Arthur Abraham - an Armenian in Germany

In the world of boxing have so-called long-lived - it is the men who are no longer young by the standards of professional sports, but at the same time continue their performances in the ring, and quite successfully. One of those boxers who, despite his 36 years, continues to beat with young opponents on equal terms, is Arthur Abraham. About him and talk in the article.

facts only

The athlete was born on February 20, 1980 in Yerevan, but in 1995 with his parents moved to Bamberg, where he began boxing. Arthur Abraham stands in the middleweight division. Boxing rack right-handers. The main fighter trainer - Willy Wegner. To date, the boxer had 50 professional fights, 45 of which he won. Nicknamed "King Arthur."

Arthur Abraham - an Armenian in Germany

career Start

Debut as a pro fighter to hit on August 16, 2003. His first opponent was the Frank Kari Roth. Arthur defeated his opponent by TKO in the third three-minute. After the successful launch of the German-Armenian could win twelve wins in a row and go to the first in my life title fight for the title of WBA intercontinental champion. In that fight he opposed the Australian Nader Hamdan. Abraham was not only able to win the belt, but also three of his later successfully defend.

Arthur Abraham - an Armenian in Germany

A full world champion

In 2005, Arthur Abraham got the chance to fight for the world crown. This became possible after the then-current belt holder Jermain Taylor refused the title. Arthur was at the time on the sixth line of the rating, but that he was a contender for the belt, because other men have already been obliged to carry out duels with other boxers.

Battle for the Belt was held December 10, 2005. German fought Nigerian Kingsley Ikeke, which was able to knock in the fifth round.

The first time my belt Arthur Abraham, whose weight in the fight was then 72 kilograms, defended in battle against Shennan Taylor. The fight turned out to be quite competitive, following which the judges unanimously recognized the German winner.

Just two months later, Abraham the second time defended the right to be a champion. This time he confronted Kofi Jantuah. Once again, our hero was able to win by decision.

Fights with Edison Miranda

The standoff, which consists of several fights - is, in fact, is boxing. Arthur Abraham in this regard is no exception. It had several opponents in his sports life, whom he met in the ring repeatedly. One of them was Edison Miranda.

Arthur Abraham - an Armenian in Germany

The first time the fighters met in the framework of the title fight. While Miranda was a contender and does not know defeat, and Abraham defended his belt. In the fourth round, the champion had a real chance to send a knockout opponent, but ran into a counter-attack and a broken jaw. Already in the next trohminutke Edison specially he struck his head on the German's jaw than aggravated his injury. For this action to the applicant, two points have been removed. Since the header was not the cause of the injury Germans, he was forced to continue the fight, otherwise he would have counted forfeited. In the 7th and 11th rounds with the Colombian again took off his glasses for illegal strikes. Eventually winning the judges' decision was awarded to Abraham, and he was sent to the hospital immediately after the fight, where he was diagnosed with a broken jaw, and surgery was performed to implant titanium plates. Their second fight took place in the summer of 2008. The fight was not a title, as took place outside the weight category of the German. Already in the second round Miranda hit Abraham in the groin. In the fourth three-minute Arthur sent an opponent to the canvas, which was followed by another. Failing to capitalize on the situation, the German eventually knocked out an opponent. Colombian lay on the canvas more than a minute.

move to the second average weight of

In mid-2009, Arthur Abraham decided to move to the category above as middleweight champion did not get a chance to fight for the unification of titles. He took part in the prestigious tournament Super Six World Boxing Classic, a victory which would ensure ownership of a boxer with two major world championship belt.

Arthur Abraham - an Armenian in Germany

However, the performance in these competitions for the German proved unsuccessful. In the first fight he beat Jermain Taylor, but then followed the defeat of Andre Dirella, Carl Froch and Andre Ward.

After this mini-tournament Germans spent a few fights and reached the title fight against Robert Stieglitz. In their first match victory celebrated Abraham, so he got the championship belt. But in a rematch Stieglitz regained his title back. However, both fighters spoke about the need for a third fight between them. And 1 March 2014 re-fighters fought each other. Real was viscous and dirty, teeming clinch. According to the results of all 12 rounds of Abraham became the champion. Confrontation athletes ended only in 2015, when they held the fourth match, and Stieglitz was knocked out. Unfortunately, the best fights Arthur Abraham, because of his age, is already behind us, but nevertheless boxer has always been loved by the public and left a bright trace in the history of boxing.