Lamination eyebrows: photos and reviews

Increasingly, various beauty salons offer their lamination to clients eyelashes and eyebrows, and it is worth noting that these procedures are sufficient success. Unfortunately, not all of us nature endowed with long lashes and dark, beautiful, bushy eyebrows with perfect bending. But as this is an important caveat to creating the perfect image every woman knows.

Lamination eyebrows: photos and reviews

Well-groomed eyebrows properly selected shape can work wonders with our face, making a graceful oval and eyes open and radiant. Quite the opposite effect can create a sparse, colorless eyebrows sticking out in different directions hairs. Lamination eyebrows promises to relieve women from similar problems. In this article we will look at the detailed technology of this service and will try to determine whether this procedure is really a panacea, as claimed salons experts.

The essence of the procedure in

Lamination eyebrows (photos before and after the procedure clearly indicate that it is indeed effective) is based on the treatment of the hair with a special solution for special technology. The procedure is almost identical to the many already familiar procedure lamination hair, only, of course, other substances are used for this purpose.

Lamination eyebrows: photos and reviews

during a procedure such as laminating the eyebrows, in the salon specialist gets a special chemical composition of the client eyebrows. On the surface of each hair, it forms a very thin but durable invisible protective film. It completely closes the hair scales, the form is corrected, eyebrows become shiny, get well-groomed appearance.

Lamination eyebrows: aesthetic and cosmetic effect

After carrying out this procedure in the salon client note the following transformation with his eyebrows:

  • transparent film envelops each hair, so eyebrows look thicker;
  • during lamination master gives eyebrows needed shade and the need for their daily tinting disappears;
Lamination eyebrows: photos and reviews
  • Lamination eyebrow contour makes them clearer and more expressive form itself.

The main types of salon treatments

Since lamination eyebrows allows for visual effects and cope with various cosmetic problems, depending on the original problem of the client, the experts are the following types of procedures:

  1. therapeutic lamination eyebrows (photo after this procedure is virtually no visible results does not show) is intended to have on the eyebrows exclusively therapeutic effect. After the first procedure to see the striking difference between the eyebrows before and after really hard, but the hairs during such lamination fine feed, become more elastic, strong and much less fall. A similar effect is achieved by forming part of Sera therapeutic oils and various activators.
  2. Simulation - this type of procedure makes it possible to improve the shape of the eyebrows. The main purpose of this type of lamination is adequate moisture the hair, so that they become more flexible and manageable. After this edge cosmetic procedures are much easier to take them to the desired shape, look shiny and neat.
  3. Coloring - type of treatment, which not only takes care of the hair, but also helps to paint them in the desired color.
Lamination eyebrows: photos and reviews

Lamination eyebrows (photo after the procedure demonstrates its effectiveness) visually aligns and colors hair.

In some cases, the procedure will not have a miraculous effect of

Despite the many accolades for lamination, every sane woman understands that the panacea that could in just one session to transform dull, sparse eyebrows in gorgeous eyebrows, curved a perfect semicircle, does not exist. Enough popular service in interiors - laminating eyebrows. Photos before and after the procedure, many women enters into a state of passion, and they decide that they should certainly do the same procedure itself.

To avoid unpleasant disappointments, before going to the salon, you need to understand that there are cases in which the lamination eyebrows can not have a radical effect. It is important to realize that special formulations that are used by masters, just strengthens the hair, not increasing them. Also, in the case of coloring during lamination compositions dyed hair only, not the entire surface of the skin under the eyebrows, so all the emptiness will remain visible.

Be prepared for the fact that the laminate will not bring significant results in cases where:

  • eyebrows have a big scar or in the hair growth zone has intersected scars;
  • in the eyebrow area are noticeable bald spots.

Mandatory holding correction before the procedure

Before the procedure, you need to understand that in fact the very lamination is not able to extend, raise, or change the width of the eyebrows dramatically. This procedure is particularly recommended to girls with bushy eyebrows, the shape of which is poorly conserved during the day. In other cases, before the procedure is necessary to conduct high-quality correction, and only then laminating the eyebrows (reviews confirm it) for a long time will be able to fix the previously imparted shape.

The most popular brands, offering a means for laminating

To date, there are three brands that have occupied the leading position in production of sets of laminating eyebrows:

  1. Paul Mitchell - fairly well-known American brand that offers presets for lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows. The manufacturer declares that all are part of the serum for laminating components exclusively of natural origin. This fact is the main advantage compared to other manufacturers' sets.
  2. LVL - it is also a popular brand. Judging by the numerous reviews, laminating eyelashes and eyebrows by means of this particular brand brings the most intense and noticeable results.
  3. Yumi Lashes - the most popular brand of all previously listed. This Swiss brand among professionals is considered to be the best, and its means of lamination are most often used in beauty salons.

All of these earlier mark may be used not only by professionals. If desired, they can be used to conduct self-lamination and eyebrows in the home.

How to make your own procedure

In any set for lamination, no matter what brand of cosmetics, he was released, to be detailed instructions on its use. Before you carry out this procedure on their own, these instructions must be very carefully read.

Since serum operating principle is almost the same and largely independent of the brand name, then we present the main steps by which the eyebrows lamination can be done at home:

Lamination eyebrows: photos and reviews
  1. First of all, the skin of the eyebrows need to be thoroughly cleaned, completely rid it of cosmetics.
  2. eyebrows Area should be well degreased. You can use professional degreaser or use special cosmetic facial toner.
  3. The serum, which must be prepared in advance, evenly applied to the eyebrows. In a set of special brush must be present, with the help of which the filaments already deposited on their serum carefully combed. At this point, it must be remembered that the form, which is attached to the eyebrows at this stage, will be fixed serum and hair for a long time will be given them direction.
  4. The mixture is left eyebrow for 40-60 minutes, the exact time you need to find on the packaging or in the manual means.
  5. Further, the means to be rinsed under running warm water, and do it strictly in the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, the result may not be as good as expected.
  6. To preserve acquired after lamination effect, the eyebrows do not recommend watering for at least the next 24 hours.

Features lamination eyelashes at home

Following the above-described technology, it is possible to laminate yourself and your cilia. This process is very similar to the eyebrows lamination, but has its own peculiarity. After degreasing the skin and prior to application to the fixing cilia serum correct bending eyelashes fixed with a special silicone pad.

Lamination eyebrows: photos and reviews

After that, the eyelashes need to divide and comb. Without a certain skill alone will make it quite difficult. For this reason, laminating lashes first times better to spend in the salon or seek someone's help, and only with time, studying the sequence of the procedure, you can try to hold its own.

Contra laminating eyelashes

This procedure is to give in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy
  • presence of barley;
  • mucosal diseases of the eye;
  • allergic reaction to the ingredients contained in the serum.

GOD gelatin

Lamination eyebrows, reviews of which are found mostly admiring, you can do yourself without buying the expensive serum for this. The aid can come familiar each gelatin. Of course, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the result will not be as showy as in the case with the use of professional tools, but still it will be. Gelatin lamination eyebrows (before and after photos can be seen below) is as follows:

  • take 15 g edible gelatin;
  • dilute it to 50 g of warm water;
  • mixture was heated on a water bath;
  • 15 g balm for hair;
  • the warm mixture was applied along the growth of eyebrows and left for 20-30 minutes, then rinsed with pure water along the hair growth.
Lamination eyebrows: photos and reviews

Such gelatin lamination eyebrows at home has received numerous positive reviews. But it is worth remembering that the effect of it will not last more than 3 days.