American sizes. Tables of compliance with European dimensions

When buying clothing, shoes or headgear importantly - compliance specified in it the size you select. How to deal with the size on the label, if the clothing is supplied on our shelves from different countries, for example, from America or Europe?

In the world of a single standard does not exist, only in Europe made an attempt to introduce a common standard EN. But it is not always listed on the label European standard. And what about the clothing from the United States or China: size parameters they differ sharply, and US sizes are sometimes specified in inches. We are in centimeters and can not always determine what size we need.

Adopted in Russia sizing system has existed for a long time, but European and US designations do not coincide with it. In such cases, customers do not make a mistake? Even more difficult to account for people to order clothes online store.

Unveiling the value of unfamiliar items

To facilitate the selection of the correct size liked the dress or trousers, sometimes it is enough to translate obscure units in usual. Very useful for many will be the following information:

  • inch equals 1 2, 54 cm;
  • 1 centimeter corresponds to 0, 39 inches.

In the same way you can decipher any unknown parameters that may be encountered on the label of the things brought from a distant country.

American sizes. Tables of compliance with European dimensions

To begin to deal with being in the world in size.

American basic

In contrast to the Russian and European, US sizes are the ruler of 0 to 22. Their international counterpart in letter designations, many have learned to distinguish. Six main dimensions: - very small - XS;

- small - S;

- average - M;

- large - L;

- very big - XL;

- more than a very large - XXL.

American sizes. Tables of compliance with European dimensions

The fuller and larger people, the greater the required line option for him. For such a case the size of the US clothing size groups combined in XL. The number of 'X' before the letter L shows the size (the bigger the letters, the larger thing), there can be a maximum of 8 units. Accordingly, the size of large people will be special: from 24 to 28 or more.

Translation Rule

Many sellers, using existing laws, translate Russian to American sizes and deposited them on the label. This is done for the convenience of choosing the goods the buyer because few can navigate in a variety of measurements. How to get from the US domestic setting? Take foreign size 46, by consuming it 10 turns 36 Russian resolution. Everything is very simple. But this applies only to men's clothing. To determine whether the size of the American Russian or European is better to use special tables. But be aware: when you buy any items from the United States, particularly through online stores, be sure to check the conformity of parameters, sometimes they are different. If possible, ask for specific measurements - the seller, anxious about their reputation are likely to provide you with them.

Women's sizes

To determine the size of the US women's clothing is necessary to subtract from the Russian figure 34. For example the 48th Russian will meet 14 American. European sizes are obtained by subtracting the number of Russian 6. Take on the label 46, minusuem 6 and get the 40th European. Top Russian women's clothing sizes easily translated into US designations. It suffices to use the following tips:

Russian Size / US / International / Europe:

  • 40/6 / XS / 34;
  • 42/8 / XS / 36;
  • 44/10 / S / 38;
  • 46/12 / M / 40;
  • 48/14 / M / 42;
  • 50/16 / L / 44;
  • 52/18 / XL / 46;
  • 54/20 / XL / 48;
  • 56/22 / XXL / 50.

In the women's clothing can be P or letter L. They mean at the US designation:

P - clothes for women rising up to 165 centimeters, L - for high, more than 182 centimeters.

US clothing sizes for adult women labeled as even, odd use for young adolescent girls.

They will meet Russian size (American / Russian):

  • 0 (XXS) / 38;
  • 1 (XS) / 40;
  • 3 (S) / 42;
  • 5 (S) / 44;
  • 7 (M) / 46;
  • 9 (L) / 48;
  • 11 (L) / 50.

You just do not make a mistake when choosing the clothes need to know the circumference of the bust, waist and chest - these are the best options for the correct determination of the correct model.

American sizes. Tables of compliance with European dimensions

Men's sizes

Similarly, you can translate American male labeling in Russian for ease of selection of pants and shirts. compliance will be for outerwear as follows (size Russian / American size):

  • 46-48 / 36-38;
  • 48-50 / 38-40;
  • 50-52 / 40-42;
  • 52-54 / 42-44;
  • 54-56 / 56-58.

pattern is traced differences: to translate into Russian, American sizes, enough to take away from our designation number 10 or the US to add the same amount. To refine your selection of clothes you need to know the circumference of the waist and chest, and the choice of shirts - and even neck circumference. Sizes of men's shirts (shirts) of the US in Russian translated as follows: 37 corresponds to the size of 14, 5 inches, it fits 38 to 15 inches. Here again, you can use a calculator.

39-40 Shirt size in terms of the US will be 15 1/2 inches, with each successive parameter increases by 0, 5 inches. International designation will match, since 37 to 38 - S, 39-40 - M, 41-43 - L, 44 - XL, 45 - XXL.

American sizes. Tables of compliance with European dimensions

On the men's clothing may be present letter symbols, what do they mean? The answer is simple - on the labels for men shorter than 170 centimeters put the designation S. With an average growth of 170 to 182 centimeters point R. clothes for tall men above 182 centimeters are marked with the letter L. Outerwear for people above 190 centimeters are marked with XL.

Children's sizes

Problems with buying clothes for babies up to two years should arise: US children's sizes are indicated by an original way - by age.

American sizes. Tables of compliance with European dimensions

But not all children meet the definition of such a system, the size, because the development of each individual goes through trends. Therefore, in order to facilitate the selection of clothing sizes are the child's height in centimeters. Table American sizes for children under two years will look like this (size / height, cm):

  • new / 43-49;
  • 3 months / 50-58;
  • 6 months / 59-66;
  • 9 months / 67-72;
  • 12 months / 73-76;
  • 18 months / 77-81;
  • 24 months / 82-89.

For older children (up to eight years old) size of the system also depends on the age and growth. This size group is conventionally called the kids. It begins with a size 2T:

  • 2T corresponds to an increase of 92-94 cm;
  • 3T - an increase of 98-100 cm;
  • 4T - growth 104-106 cm;
  • 5 - the growth of 108-110 cm;
  • 6 - the growth of 116-118 cm;
  • 7 - the growth of 120-122 cm;
  • 8 - the growth of 126-128 cm
  • .

For children 8 years after the other sizes are provided, starting from this age is the division into boys and girls. Such a series is called Juniors, it is appropriate to the age of 8 to 14 years. These amounts take into account not only growth, but also the amount of children's figure.