Gainer: how to take? Ranking of the best gainers for a set of muscle mass

Gainers, proteins, steroids ... ordinary man is difficult to understand what is behind these terms, and most importantly, why all this is necessary. For weight loss and weight gain, for quick muscle growth, to increase stamina - all those advertising phrases completely confusing. Today we want to help you understand the fact why there is a gainer. His take is not all athletes, but only a certain part of them. Why it is so selective?

Gainer: how to take? Ranking of the best gainers for a set of muscle mass

The difference between protein shake

His foundation - it is pure protein. And the athletes are most interested in supplements that do not contain fat. Protein not only provides energy for exercise, but also causes the body to effectively burn fat. And in this case what is needed gainer? It contains not only protein, but also a large amount of carbohydrates. To draw an analogy, the proteins - the building blocks of our future muscles, and carbohydrates - the strength and energy to create them.

In order to effectively assimilate protein, carbohydrate needs. Gainer provides this balance. But its charm is not only in this. If you want to gain mass rapidly and it is necessary to increase caloric intake. And the perfect mate - a gainer supplement. One serving can produce up to 1000 kcal. Taking it three times a day, you pick up the caloric intake to 3000 calories. A tremendous amount of energy which is very necessary in the hall.

Gainer: how to take? Ranking of the best gainers for a set of muscle mass

muscles or fat

This question arises in many. Indeed, whether the lead gainer for a set of muscle mass to what you zaplyvete fat? It depends solely on the sporting loads. The presence of fat - is the main condition for muscle growth. Gainer helps to create an excess of calories, which leads to the formation of fat, and a set of weight, it will increase the production of testosterone. This, in turn, will lead to muscle growth, of course, if you do not lie down on the couch. In the vast majority gainer for the muscle recruitment recommended by bodybuilders as a high training rhythm does not allow them to gain weight.


The proportions may vary, it will depend on the manufacturer. It is best to choose a proven weight gainer. How to take it, we now talk. If you take 100 grams of powder, it can be said that it contains 30 grams of protein, while the remaining 70% of carbohydrates. Caloric content of such a product - 400 kcal. This is just one piece of an athlete. At high physical activity recommended three servings of these a day.

Gainer: how to take? Ranking of the best gainers for a set of muscle mass

Time to eat

Here are all individually again. Ideally, a fitness coach to tell, both within your individual program fits gainer. How to take - the same question is not the easiest. This is necessary when the body has exhausted its resources. Now we give you the three most popular options, each of which has its advantages:

  • First of all it is necessary when the body has exhausted its resources. For example, after waking up.
  • After a workout, the entire stock of blood glucose is exhausted. He spent, and glycogen levels low. In this case, the necessary carbohydrates, which will restore the energy and protein that will go to building muscle. That is why professional athletes prefer not to protein shakes and weight gainer. How to take the athlete decides for himself on the basis of the assigned tasks.
  • The third option - is the use of sports supplements an hour before your workout. Then the body gets enough energy for great things.

Another way to use gainer - a snack for the athlete. If during the day you will not have lunch or dinner, then bring a serving of beverage. Constantly they can not eat just one meal a day can be replaced without any harm to the body.

For athletes that are poorly gaining weight

In this case, the ideal solution is the gainer. How to take this product to the result to please you? In this case is an individual scheme, in which sports nutrition consumed even in those days when you do not visit the gym. In this case, some portions are reduced. At once is recommended not more than 50 grams, and the multiplicity of techniques is reduced to two a day. It is recommended to distribute the reception gainer between meals.

Gainer: how to take? Ranking of the best gainers for a set of muscle mass

BSN True-Mass

It is a balanced mix of carbohydrates and protein, which contains a small proportion of sugar. Composed of protein sources ultrapremium class. They are guaranteed to assimilate by the body, the manufacturer has added in the bio-active enzymes. True-Mass - is a source of essential and non-essential amino acids, fatty acids and glutamine peptides.

Sport Creatine - it is the best assistant for athletes in matters of weight gain. BSN The company has developed a product specifically for a set of lean muscle mass. Use it can be people who need extra calories. It will help athletes with the fastest metabolism or conducting an extremely intense training, ie burns huge amounts of calories. In this case, the product does not cause fat mass growth. Cost - 3280 p. (2, 6 kg).

Gainer: how to take? Ranking of the best gainers for a set of muscle mass

Up Your Mass

Ranking of the best gainers presents us with the following product from the company MHP. Many athletes like him a variety of flavors. But this is not the main credit gainer. It causes a significant increase in muscle mass and a strong force. Stable protein digestion supports 100% anabolism. During reception of this product the level of insulin is optimized for maximum muscle growth. In structure there are vitamins and amino acids. The results of years of research confirms that in just 5 weeks, this product will increase 8 kg muscles. The result is excellent. Cost - 2250 rubles (2, 2 kg).

Serious Mass

Fantastic product from Optimum Nutrition, which contains egg and whey protein, creatine, vitamin and mineral complex. This is a new product for a set of lean mass, fat-free. Unlike typical gainers, where a higher percentage of calories come from protein. Its main source - a whey protein isolate, the purest and expensive of all varieties. As part of it is supplemented by whey protein and casein, which provides fast, average and slow absorption. Cost - 3400 rubles (2, 3 kg).

Gainer: how to take? Ranking of the best gainers for a set of muscle mass


A great option for beginners as well as for seasoned athletes. This is a sports supplement that provides the body with high doses of complex carbohydrates and protein. Fat and sugar in the composition no. Per serving, i.e. 150 g, there are 600 kcal. If we consider the more detailed, it is 54 g protein, 80 the right carbohydrates. As a part - whey proteins and peptides, as well as essential amino acids. Take recommended one serving three times a day. To increased muscle mass, it is important to consume a drink, regardless of whether you are training that day or not.

Instead of a conclusion

It must be remembered that the sports nutrition will help only those athletes who are working intensively on the creation of his body. In this case, Creatine become a source of building material for muscle growth, as well as energy sources. If you do not go to the gym, the welcome is so high-calorie additives completely contraindicated, since it will lead to rapid recruitment of fat mass. Only in case of severe underweight can take sports supplements without intensive training, and it is recommended to consult a doctor. Creatine may be the best assistants in matters of recruitment of muscle mass for athletes. But of course, it is very important to choose a quality product that will not only give a good effect, but will not harm the body. These sports supplements - is the result of years of research, so you can take them without fear. However, before it is best to consult with a personal fitness trainer who negotiates individual medication regimen and exercise.