Italian coach Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini - a former Italian footballer and current football coach, which today is not bound by a contract with any of the clubs. The last place of work was the Italian "Inter". Roberto Mancini is now 52 years old, and he has been coaching for the past sixteen years. When he was a football player, he played as a central striker, but in some cases shifted deeper and win back the drawn forward.

Club career

Italian coach Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini was born on November 27, 1964 in the Italian town of Jesi, where he began playing football at an early age. Already at the age of 13, he was watching a local club called "Bologna", which was accepted. There he continued his football development, and pretty soon the coaches noticed it a lot of talent. As a result, in 1980 the 16-year-old boy made his debut for the club and played the whole season, coming on the field 31 times and scoring nine goals against professional rivals.

Of course, his days in the "Bologna" were found - they immediately became interested in the leading clubs in Italy and in summer 1982 Roberto Mancini has signed a contract with "Sampdoria", which spent most of his career. More precisely, during the fifteen years Mancini defended the colors of the club. During this time he has played 566 matches, distinguished themselves in their 168 goals. It was only in 1997, when he was 33 years old, Roberto decided to try his hand at a new club, which became the Roman "Lazio". There he played for three years and, despite his age, has shown good results. For three years Mancini has played 136 matches and scored 24 goals in them. In 2000, Mancini decided goodbye to try his hand at another championship, signed a short-term contract with the English "Lester", where he spent only one month, having played five matches, but not distinguished by any goal. And in February 2001, Mancini announced that completes the professional football career.

appearances in the national team

Italian coach Roberto Mancini

We can not say that Roberto Mancini, whose pictures still appear in the pages of the Italian sports media, has been the star player. All the same, "Sampdoria" was not a club of world scale, and in Italy almost never provided in the leading roles. Only once, in 1991, the club managed to win the championship via Mancini Italy, and four times he became the winner of the Italian Cup.

The greatest achievement of the player in the "Sampdoria" was the victory in the European Cup, the most prestigious club tournament. Later, along with the "Lazio" is partially repeated the success by winning the Italian Serie A, Italian Cup and two European Cup. But how evolved playing career in the Azzurri? There Mancini has spent a total of 36 games, scoring four goals in them. He made his debut in a friendly match in May 1984 against the Canadian team for the first time went to a major tournament in 1988 - it was the European Championship. It was there that he scored his first goal for the national team, and the gates of the German team. He played all four matches, but in the World Cup in 1990 was present in the request, but has not appeared on the field once. Since then, Roberto Mancini, footballer, who won two European Champions Cup, has not been called for major tournaments, and his last match for the national team, he played in March 1994.

Career Coach

Italian coach Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini, whose biography is not limited to the game on the field, had planned to retire in 2000. When his contract with "Lazio" came to an end, he was offered another contract. In summer 2000 he became assistant coach Mancini, who at that time was Sven-Goran Eriksson. Having worked under him for six months, Mancini returned to the big football to hold a farewell month in the "Leicester", after which he received professional coaching license and started to train "Fiorentina". In the first season he finished in 9th place in the Championship, but led the team to victory in the Coppa Italia, while the second has completely failed and was dismissed when the club was in 18th place.

In 2002, Roberto headed "Lazio", which also led to victory in the Coppa Italia, and raised it to the 4th place in the championship. In 2004, Mancini moved to "Inter", which in the first season finished in 3rd place and won the Cup, and reached the 1/4 finals of the Champions League, while the second has won the Cup and the Championship. 3 and 4 seasons marked victories in Italian Championship and two second seats in a cup Italy. This was followed by four years in the "Manchester City", where he was able to win the Championship in England and the FA Cup. In 2013, Mancini for a year he moved to "Galatasaray", where he took second place in the Championship of Turkey and won the Cup in Turkey. In 2014, Roberto returned to "Inter", where he spent two seasons, but it turned out to be a maximum of fourth place in the Italian Championship and the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia.

What's next?

Italian coach Roberto Mancini

In the summer of 2016 Mancini was fired from the "Inter", but decided not to sign a contract with another club, taking a short break. It is expected that he will return to coaching in the summer of 2017.