2008, the hockey player became involved in the first team games in his first season after playing 5 games in the CHL, the rest of the time practicing with the second part of "The Knight". The player's progress gave the coaching staff hopes to receive as a result of a great striker, and each year more and more often could be seen on the Russian Hockey Panarin elite ice. In the 2009/10 championship. Artemy for half a season played for the "Hero", issued the first goal in the KHL, and "Russian Knights" - club MHL.

Fully become a player base Podolsky team Artemy Panarin, hockey, demonstrated the great potential and dedication to the game, was able in 2011, the year. Starting the season in Podolsk, Russian scored 26 points in 38 meetings, and was traded to the "Ak Bars", but played only 12 meetings, back in the "Hero". The next season of the CHL happened to the player is less useful, but as it turned out, was more successful in career formation. In 40 games, "Knight", he scored 18 points, and the St. Petersburg SKA was acquired under the curtain of the championship.

World fame SKA

As part of the St. Petersburg club Artemy Panarin quickly blossomed in all its glory. Having played in the end of the season in the playoffs, he helped the team to reach the third round draw, scored 9 points in 14 games. Next season is no good for the club in the Gagarin Cup - SKA flew more in the second round, but the birthright was fruitful for Panarin. A recent newcomer has become one of the key players of the club, chop 20 goals and assists.


The desire for self-development and the desire to be in the world's major hockey league - NHL Russians have not lost, and in the championship of 2014/15 years. Artemy Panarin was able to succeed. Starting the season a few modest striker stepped up to his end, leading the team to the second place in the regular season, gaining 62 points, and then, with luggage in 20 efficient points became one of the sponsors of the Gagarin Cup conquest.

Move in the NHL

This success did not go unnoticed, and in April 2015 Artemy Panarin has signed a contract with "Chicago", which ended up with another Russian - Artem Anisimov. 7 October of the same year saw the debut of the forward - in a match against "New York Rangers" Russian opened the scoring just his goals in the NHL. As a result, in the first season, he scored 77 points in 80 meetings, which was awarded the Rookie of the Year award.


At the end of the championship, Artemije has signed a new contract with the club for two years, becoming an owner of one of the largest two-year deal in NHL history. The second season began Panarin least successful - for the first 52 games on the account of the Russians already scored 44 points, and that he does not intend to stop there.

to play for Russia


Since 2010 Artemy Panarin regularly summoned to the training camp of the national team. In 2011, he won the gold medal at the Youth World Championships, and in 2015 began the second act and the main national team, as part of which already has two medals at the world championships - the "silver" in 2015 and "bronze" th 2016. Panarin, or as it is called in the team, Baker, is now one of the main hopes of the club in the attack on the coming national tournaments.