How to learn to correctly determine the size of socks?

By the choice of the article of clothing, like socks, many serious approach. And indeed, there are hosiery inexpensively purchase today can be in any large supermarket, so why waste time on a conscious choice? However, to ensure that all purchased a pair of worn with maximum comfort, it will be useful to learn how to determine the size of socks.

Women's hosiery

How to learn to correctly determine the size of socks?

In fact, in order to choose the right socks for labeling is sufficient to know only the correct shoe size. Women wearing shoes 35-37-th size, fit hosiery, which is listed on the packaging of the number 23. By world standards, this toe size S (the smallest).

The most popular in our country is considered a shoe labeled 38-40, socks in this case must be purchased 25 size. Accordingly, the global table is M.

If the leg is more than 25 centimeters, and have to buy shoes size 41-43, socks should choose size 27, corresponding to the European "L". Should take into account when buying and density of the product and its composition. The more it stretches, the smaller size can take on the big leg, and vice versa, respectively.

The sizes of socks for men

How to learn to correctly determine the size of socks?

Size chart men traditionally begins with a foot 23.5 centimeters. Accordingly, this size 38 shoe. The marking is the same as for women's shoes and hosiery. Men wearing shoes 38-40, will approach the 25th or 27th the size of socks. The thing is that the smallest in the size range of the product is not always easy to find on sale. In this case, you can try to buy the next product on the size ascending. Socks marked 27 actually correspond to footwear 41-43. Men who choose the shoes size 44-46, suitable clothing size 29 feet. According to the global table is a designation XL.

How to select the size of socks owners of very large feet? Quite simply, some vendors specialize in the production of hosiery large. It marked 31 socks (shoes 47-48) and 33 (shoes 49-50). Compliance in the global table - XXL and XXXL.

Using these simple rules, you can choose the size and woolen socks, but remember that the thick warm Product worse stretch, so it makes sense to buy them a little larger than required.