Addresses of stores "Austin" in Moscow. clothing store O`Stin

Shops "Austin" are divided into O'Stin, O'Stin Kids and O'Stin Mini. The network offers a high quality fashionable clothes casual style for children, teenagers, men and women in the middle price range. For 15 years, the brand stores, "Austin" loved by so many buyers that now boutiques of this manufacturer are in almost every district of Moscow, and in every city in Russia.

The history of the brand, "Austin"

O'stin brand clothes entered the Russian market in early 2003. Its main audience saw manufacturer of modern men and women, leading active lives in their spare time and business - on weekdays.

Addresses of stores

Things "Austin" simple and laconic. They are devoid of arrogance, shocking. On the contrary, the clothes do not overshadow the individuality and allows each person to emphasize something of their own with the help of a non-trivial clothes and harmonious accessories. Production of "Austin" initially meet all preferences of casual style in the 2000s.

The main features of the brand: convenience and beauty.

To select the perfect bow in "Austin" (a clothing store in Moscow), it is not necessary to have a sense of style. All models of this brand of clothing perfectly in harmony with each other. Each frugal shopper, buying a couple of clothes (dresses, sweaters, pants, shirt), be sure to create your own unique and fashionable image.

Across the country and abroad presented various addresses of shops "Austin". In Moscow, they are more likely.

Fashion Model

Collection brand "Austin" can be divided into three areas: casual, men and women, studio. Here you will find clothing for the season: dresses, shirts, sweaters, shirts, pants, jackets, coats, jeans, and so on.

The new direction of the company is considered to be clothing for children. Fans of the brand "Austin" can dress their children in a stylish and comfortable clothes. The main feature of this clothing brand is its quality. All things brand made exclusively from natural materials with minimal admixture of artificial additives. This fact is for many buyers is fundamental when choosing.

Clothing sizes start XS end L. Thus S, M are the passages. It is worth noting that everyone can find a model of the desired color of things to your liking, as each new collection is always varied and "not attached" to an individual or a style fashionable in the colors of the season.

Addresses of stores

The main features of the brand of clothing is a comfortable fit and comfortable to wear.

Store locator

Many buyers are interested in, where is the largest store "Austin" in Moscow. This question is no single answer. After all, they are deployed in large rooms each shopping center, in large stores, in the central streets of the capital. In town you can find the 71 store of the brand. Addresses of stores "Austin" is easy to calculate in Moscow. To learn their bases favorite brand, just visit the following premises:

  • SEC "Filion" (travel Bagrationovsky, 5).
  • TC "Golden Babylon Otradnoe" (st. Dekabristov. 12).
  • Shopping center "Sokolniki" (Rusakovskaya str., 31).
  • SC "Megapolis" (Andropov Avenue, 8).
  • TC "Park House Brateevo" (Besedinskoe w., 15).
  • TD "on Megakom VEShNJaKOVSKAJa" (str. Veshnyakovskaya 18A).
  • Shopping center "City" 2 ", Lefortovo (road enthusiasts, 12-2).
  • TC "Auchan Altufyevo" (kilometer 84, Ring Road).
  • TC "Teply Stan" (Kaluga highway, 21 minutes away).
  • SEC "Rush Hour" (87 th Ring Road).
  • SEC "Columbus" (Kirovograd ul. 24A).
  • Shopping center "Reutov Park" (Nosovihinskoe w., 45, Reutov).
  • Shopping Center "Chocolate" (2nd km of MKAD, 2, Reutov).
  • TC "Mirage" (Volgograd ave., 125).
  • SC "The Aviator" (str. Bazhenova, 2A, Zhukovsky, Moscow region.).
  • (Novoyasenevsky Ave., 1) Shopping center "Spectrum".
  • Shopping center "Sviblovo" (street. Snow, 27).
  • "Orbit" Shopping center (October ave., 366, Lyubertsy, Moscow Region.).
  • SEC "Kaleidoscope" (Skhodnenskaya str., 56).
  • Shopping center "5th Avenue" (m. Turquoise, d. 32).
  • TC "Rook (street Dubravnaya -. 34)
  • SEC "Spring Lytkarino" (Park Street, 2, Lytkarino, Moscow region..);
  • TC "Europark" (highway Rublevskoe, 62).
  • SEC "Warsaw" (Warsaw highway, 87-B).
  • SEC "Mega Belaya Dacha" (1st Pokrovsky pr-d, 5, Kotelniki, Moscow region.).
  • SEC "Glider" (Glider Str., 7).
  • Shopping center "Ryazan prospectus" (Ryazan prospectus, 2).
  • "Fleet" SEC (khodinskiy br, 4).
  • SEC "Viva" (Glade Street, 8).
  • Shopping center "Park House Alarm" (Signal passage, 17. Vladykino).
  • TC "DC Ordzhonikidze" (Ordzhonikidze Str., 11).
  • SEC "Rio Dmitrov" (Dmitrov highway, 163).
  • SC "Water" (Golovinskoye Rd., 5).
  • TC "Alexander Land" (str. Prishvina, 22).
  • TC "League" (Khimki, br. Leningrad ow. 5).
  • SEC "Mega Khimki" (Khimki, Leningradskaya Str. 39, page 5).
  • TC "Boom" (street Pererva - 43, 1).
  • SC "on Bohr Hypermarket" (Ring Road-2).
  • SEC "Clouds" (Walnut Boulevard, 22A).
  • TC "AST" (highway Izmailovo, 71 a).
  • TC "Troika" (str. V. Krasnoselskaya 3A).
  • SEC "Witte Mall" (str. Venevsky, d. 6).
  • SEC "Mariel" (Lublin ul., 169, building 2).
  • (Azov Str., 24, k. 3) Shopping center "Azov".
  • SEC "Golden Babylon Yasenevo" (Novoyasenevsky Ave., 11).
  • TC "Medvedkovo" (Broad Street., 13 a).
  • SC "Victory" (Baykalskaaya, 37).
  • TC "Capital" (Prospect Solntsevsky, 21).
  • SC "key" (Borisov Prudy, 26).
  • SEC "Kaluga" (Trade Union Street, 61-A).
  • SC "River" (street festival, 2-B).
  • SEC "on the Dmitrov XL" (Dmitrov highway, 89).
  • BC "Daria Strogino" (Stroginsky br, 1).
  • SEC "Veypark" (71-th km of Moscow Ring Road).
  • SC "Granada" (Novoryazanskoye Rd., 7, Lyubertsy, Moscow region).
  • TC "Auchan Marfino" (Moscow, 110).
  • SEC "Gagarin" (Vavilov str., 3).
  • SC "Joy" (highway Pyatnickoe, 7-th km, ow. 2).
  • Shopping center "Druzhba" (Novoslobodskaya, 4).
  • TRC "Global" (Dnepropetrovsk Str., 2).
  • The shopping center "Vegas Kashirskoe" (24th km of the Moscow Ring Road, is. 1).
  • TRK "Pike" (street Schukinskaya, 42).
  • Shop "Austin": bd. Hvalinsky, 7/11.
  • "Austin" Shop Green Avenue, 83, 4.

As you can see, stores addresses "Austin" surprise with the number in Moscow.

Addresses of stores


Store "Austin" is often indulges his be committed to discounts and sales. Several times in the season, sales are conducted with a concession from 30 to 90%. Regular customers store gives discount cards, which are bonuses with every purchase. You can exchange them for a discount amount in a subsequent purchase or collect them, waiting for the stock when bonuses will increase to two or three times. O'Stin often carries out the action "1 + 1 = 3". It is for this sellout hunt many risky and adventurous shopaholic. It is always nice to know that some thing will get you a free, easy - for free!

Addresses of stores

Job in "Austin"

To work in the store, "Austin" many want. Good working conditions (salary, schedule, team), the opportunity to purchase quality items at a discount worker, and just a good place - that's what attracts new employees here every day.

A variety of stores in Moscow always requires updating personnel.

Very often you can see on the sites of employment ads in "Austin" is required:

  • sales consultants;
  • managers;
  • administrators;
  • guards;
  • cashiers;
  • cleaners;
  • storekeepers.

Reviews Store

Mainly popular brand shops are within walking distance from the Metro. This is one of the main positive characteristics in customer reviews. Addresses of stores "Austin" in Moscow near the subway can be seen on the company's website. To find them is not difficult. For example, the store "Austin" (Moscow, SC area "European") is located near the metro station "Kiev". Near the metro station "Sokolniki" is the shopping center of the same name, where you can also find a favorite brand clothing. TC "Kaluga" is located at the metro station "Kaluzhskaya".

Addresses of stores

Where today you can find a really high quality clothes at affordable prices, so even with frequent promotions and sales are common? Of course, the store "Austin!"