Plum blossom in the clothes - the magic of color

Want to catch glances of passers-by? It looks unique and fashionable you will use plum color in your wardrobe. Plum color similar to purple or lilac, but in a dark shade. It is perfectly combined with other shades, with proper selection of clothes. To look fashionable, you need to pay attention not only to the fashion trends, as well as the color scheme of your bow.

It is important that the shades perfectly suited to your style and looked harmoniously. Plum color in clothes can help supplement your way to a party or become the best option for office onions. Even despite the fact that the plum color is dark, it does not hurt to use it in clothing or the hot summer sun in the spring, however, it will look unique in any season.

Plum color in combination with light tones of

Plum blossom in the clothes - the magic of color

The combination of plum color with shades of white takes on a whole different look. White color makes it more expressive. The combination of plum with a light shade is perfect for events and celebrations of various kinds. Prefer silver jewelry in the form of chains, bracelets and brooches. High heels will add a stylish image and give grace.

Plum blossom mixed with delicate shades of

Plum blossom in the clothes - the magic of color

Plum color harmonizes with any shade of pastel palette. Most successfully combined with dark shades of the following:

  • peach;
  • mint;
  • lilac;
  • pale pink;
  • blue.

The pastel colors combined with plum have something similar. The combination of blue and plum give your noble style. Pale yellow helps create a flawless summer onions, as well as on the background of plum sparkle with new colors.

The shade of plum and bright colors

Plum blossom in the clothes - the magic of color

Using bright colors give style originality. It is important not to overdo it with bright colors, otherwise your image at risk of becoming too crowded. For example, the presence of red plum image is suitable only for a holiday or celebration, everyday wear such clothing is not necessary, it will look too vulgar. But the use of green hues combined with plums significantly lift your mood and give a great spring image. Bright yellow create a summer mood. This unusual combination is suitable for smart girls with flaming red hair. Plum combined with bright colors of fuchsia or bright pink motifs will give you a luxurious glamor. A stylish choice for natural blondes. Such an appearance is ideal for discotheques or parties.

From what to wear plum dress

Plum blossom in the clothes - the magic of color

Dresses plum color is best to wear in the warmer months. In the summer, spring and early fall plum-colored dress is combined with natural colors. It is not necessary to put on such a model in the winter, it will look very sad and frowning. A few tips on what to wear with dresses plum color: - Give preference to pastel tones shoes: lilac, mint, pale pink, and will look great golden sandals with sequins and rhinestones.

- The use of jewelry with pearls on the dress looks gorgeous plum tones.

- Do not overdo it with accessories. Necklace and bracelet - this is quite enough, jewelery surplus overflow your image.

- Lightweight jacket or a jacket of yellow hues in the cool evening dilute plum extravaganza.

Makeup to slivovovoy clothes

Makeup with plum tones should not be very bright and at the same time sufficiently expressive. Focus must either lips or eyes. And then, and more clearly do not need to paint. Eyes can be emphasized by using dark eyeliner. Use a matte eyeshadow palette brown or purple tones. To select an image povsednenogo delicate lipstick light-pink shades. For an important meeting or event, you can use a red lip gloss or lipstick color marsala. Concealer natural shades will help to hide unwanted blemishes and expressive blush will help finish your makeup.

If you are having trouble finding it plum dress, do not despair. It can be easily replaced by the following colors:

  • violet;
  • lilac;
  • lavender.

From what to wear plum skirt

I feel for a couple of years younger, and give the image of a kind of carelessness can help you skirt plum color. From what to wear a skirt, we explain in more detail.

Plum blossom in the clothes - the magic of color

For the top, you can choose a blouse or turtleneck bright colors and boldly go to work. Short shirts with an open abdomen and translucent blouses suitable for bold and kriativnyh girls. Floral prints combined with plum skirt emphasize your femininity. If you are used to being in the center of the company, will approach the bright colors for you upstairs. Yellow and green shades will look beautiful in conjunction with plum skirt. Defiant bow to help bring mint shades. You can use them in the form of outerwear, as well as jewelery or nail polish. Moderery argue that because of the special naturalness and freshness of color, a shade of plum is suitable absolutely any color, but the skirt plum tones, there is one contraindication: pink clothing. The use of pink impress childishness and levity, which is not typical, for example, an office worker or for older women.