Nyx - lipstick, make a revolution. Types and shades

Already more than one season of beauty world cultivates matte lipstick. With the advent of the market matte texture of Nyx world finally gone mad. Not that they were not used to such giants as Mac, Bobby Brown, NoUBA, always let matte lipstick, just "Nix" in its simplicity, accessibility, advertising company and, of course, the quality of the assets, stole the show.

Professional makeup artists apply to brand a little skeptical, but even they have one or two products that replenish working makeup. But fans love makeup matte lipstick from Nyx is not only cost, but also an incredibly broad palette, comfortable texture, firmness. The brand is positioned as a professional, hence the high quality and variety of products to create both everyday and podium makeup.

It's time to find out: Is it true that Nyx - lipstick, has revolutionized the beauty industry, and how it differs from other means of lips?

Nyx - lipstick, make a revolution. Types and shades

A little bit about the brand

Nyx - it is an American brand with a Korean accent. Its founder Tony Co. - Korean, with 13 years of living in Los Angeles. The symbiosis of East and West has created the basic concept cosmetics brand - quality at an affordable price plus a dizzying palette of colors.

Tony drew inspiration in his native Korea, and quality standards and formulas - American. 15 years after founding the brand interested group L'Oreal, who later bought it.

The secret of success "Nix" is simple, like all brilliant - hard work, perseverance and love for his work, and ... advertising in social networks. Tony Co., one of the first who started to advertise the products in a way. Becoming closer to the people, fashionistas cosmetics won hearts all over the world. And the main favorite of the Nyx - lipstick, matte and incredibly stylish. Price range means - average that allows to try different shades in the search for perfect matching. Since the velvet texture as topical as ever, the matte lipsticks on the dresser a lot can not be. At a minimum, you need three: Nude versatile, perfect red plum and languid. It remains to choose!

Nyx - lipstick, make a revolution. Types and shades

Full Throttle Lipstick

This vysokopigmentirovanny product from Nyx (lipstick) has a high resistance, can withstand multiple meals without makeup recuperate. This lipstick has a matte finish makes lips velvety, without shine and stickiness. In this case, the texture is very light, almost weightless, it does not feel on the lips.

The palette contains ten intense saturated colors: one nyudovy one cold pink, purple, plum, marsala, brick, two brown, two red. There are both cold and warm colors, suitable for every type of appearance.

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

This means a liquid, transforms into a velvety on the lips matt coating. This range is rich with bright, even in extreme shades for the most stylish and bold.

The liquid matte lipstick Nyx applied comfortable soft applicator well distributed, no clogging in the wrinkles. The coating obtained a uniform, without streaks and spots, and Resistance withstand several hours without tinting.

In addition to soft beige and pink nyudov palette contains carrot shade, purple, blue and dark gray. And, of course, will not infantile bright pink, scarlet passionate, noble cherry and vintage claret.

Nyx - lipstick, make a revolution. Types and shades

Soft Matte Lip Cream

Liquid matte lipstick (lip cream) Nyx not only has a huge palette, but also moisturizes and nourishes the delicate skin. The cream is applied to the soft applicator and immediately feels perfect on the surface. The volume of funds is slightly smaller than the other liquid lipsticks, but this is probably due to the fact that to buy one tube is practically impossible, so rich choice. The palette contains 34 shades, named after the cities in the world. Here are just a part of:

  • Nyudovye "Abu Dhabi" and "Cairo".
  • The cold pale pink "Sydney".
  • Warm Pink "Milan".
  • Bright coral "Ibiza".
  • Fuchsia "Addis Ababa" and "Paris".
  • Orange "Morocco".
  • Deep plum and purple "Copenhagen", "Vancouver" and "Transylvania".
  • And the deep blue called somehow in honor of our capital.

The liquid lipstick Nyx to create a modern and trendy image, and a gentle romantic and extravagant and bright. Without makeup on, "Nix" can not do at a wedding, prom night, at a meeting of the New Year, as well as the costume party on the occasion of Halloween.

Nyx - lipstick, make a revolution. Types and shades

Lip Lingerie

Well, how can you not love Nyx, when they have the whole collection, made in nyudovyh colors? Twelve gentle, moving colors, suitable for any type of appearance, skin and eye color. With their help, you can make a fashionable effect "no make-up make-up" or add a spectacular "Smokey Eyes".

Liquid matte lipstick Nyx Lip Lingerie does not dry the skin of the lips, it does not emphasize the peeling and does not emphasize fine lines. Texture creamy lipsticks, light, with a matte finish.

Matte Lipstick

This matte texture in a familiar format sticks from Nyx. Lipstick is made in the laconic, even ascetic design, but the main thing is not it. The main thing - shades, rich palette of 45 shades. In addition to a large number of nyudovyh and red hues, palette contains:

  • Gray.
  • Blue-gray.
  • Gray-purple.
  • A few shades of plum.
  • A deep lavender.
Nyx - lipstick, make a revolution. Types and shades

Matte lipstick Nyx, as well as any velvety texture, requires well-groomed lips. If the skin is dehydrated, retain moisture, has a peeling, then no matter how moisturizing toners may be, it can not cure the cosmetic defect. Therefore, if your lips are not sufficiently well maintained, before applying a matte lipstick, make a hydrating mask. Exfoliate topsheet with a soft toothbrush or sugar scrub, then apply fat balm, after 10 minutes to remove excess tissue and start makeup.