Russian defender Evgeny Makeev

Evgeni Makeev - is a Russian footballer who currently plays for the Moscow "Spartak". He is 27 years old, so he is at the peak of his career, at the height of the football powers. Evgeni Makeev is a versatile defensive line, ie it can play in any defensive position, but still prefers the right flank protection.

Early career

Evgeni Makeev was born July 24, 1989 in the Soviet Union in the city of Cherepovets. There he began playing football, joining as a result to the academy of local club "Severstal", which after a while got another name "Sheksna". There he played for the youth of different age groups, and in 2006, when he was only 16 years old, he made his debut for the adult structure - and spent almost the whole season, playing 29 matches and even checking out a debut goal. The following season he already started as the player base and spent 15 games, scoring one more goal, when his eye on the Moscow "Spartak". Of course, Evgeny Makeev wanted to get in such a big club, so it did not stop the fact that he, as a young talent, would have to first go to the youth team of "Spartacus", go through the double, and only then get a chance at the base. He gladly accepted the challenge.

The transition in "Spartacus" and play for the reserve team

Russian defender Evgeny Makeev

Evgeni Makeev was in "Spartacus" as a great young talent in the summer of 2007, spent very little time in the youth team of the club, before being transferred to a double. There he immediately began to show football of the highest class, all the forces trying to prove to management that, despite his young age, he is ready to conquer a significant top. However, experienced coaches are not in a hurry and gave Eugene gain playing experience in duplicate, where he and a half years spent 33 matches and scored two goals, winning two tournaments at the same time. Naturally, there was no reason to continue to keep talented guy in the reserves, so he was summoned to the main team in the winter of 2009 and stayed there permanently.

Call the main team

Russian defender Evgeny Makeev

Eugene Makeev - a player who is not afraid of serious challenges. He made his debut for the senior team, "Spartacus", when he was only 19 years old and in his first season played 21 games, marked by three goals. Since then he gradually began to consolidate their place in the starting lineup, and his versatility in defense allowed him to get more match practice, even when he was not able to go to his favorite right-back. In the second season, he played 37 games already - and has since become a permanent leave of the starting lineup of the Moscow club. For seven seasons in "Spartacus" Yevgeny Makeyev played 201 games, scoring four goals. However, in the current season due to a serious knee injury, football was out the game for a very long time, so far played only three games - he was able to fully recover only in December. Player contract with the club runs until the summer of 2018, so that at least another year and a half football player could play for "Spartacus."

However, it should be noted that the likelihood that Makeev will receive the same number of match practice, falls all the time. The fact is that in the center of defense, he is clearly inferior to the class by Salvatore Bocchetti and Ilya Kutepov, and in fact was even bought by George Jikia returned from a loan in the "Bavaria" Serdar Tasci, still on loan in "Spartacus" is the Brazilian Mauricio and from the youth team was summoned Alexander Putsko. As for the wings, the left much more impressive looks Dmitry Kombarov, and on the right flank was signed by Andrei Eshchenko.

for the national team appearances

Russian defender Evgeny Makeev

Now everyone knows that the club, which serves Evgeny Makeev - "Spartacus." But what about the team? Footballer has already received calls in the national team of Russia, and even held her for three matches. He made his debut in March 2011 in a friendly match against Qatar, but the next match held in November 2014 - against Hungary. Last game, which appeared Makeev - a friendly against Belarus in the summer of 2015. Since Eugene to the team has not been called. But you should pay attention to the fact that this player also played for the national team and at other levels, namely for the youth and the Russian Olympic team.

Other teams

Russian defender Evgeny Makeev

In the youth team he played for the first time a little later his debut for the senior team, "Spartacus" - in June 2009. In total he played eleven games in the youth team shirt, after which it received a call to the adult national team for a year. As for the Olympic structure, then there he first came in August 2011. Then he played a friendly match against the youth team of Russia, whose colors defended until recently, and then the two matches against the Olympic team of Belarus. Unfortunately, on this his performances for the national team at all levels are over. Most likely, Makeev will not be summoned to the team, as he has suffered several serious injuries and definitely out of shape. Of course, he's only 27 years old, so he may well recover, but it is unlikely he was able to show the same incredible football, which showed two years ago, before he battled injuries.