Matte lipstick "Meybelin": palette, reviews

Matte lipstick "Meybelin" is a novelty company. Clean cosmetics deep color, its firmness and powdery matte effect makes it a decorative tool is especially popular among women. Lipstick is easy to apply, hydrates and conditions the lips. Harmoniously completes the makeup.


History of the cosmetics brand Maybelline out in 1913. It was at this time, the French chemist Thomas Williams created the first mascara designed for his sister. This tool has gained popularity over time, and already in 1915 his company Maybelline was created, which eventually began to produce not just mascara, but eyeshadow, cosmetic pencils and lipsticks.

Today, Maybelline is the most recognized brand in the world. This cosmetics became popular in more than 90 countries. Since 1996, the company changed one owner after another. At the moment, the right to production, its sale belong to the largest cosmetics concern L'Oreal.

Company "Meybelin" pleases his fans a variety of innovations and regularly improving its products. So, matte lipstick "Meybelin" has become a trend this season. It exceeded all expectations ladies. This takes care cosmetics for lips and gives them a deep rich color and allows women to be irresistible. Thousands of members of the fairer sex was rated superior quality line of lipsticks Color Sensational and not exchange them for anything else.

The range of matte lipsticks from Meybelin

Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick "Meybelin" from the series Color Sensational is a novelty company. This line represents two kinds of lipstick, it's liquid and solid. Liquid lipstick matte shades Vivid Matte have eight saturated and pastel colors. They gently envelop the lips and give a sense of softness.

Solid lipstick in this series include 44 hue, each color is striking in its depth and brightness. Also included nyudovye pastel tones, allowing make-up lips as natural.

This cosmetics transforms women, and charms them into itself from the first application.

About lipgloss Vivid Matte

Matte lipstick

The liquid matte lipstick "Meybelin" gives eight delicious shades. It contains pure pigments that pose on the lips, thus reflecting sunlight. Lipstick well softens and moisturizes lips. When applied to the skin cosmetics easily adapted to the characteristics of the dermis and so distributed across the surface easily. It kept unchanged on the lips for up to four hours.

Liquid matte lipstick "Meybelin" helps to create a bold and expressive image. This product has been designed by leading American and French experts.

The facility has a stylish modern design. The cover is made in black, and the vial is transparent and allows to consider the shade of lipstick. Produced in tubes of 8 ml. Applicator for applying makeup is rectangular in shape, soft and tender to the touch. It allows for time get enough lipstick, in order to fully paint the whole lip.

The color palette of the liquid cosmetics

Women say that does not create nor any discomfort when wearing lipstick "Meybelin" (matte). colors palette consists of eight shades, it is:

  • korralovy kiss - № 20;
  • enchanting fuchsia - № 30;
  • explosive ruby ​​- № 35;
  • berry flash - № 40;
  • a deep plum - № 45;
  • tremulous beige - № 50;
  • cheeky pink - № 15;
  • a delicate blush - number 05.

presented shades allow you to choose a lipstick for all occasions. There is a bright dynamic colors, ideal for the evening, also represented Nude-colors that make wearing lipstick on the lips of virtually invisible and are ideal for casual daytime makeup.

On the other lipstick Color Sensational

Matte lipstick

Able favorably complement the makeup of any lipstick "Meybelin". Matte Collection - a trend this season. Lipstick here emphasize as much as possible the natural beauty of the lips, favorably distinguish her among the other women pravoobladatelnitsu.

Solid lipstick Color Sensational in the series has 44 shades. Here every woman can find the color that is suitable for both holiday and for everyday wear.

Lipstick comprising pure natural pigments which saturate lips extremely deep color. Honey nectar in the product carefully smooths the skin of the lips, making it more tender. Vitamin E has a softening and moisturizing effect. It does not dry the lips throughout the day. A delightful palette of shades will complement and diversify be any make-up.

Even lipstick is easy to apply, for a long time kept on the lips (not less than four hours), has a light unobtrusive scent and gives a feeling of comfort while wearing. Packing decorative cosmetics have stylish, simple and concise, no-nonsense. It completely missing inscriptions. Transparent matte black color cap and silver-gold case lipstick wonderfully combined with each other. Shade of lipstick is written at the bottom of the label. result

"Meybelin" (matte lipstick): shades of

Matte lipstick

Has 44 color lipstick "Meybelin" (matte). The palette consists of four main types of shades are:

  • brown;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • purple.

Lipstick red tones has four colors. They are classic. Suitable for almost everyone. There muted (number 930 and 950) and bright colors (number 965 and 970).

Pink lipsticks series consists of seven colors. These included cosmetics matte and satin shades. They are ideal for daily make-up, as well as women of all ages. Capable beneficial supplement is any makeup.

Brown product line consists of eight colors and as close as possible to natural. They are suitable for both everyday and for the evening makeup. Barely visible on the lips, making more natural makeup. Especially good women sit on a warm type of appearance.

Purple line contains five saturated colors that give lips a special glamor. There are both muted and bright colors. Well look on the girls cold type.

These and other colors are able to completely transform the appearance of any woman and harmoniously fit into any makeup. Color Picker allows you to choose a lipstick as a young and extravagant girl and a lady aged, preferring discreet classic shades.

New shades of matte lipstick "Meybelin" issued regularly. Each color is full and deep, perfectly looks on the lips.

The advantages of matte lipsticks

Matte lipstick

Matte Lipstick "Meybelin" has many advantages, among which:

  • light texture;
  • a spectacular and stylish design;
  • moisturizing and softening, thanks to vitamin E and honey nectar;
  • rich color palette;
  • acceptable cost;
  • good resistance;
  • does not roll on the lips and does not dry them;
  • a pleasant aroma.

This lipstick is very popular with the ladies, and gives them only a pleasant experience.

cosmetics Disadvantages

But not only has the advantages of matte lipstick "Meybelin", but also a number of disadvantages are:

  • dry texture;
  • highlights the shortcomings of peeling and cracks;
  • collected in the corners of the lips;
  • the absence of haze in liquid lipsticks;
  • uncomfortable rustic box.

Not many women are dissatisfied with this makeup. The main part of its mark of good quality, color saturation and resistance, which, for some reason, is manifested not all.

Tips makeup artist "Meybelin"

Lipstick "Senshu Meybelin Color" liquid consistency must overlap with the center portion of the upper lip. In its application should be repeated smoothly upper contour followed carefully paint over the entire lip from its center to the corners. At the final step necessary to put cosmetics on the lower part of the lip.

To shade is fully consistent with the declared, should be on the lips previously apply a little tonal framework.

Matte lipstick strongly emphasize lip defects. Therefore, before applying them should first cause the skin on the lips in order. To do this, make a peeling, then you need to moisten the mouth hygienic lipstick, and only then should be applied to the product "Color Sense".

Matte lipsticks are not allocated inappropriate bright spots on the face and blend in with any make-up. Have good resistance. With them, you can create a unique, bright and contrasting makeup.

Where to buy?

Cosmetics from "Meybelin" sold everywhere. It can be found in supermarkets, such as "L'Etoile", "Rive Gauche" and "Magnet-Cosmetic". A more accurate address can be determined in terms of trade in the company's official website, scoring in the search box and the location of your city. Also, the product can be ordered from the online stores of decorative cosmetics.

The cost of lipstick

Price lipstick "Meybelin" matte shades both dry and liquid, cosmetic outlets ranges from 300 to 400 rubles. Some stores may experience a slight excess of the specified value.

Matte lipstick "Meybelin": reviews

Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick from "Meybelin" the company has a lot of the most controversial reviews. One women cosmetics like this and they claim that there is nothing better, they did not try. Celebrating color saturation and spectacular natural nude shades. It is said that she goes well, not rolled and does not flow during the day. It does not dry the lips. It could easily hold on the lips for several hours even after eating "Meybelin" (matte lipstick). Shades of this cosmetics are striking in their diversity. Another decorative tool lip has a reasonable price and a pleasant smell.

Matte lipstick "Meybelin" has negative reviews. This part of the women says that the cosmetics are not is persistent, dry lips, emphasizes all the peeling, shortcomings and driven into the corners of the mouth. Many women say that when choosing a lipstick easy to go wrong with a touch on the lips and so will not be the expected result. Some say that you can buy a better product for the price. There are individuals who have lipstick when applied cause mild burning sensation that lasted very long. In general, women are happy with the novelty of the company "Meybelin" and are not going to part with it. Some ladies have in their arsenal are several colors such cosmetics.

A few tips

Matte lipstick

When selecting a matte lipstick from "Meybelin" should choose the shade that best will look on your face without makeup. For the selection of the right tone, you should paint the lipstick and a lip color if it will look brighter on 1-2 tones of natural color, therefore, the means chosen correctly.

If a woman thinks she is not red, then it is wrong. Lipstick red matt "Meybelin" always at the height of fashion, just need to choose the appropriate tone. If a woman has a pink hue of the skin, it should choose the red-cherry lipstick. Olive skin suit fiery red makeup, and dark-skinned and swarthy young ladies looks best dark red lipstick.

It should be borne in mind that the lipstick has to look good on the face, and not worth it to pick up a wardrobe. If you have lipstick on beautician "Meybelin" that did not fit in color, then it can be safely mixed with other tones of cosmetics of the brand.

Beautiful applying lipstick can be achieved by using a brush, especially as concerns the means of bright saturated colors. Cosmetic pencil can be applied as an overlay to lipsticks and after. To decorative means it rested on the lips longer, should use lip liner before applying lipstick. The same effect can be achieved if a little powder lips before applying the cosmetic.

Application matte lipstick require perfect lip, so before application of the tool cavity surface should be cleaned from dead cells and flaking. After lip treatments need to moisturize, this is applied to these special balm or chapstick. You can also apply a lipstick primer. He further moisturize lips, and will contribute to its long-wear. In order to keep long lipstick, you should apply a single layer on the lips with a napkin and blot the excess. Then apply the lipstick again and again wet cloth. Attach the top layer can be a small amount of powder.

Shelf life in lipstick "Meybelin" - three years from its date of manufacture. However, if used improperly can deteriorate before lipstick. If cosmetics became sticky and it comes from the unpleasant odor, then it can not be used, as this can cause severe allergy and dermatitis.

Experts believe the best time use lipstick "Meybelin" one year. When a long-term use in cosmetics pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply.

Matte lipstick "Meybelin" is now at the peak of popularity. She takes care of her lips, contains nutrients and makes appearance women are more bright and beautiful.