Andrei Nazarov - Russian tavgay

Andrei Nazarov career, no doubt, be called a success. He played in Russia, as well as many seasons spent overseas. This striker whole life sought to achieve a lot in his life. Even after finishing his career, he has been coaching and business.

Early career and debut in the Russian Super League

Andrei Nazarov began his sports path in Chelyabinsk "Tractor". He was never technically and fastest player. Achieve success helped the attacker physical strength and powerful shot. Coaches from the nursery school Chelyabinsk always loyal to the player is not seeing it as a professional hockey player. After school, the attacker would need to be defined with a choice of club. Andrei Nazarov moved to Moscow and began to advocate for a hockey team "Dinamo". At first, he played for the second team of "Dynamo". Only after Andrew has shown a high level of hockey, he was transferred to the main team. In the "Dynamo" he went to the ice 3 seasons. During this time, the power forward played 60 games and scored 17 points. Andrei Nazarov has always been a power hitter. He spent a lot of force techniques and are therefore often removed. Playing for the "Dynamo", he received 89 penalty minutes, which, of course, might not like coaches. As part of the Moscow team Nazarov in 1992 he won the Tampere Cup and the following season won the national championship. In his career Nazarov also played for the hockey club "Avangard" Omsk and "Metallurg" Magnitogorsk.

Andrei Nazarov - Russian tavgay

Check out the NHL

In 1992, Andrei Nazarov was selected in the NBA Draft at number 10 team, "San - Jose Sharks". In total, the striker spent 12 seasons overseas. In the NHL, he changed many clubs. Over 512 of the match in the strongest hockey league in the world Andrei scored 124 points. Nazarov is one of the few Russian tavgaev in the NHL. He often entered into force combat with an opponent. Nazarov also played a 141 game in the IHL.

Andrei Nazarov - Russian tavgay


Andrei Nazarov (hockey), ending his career, he remained in the sport. At first he was appointed to the position of manager in the hockey club "Tractor". And after Tsygurov in 2007 left the club, Andrew became the head coach. After 3 years of this famous hockey player invited to the national team coaching staff. He was an expert on the players playing in the NHL. In 2010, Nazarov by management was sacked head coach, "Tractor". But for a long time without a job he did not stay. In October this year, Andrew led the club "Vityaz". And 2 years later he led the "Severstal" from the city of Cherepovets. In this club, Andrew worked for only one season. After the failure, he decided to leave Russia and to work in Ukraine. Nazarov became head coach of the Donetsk "Donbass". And he led the Ukrainian team in a couple of months. In 2014 he moved to Kazakhstan. This coach trusted team "Barys" and part-time team of Kazakhstan. Before him was a task to make the team "Barys" base club team, and then with her to go to the Olympic Games. Nazarov has not coped with the task and was fired. After the failure, he again decided to return to Russia. At this time, the coach of the team entrusted with "SKA" from St. Petersburg. for 2 years contract was signed on June 20, 2015. But in October of that year he was dismissed in connection with a weak team game. In 2016, Nazarov returned to "Barys". But at this club it is also waiting for the bad results.

Andrei Nazarov - Russian tavgay

Personal life athlete

There are popular people who do not like to talk about my personal life. Such is Andrei Nazarov, a hockey player. His personal life was kept secret for a long time. It is currently known that Andrew was married but divorced after. His wife is a native of America. There's also live in the present moment. In the former spouses have a daughter Sasha. She lives with her mother and does not speak in Russian. Nazarov marriage contract was not in principle, therefore, after the divorce, he gave his wife half of his fortune. Andrei Nazarov - hockey player, whose family is important in life. He periodically visits his daughter, who lives in America.

Andrei Nazarov - Russian tavgay

Andrei Nazarov is a highly versatile personality. He in addition to coaching engaged in journalism and promotion of their business. In America, the former hockey player opened a business for the production of vodka. All the awards Nazarov won as a player. How to beat the coach, he has not yet won.

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