How fast to grow eyelashes at home: folk recipes

Perhaps there is hardly a woman, who would not dream of long and thick eyelashes that make your eyes look more attractive and expressive, attracting admiring glances of others. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, eyelashes serve a protective function, because they prevent the ingress of dust and small particles in the eye and damage to the mucosa. However, such properties eyelashes female excite the least. We all want to cilia primarily decorated exterior. But unfortunately, not every woman can boast of a beautiful view. Not the best way to condition lashes affected by such negative factors as a bad environment, constant stress, poor diet, frequent use of cosmetics, which is why they become thinner, shorter and sparse.

On how quickly grow eyelashes at home, to stop hair loss and improve their condition without resorting to salon procedures, we will discuss in this article.

How fast to grow eyelashes at home: folk recipes

Interesting facts

First, a little information about the eyelashes themselves.

Like hair, eyelashes tend to upgrade. Life expectancy 1 cilium is about 90 days. At the site of fallen eyelashes tend to grow a new one. And it takes 1 to 2 months, and with the help of special tools after only 2 weeks you will notice a positive result.

Eyelashes - are the most thick and coarse hair that grows on the human body.

The length and number of eyelashes depends from individual to individual. The average of the upper eyelid grows about 200 cilia, whose length is about 1 cm on all much more modest lower eyelid -. Is located from 50 to 100 cilia length of 7 mm. eyelash growth occurs in 5-6 rows above and 3-5 below. The length, density and degree of curling the eyelashes, typically incorporated at a genetic level and inherited. However, exercising proper care, you can not adjust your preferred times.

Color cilia, like the hair depends on the melanin pigment. Given the fact that over time, hormonal changes, eyelash color also has the ability to change.

How fast to grow eyelashes at home: folk recipes

How to quickly grow eyelashes at home? Of course, to solve the problem, you can use professional tools. Only now, unfortunately, they are not cheap. The most affordable and easy way to get a good effect - use home remedies. Because the cilia - is also a hair, to achieve their active growth is possible by means of means and methods for hair growth.

Oil for the growth of eyelashes

Many of the fairer sex tormented question of how to grow a thick eyelashes at home? The question is quite decisive. Help cope with the problem of vegetable oils. For these purposes, it is best suited castor, olive, burdock, almond and sea buckthorn. All of these oils are rich in various nutrients and vitamins, has a positive effect on the eyelashes. You can also use pharmacy tools. Virtually every pharmacy can be purchased oily solutions of vitamin A and E, which are sold in capsule form.

Before proceeding to the cilia treatment, you need to take an empty bottle and peeled out of the carcass and to fill it with oil. Better to take a brush and fluffy silicone. Otherwise, the oil will flow. Smear eyelashes should be a thin layer, since excess oil will get into the eyes, forming an oily film on them, get rid of that is not so simple. It's worth noting that it is desirable to put on night oil. With regular use of funds in a few months the cilia grow significantly. The positive trend is already visible after 2-3 weeks of treatment.

How fast to grow eyelashes at home: folk recipes

compression to lash

For those who are concerned about how to grow long eyelashes at home, there is another time-tested, effective means. Become the owner of luxurious eyelashes help compresses.

Here come to the aid of chamomile and cornflower, more precisely, a decoction of them. To do this, take 1 tbsp. spoon camomile flowers or cornflower, pour hot water glass and allowed to brew for about an hour. Prior to use, the broth is recommended to drain. Soaked in a warm broth of cotton pads applied to the eyelids and lashes for 20-30 minutes.

This method makes it possible not only to improve the growth of eyelashes, but also relieve fatigue from sore eyes. To prepare the herbal decoction can also use sage, calendula and green tea. Moreover, it can be brewed several herbs at the same time.

Folk remedies for the growth of eyelashes. Useful Recipes

Grow eyelashes at home, you can use masks that contain herbs and healthy oils. Here are some of them:

  • lash provide nourishing mask containing useful components. For its preparation is necessary to take 1 tbsp. spoon burdock or castor oil, several droplets of oily solution of vitamin A and 1 hour. spoon aloe juice. All ingredients are mixed until uniform and applied to the eyelashes with the brush for a couple of hours before bedtime. Before going to bed, the remnants of nutrient resources should be deleted because the likelihood is high that the next morning you wake up with swollen eyelids.
How fast to grow eyelashes at home: folk recipes
  • Grow eyelashes and eyebrows at home you can also take advantage of a very popular recipe masks of burdock oil and petrolatum. Apply this mask is desirable to 2 times a day, in extreme cases - at least 1 time at night. the remaining oil is removed in the morning with a cotton swab. The treatment course usually lasts about a month. At this time, it is desirable to avoid the use of cosmetic products for eyelashes.

How to grow eyelashes at home? Reviews say that a good result is achieved by using another mask. It is a mixture of castor oil, glycerol and egg protein. It is worth considering that the last two components must be taken in a minimum amount, it is literally a drop.


How can I grow eyelashes at home? This issue is of concern to many women.

As is known, the eyelashes - it's the same hair. To activate the hair growth has long been successfully used massage technique. A positive effect is achieved by increasing the blood flow when subjected to a certain point. So why not use this method for eyelashes? In this case, the aid vegetable oils come, for example, burdock or castor. It is also possible to use various mixtures. Those who are afraid of oil entering the eye, you can do without it. However, the effect will be a little worse.

Massage technique is acupressure for ever. On the upper eyelid massaging motion is performed from the inner to the outer part of the eye, and the bottom - in the opposite direction. One should not stretch the skin around the eyes, so as not to provoke the premature appearance of wrinkles.

How fast to grow eyelashes at home: folk recipes


Make eyelashes volume and eyes - expressive, help Special tools are mechanically twist lashes. This method is good because it eliminates the need for a hike in the beauty salon. However, to hold a home perm can the strength of a couple of days, while the chemical, which is carried out by professionals, will enjoy up to 3 months.

If you are concerned about how fast to grow eyelashes at home, can not wait until they grow back with the help of various folk remedies. The fastest and easiest way - is to use another clever trick. Instantly give volume to your eyelashes and make them bushy help special ink, to which is added a little lint that can complement the natural length and volume of the cilia. Of course, the regular use of such funds is not very well reflected in the state of the eyelashes. But sometimes you can still afford it.

How fast to grow eyelashes at home: folk recipes

Some advice for a good eyelash growth

In order to grow eyelashes at home for a week, observe some important rules:

  • means for the growth of cilia use regularly.
  • It is mandatory to use oil.
  • Daily massage the eyelids.
  • In addition to the regular application of oils occasionally indulge cilia masks.
  • During treatment, avoid cosmetics for the eyes.
  • When using cosmetics, prefer only qualitative means.
  • Mascara for the eyes change every 3-4 months.
  • At least once a week, let's eyes and lashes the opportunity to relax without makeup.
How fast to grow eyelashes at home: folk recipes

What not to do

Save cilia health possible, avoiding certain undesirable moments:

  • First, when removing make-up can not be strongly rub your eyes so as not to traumatize the hair follicles.
  • Secondly, you should not sleep with makeup. In this case, the eyelids begin to swell and itch, delivering substantial harm and discomfort.
  • In the third place, it is unacceptable daily use waterproof mascaras and carcass to prolong the effect.


With knowledge, how fast to grow eyelashes at home, to cope with this task under the force of each. All of the above ways to increase eyelash growth are time-tested. Regular their use does not cause a long wait, and in a short time you will notice a significant improvement. Your lashes will be longer, increase in volume and may become darker. Be patient and persistent in achieving the goal, and then your lashes will delight not only you but also others!