Zakidushka own hands: Design Features

With the advent of the new season once again the question arises to avid fishermen on how to better catch that? Let's look at how to make zakidushku their own hands, which is the best option for catching bottom fish.


Zakidushka own hands: Design Features

With the advent of bottom gear has come a long way to improve. Zakidushka first is a relatively simple device consisting of sinkers, fishing line and hooks. Gradually, to facilitate casting and improve its accuracy, the fishermen began to use the rod.

Now fishermen have the opportunity to make the most compact and catchability Donkey. Today zakidushka their hands often manufactured with feeders, as well as with elastic bands that allows you to perform a single casting and fishing throughout the day.

The most convenient and perfect embodiment of bottom feeder structures considered to tackle. Delicate and light device gives the ability to throw the bait at a long distance, move the gear to a new location. The presence of sensitive bite alarm allows you to monitor the slightest touch of the fish to the bait.

zakidushka with a rubber band with your hands

Zakidushka own hands: Design Features

addition a rubber shock absorber without rod gear used for fishing in ponds, lakes, reservoirs and in rivers with moderate current. Elastic length equipped with a fishing line about 50 m and a thickness of 0, 2 to 0, 25 mm. Monofilament contains lead which projects an adapter for connection with a rubber shock absorber. End gear segment stands strong cord with weighty sinker. Zakidushka their hands with a rubber band may contain from 5 to 10 leashes with hooks that are attached to the main line. Fixed gear on the shore of a wooden peg. Bite signaling device may be a simple electronic device or a metal bell.

Perfect fit such zakidushka for catfish. His hands can make it any fisherman from simple, inexpensive materials. Such tackle allows you to quickly be removed from the water with hooks leashes. In this case, the load with elastic band remains motionless, donk returning to its original location.

zakidushka their own hands with a trough

Zakidushka own hands: Design Features

In order to facilitate the casting, to the gear rod is added, the length of which is selected depending on the distance of catching points. This control should safely withstand the weight of the load with a full manger. Typically, the mass of the completed gear from 50 to 80 grams. Therefore it is better in advance to test the strength of the rod.

Such zakidushka their hands equipped inertialess coil, which is wound about 100-150 m thick fishing line 0, 3-0, 4 mm. End gear is tightly fixed trough. Leads the hook can be placed at regular intervals on the main line or attached directly in the bait.

As feeders are used products of various shapes with a lead sinker and without. Everything depends on the fishing grounds, power flow. Tackle is effective for catching relatively small, peaceful fish: carp, bream, carp, roach.

Common types of feeders

Zakidushka own hands: Design Features

Among the most popular options for rigging is worth noting:

  1. Spring feeders are twisted products of brass or copper wire. The inner part comprises plastic or metal tube, through which is passed the main line. Often these models are installed, if necessary, the use of loose bait.
  2. Feeders-makushatniki - design has the form of a flat sinker, which binds the bait in the form of sunflower oil cake. Leads the hook hidden in the cake or installed close to the trough.
  3. Feeders-nipples are made of copper, lead or brass plates, which is curved in the shape of a spoon. Tackle is complemented by pieces of bent wire or springs that are used to hold the bait. Hooks are hiding in the concave part of the trough. Sucking particles bait, bottom fish gradually swallows the bait.

zakidushka will be effective only if the feeder to bait up under the specific conditions of fishing. In this case, even the simplest gear is guaranteed to bring the catch.

Advantages catching zakidushku

The main advantages of bottom gear:

  • facilitate further casting.
  • The possibility of fishing at considerable depths.
  • Fishing on the course and in the calm waters.
  • The use of different sensors bite.
  • Simultaneous fishing and complementary feeding.
  • A variety of design options.


Now that you know how to do zakidushku their own hands, you can go to any body of water. As the bait is perfect breadcrumbs, worms, dough, maggots.

On the shore must be carefully unwound zakidushku prepare to tackle abandoned. Due to the heavy sinker pretty easy to run into the pond bottom structure to the required distance. Experienced anglers often take with them a few zakidushek, having them all along the coast. This approach is several times increases the likelihood of a large catch.

These gear are easy to manufacture, easy and does not need to have any special skills of fishing. The only drawback is the lack of opportunities for fishing on zakoryazhennyh areas, as well as in ponds with an abundance of plants. If zakidushka rests on the underwater obstruction, pulling it will be quite difficult.