Cream for the face after 40 years: rating reviews. Which to choose a face cream

The first age-related changes begin to appear after 25 years. Reduced turgor and elasticity, epidermal cells lose moisture, and as a result deteriorates the appearance of skin. Therefore, an important criterion, which focuses the fair sex, choosing a face cream after 40 years, the rating of a cosmetic product.

It is made on the basis of the recommendations of dermatologists, cosmetologists, reviews shoppers, security and accounting components.

The composition of the right cream

First, pay attention to the list of ingredients that make up the funds. It is desirable that it was attended by the following components:

  • hyaluronic acid, which prevents moisture loss and promotes deep hydration;
  • Glycerin - performs the same function as Hyaluron, but creates a microfilm on the skin and in comparison with the previous less effective;
  • natural oils of vegetable origin - reduced cell structure, reduce dryness and inhibit inflammatory processes;
  • Coenzyme Q10 - an ingredient that promotes rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin;
  • vitamin complex - is needed to saturate the epidermis necessary connections;
  • proteins - prevent the aging process and protect against external influences;
  • peptides - contribute to the rapid increase in the elasticity and turgor;
  • collagen - making elastic fibers with the same name;
  • natural acids - are necessary for peeling dead skin cells. Cream for the face after 40 years: rating reviews. Which to choose a face cream

Selection Rules

Good face cream after 40 years should be based on organic substances, extracts and plant extracts.

Focusing on the list of ingredients, the woman can make the right choice of cream:

  • means must conform to the age category;
  • comprise the basis of at least two active ingredients;
  • have a hypoallergenic composition and appropriate for your skin type;
  • in the composition have sunscreens;
  • efficiency funds should be backed by ampoules of intense action, jelly or emulsion.

It is these qualities must have a good face cream after 40 years. And now consider in more detail the most popular brands, offering customers anti-aging cosmetics.

Cream for the face after 40 years: rating reviews. Which to choose a face cream


In a world of many cosmetic companies, which in its history proven themselves as the best in the business. Fierce competition does not allow them to relax, and each brand has worked tirelessly to efficiency and quality of its products. But how not to get lost in this variety and understand what cream to choose? And to make the right decision will list the best and most trusted brands in the experience.


  1. "Garnier" (Garnier).
  2. "Lancome" (Lancome).
  3. "Vichy" (Vichy).
  4. "L'Oreal" (Loreal).

Russian creams for the face, after 40 of the cosmetic brands:

  1. Natura Siberica.
  2. Planeta Organica.

European and American brands:

  1. Nivea Visage.
  2. Oriflame.
  3. MaryKay. Cream for the face after 40 years: rating reviews. Which to choose a face cream

How to choose a face cream after 40 years: the rating of Slavic manufacturers

Germany, Belarus, France and Russia - these are the "whales" of cosmetology. It is among them, experts recommend to choose products according to age skin care products. Russia offers:

  1. Natura Siberica - "Nutrition and hydration."
  2. Librederm - cream based on Hyaluron.
  3. "Clean Line" - "Cornflower + Barberry" and a night cream for the face, after 40
  4. "Black Pearl" - a cream-lifting.
  5. Planeta Organica - "The freshness and radiance."
  6. "One hundred recipes for beauty" - "Olive".
  7. "Cora" - a cream for the correction of facial contours.
  8. "Neva Cosmetics" - "Rosa".
  9. Green Mama - "Wheat Germ and chamomile."

produced in Belarus Creams:

  1. "Eco-Sapropel" - a cream-lifting.
  2. "Belita" - Golden Age and Botox Like Sistem.
  3. "Vitex" - AntiAge Expert.
  4. "Eksklyuzivkosmetiks" - "Placenta-collagen cream."
  5. Markell - Complete Care. Cream for the face after 40 years: rating reviews. Which to choose a face cream

Suggestions foreign manufacturers

How to choose a face cream after 40 years? Rating of the foreign producers - a list of the best cosmetics of foreign brands to help find a more suitable option for your skin type.


  1. Vichy: Liftactiv Retinol, "Liftaktiv Dermoresurs", Aqualia Thermal.
  2. La Roche Posay: Hydraphase Rich, "Sun".
  3. "Garnier" - "Basic care and hydration."
  4. Avene: Hydrance Optimale, Eluage.
  5. Clarins: Uv Plus HP.


  1. Nivea: Q10 Plus, Aqua Effect, "The intensive moisturizing", "recharge your batteries".
  2. Balea: Kamille.
  3. Afrodita: Karotin.
  4. Dr. Haushka: "Rose", "Quince", "Rose Light".
  5. Nonicare: "moisturizing". Cream for the face after 40 years: rating reviews. Which to choose a face cream

What does the pharmacy

Many women prefer to buy creams in cosmetic departments. However, scientific studies have proven that the most effective means of selling it in pharmaceutical facilities. And what a face cream to choose a woman over 40, say pharmacists, and in most cases they recommend the following cosmetic products:

  1. La Roche Posay: Nutritic Emulsion, Effaclar Duo, Cicaplast Baume B5.
  2. Topicrem: Ultra-Moisturizing Cream.
  3. Uriage: Suppleance.
  4. Ducray: Melascreen.
  5. Avene: Cleanance K Cream-gel.
  6. Bioderma: Atoderm.

To learn how to use a face cream after 40, you decide. However, it should be included in the rating of another product: mud cream mask from "Bark" (Russia).

Top 5: according to customer

What is important to consider when you choose a face cream after 40 years? Rating? Value for money? Maybe brand recognition? All these criteria are important, but the main thing when choosing a cosmetic product - a buyers reviews, which on their own experience convinced of its effectiveness.

Thus, according to the beautiful half, the best creams for mature skin 40+ category are:

  1. Resolution D-Contraxol from Lancome. By controlling the reduction of facial muscles, means smoothes existing facial wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.
  2. Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer from Prescreptives - the best face cream after 40 according to cosmetologists and dermatologists around the world. Thanks to the active components included in the anti-aging product, a means of penetrating deep into the skin and restores the water balance of the dermis.
  3. Hydra-Rides from Dr Pierre Ricaud. Cream instant impact. From the first seconds of application the skin is well-groomed, and the complexion more healthy. All this thanks to the high-concentration fruit acids.
  4. Regenerist from Olay. In the domestic market is the best face cream after a 40. Reviews about this tool, they say that when it is used to quickly regenerate damaged skin cells, restores skin elasticity.
  5. Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream from Neutrogena Series. Safest, and most importantly, a hypoallergenic product, in which the composition contains natural moisturizers and vitamins B5 and E

Brand Products Vichy products

Cream "Vichy" to face after 40 of the series "Liftaktiv" affects the papillary layer of the epidermis, which, according to experts, affects the metabolism and growth of new cells. In addition, it supports youth and promotes growth stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers.

Cream for the face after 40 years: rating reviews. Which to choose a face cream

The basis of the action throughout the range of funds is to have the following components:

  • thermal water - having a calming effect, relieves swelling, irritation, redness and strengthens the immune system of the dermis;
  • rhamnose - high saccharide plant origin, active influence on the skin;
  • hyaluronic acid - an ingredient acts as a moisturizer and is of two kinds of vegetable or animal origin. Getting on the skin, it forms a hyaluron film that prevents evaporation of moisture. Thus it blocked the development of pathological processes in cells.

Indications for use: the brand "Vichy" offers to use their products for women after age 40, the skin of which has been age-related changes, has pigmetnye spots, wrinkles and puffiness. Method of application: creams series "Liftaktiv" is applied twice on clean and dry skin daily. It is also possible imposition tools on the neck and décolleté. In this case, the product is applied until absorbed light massaging movements.

Side effects: There are several reviews that the use of the cream from the "Vichy" series "Liftaktiv" caused an allergic reaction. Some shoppers use of this mark sharply deteriorated condition of the skin around the eyes.

Despite these shortcomings, the positive reviews proved to be much more. Women noted that a series of creams "Vichy" highly efficient, instantly smoothes fine lines, reduces puffiness, improves skin tone and reduces the intensity of dark circles under the eyes.

Cream Libriderm

Cosmetic product from the company "Libriderm" has a light texture and a high content of hyaluronic acid, which is ideal not only for skin, but also for the skin of the neck and décolleté.

The effective composition comprises the following ingredients:

  • intensively moisturizing and stimulates collagen and elastin low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Solidifying skin carcass component feeds deep layer of the dermis, which ultimately leads to the improvement of the skin microrelief. After use, the face takes on a velvety, smooth and elastic;
  • natural analogue of vitamin F - Camelina oil. Ingredient 60% consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which relieve irritation and soften the skin. In addition, the component easily and quickly absorbed and thus stimulates cell metabolism and slows down the aging process of the dermis.

Special attention should be paid to the packaging bottle, which has a user-friendly vacuum feeder. Before first use, you need to repeatedly pump dispenser, so that the following usage derives uninterrupted supply of cream.

La Roche Posay

Intensive Cream Hydraphase Rich is designed for dehydrated and mature skin. Means created based on thermal water from La Roche Posay brand and fragmented hyaluronic acid has a double effect on the dermis:

  • moisturizes and nourishes the moisture;
  • for prolonged retention in the skin moisture enhances cell adhesion.

As a result, the skin becomes elastic, smooth and intensely hydrated.

Cream for the face after 40 years: rating reviews. Which to choose a face cream

texture of low-fat cream and refreshing. The product does not consist of parabens and is packed in a sealed bottle with a convenient dispenser. Use the cream twice a day is recommended to clean and dry skin of the neck, face and chest area. When applying it is necessary to observe safety measures, avoiding contact with the means the delicate area around the eyes.

household production Creams

Given the wide range of pharmacological and cosmetics shop, to open his own laboratory to create creams makes no sense at home. Women can buy both expensive medicines from well-known brands, and domestic budget and Belarus. But as the financial issue is acute and there is no possibility of finding additional 200-300 rubles, then we have to turn to the help of folk remedies.

To cook at home anti-wrinkle cream, mix the ingredients listed in the following proportions:

  • Beeswax - 100 g;
  • vegetable oil - 200 ml;
  • coconut oil - 100 ml.

component should be slightly warmed in a water bath, and add to it one capsule tocopherol and from 5 to 7 drops of any essential oil.

The key to preserving youth is considered to be a periodic application of funds from the lifting effect. For the preparation of a similar product in the home must be based on the previous composition of the technology of preparation, mix the following ingredients:

  • Beeswax - 50 g;
  • Argan oil, grape seed, wheat germ and avocado - 10 drops;
  • ether plant incense - 5 drops;
  • tocopherol - 7, the

Non natural moisturizing skin need to melt in a water bath of 20 grams of beeswax, add 30 ml of olive oil to drip 15 droplets shea oil. Remove the part from the heat and cool down to 37 degrees. After introduce 10 ml of aloe juice, 5 g lecithin and pour into 20 ml of rose water. The final stage of the preparation of a moisturizer will be easy beating composition using a blender or corolla.